Monday, August 30, 2010

free stuff/thrift store

So, I am a thrift store junkie.
i think it's like my crack.
no, for reals.
when i went a month without buying ANYTHING (may)
the hardest part was not buying food...
it was not being able to go to the thrift store.
i think if i miss a day, i might miss that one
amazing item that the workers won't know they
totally underpriced, or some fabulous thing i can re-do.
needless to say, i have to start cutting back on the thrifting.
it's getting out of control again.
so only 1 item on this page if from goodwill, the rest:
like dumpster diving, but not in the dumpster, just stuff
sitting in the alley, waiting for me!
item 1: piano stool

this is the ulgy lid
it's some kind of fake leather plastic
reminds me of the elks lodge
i gave up trying to get the staples out, and
just cut the fabric around it

ironed fabric
(made 2 layers, 1 of muslin, 1 of my awesome fabric)
for see-througage-ness
and for durability

staple on fabric

trim edges

*fabric from ikea $7/yard- love it!!!!
on trip to dallas for steve's wedding

other 1/2 of piano bench
not that bad, but needed some help
i sanded it first
then applied this stain in EBONY
(to match the fabric)

i did like 37 coats, and it's not exactly how i want it...
so i am debating whether i should just paint it black?
but i think i could make this work???
item #2
ghetto seashell themed 80's side table - found in alley
mirrors included
*probably use in seating area in garage
thought about taking out mirrors and putting
planters in the holes???
item #3
awesome mid century chair- in alley
see changes below
will prob use same fabric as stool above
item #4
twin sized headboard - alley
don't know what i will use this for yet
but i have visions of making it a chalkboard
for a shower or party (with the menu on it)
or stringing twine across and putting pics on it
or hanging it on the wall????

item #5
awesome rocking chair - alley
wil sand and stain dark
perfect when i have a babe!

a couple of coats of gray
still don't have a plan

someone got paint on their nose...

80's table with gray paint

mid-century chair with ebony stain
i love it so!!!
i will probably do another coat of stain
how perfect would the stool and chair be together?
found in garage in rafters:
one old door
i think it looks pretty cool here
there was some random/scary metal grating over the window
so i took that off
part of the window is broken
and i am sure that is lead paint falling off and poisoning my flowers/dogs
but i love it.
i was to incorporate it into a baby shower or something?
now off to bed so i can work the next 6/7 days :(


Ryan and Katie said...

You must have some awesome alleys by your house!! Are you sure it wasn't just behind an antique store and someone was about to pick all that stuff up! :)

Leslie said...

EW. I don't like that you have to work because that means we don't get to see as many projects!! I love that you find all sorts of fun stuff everywhere!!!