Wednesday, November 28, 2007

christmas is coming!!!!

These are the stockings I made 3 years ago when Cam and I were just dating :)
The tree with the lights going!

The tree, it's the perfect size, and aparently it doesn't shed?!?!?!

Cam looking like a burgler in his hat
PS do you see the yellow cupcake paper angel thing? well I
made that in pre-school, yes folks it's still around!
I would tie it to the top of the tree, but I don't want it to get hurt...
it is already bandaged with tape on the back, from
a couple years ago
The full sha-bang!

We get a new ornament every year. We decided it was going to be a tradition, b/c not only do we not have any ornaments, but we wanted something special.

Year 1: wedding couple (even though we were just engaged), I thought it was appropriate
Year 2: Mini Schnauzer
Year 3: A snowshoeing outfit: snowshoes (old wooden style) jacket and hat (maybe gloves
too but i can't remember) but it's super cute!!!!!!

I write the year on the bottom of the ornament..... hopefully we'll have 75 to pass down to our kids someday :)

PSS: i used my pedicure gift cert. today at the Aveda Salon and Spa in Hotel Monaco off 17th and Champa in downtown Denver.... super fancy, super nice, super relaxing!!!! BUT i had to park like 4 blocks away, and i wore my uggs there b/c the wind chill is in the teens.... so on the way back i had to wear those stupid throw away flip flops... and not only were my feet cold, the dang things wouldn't stay on, and my feet were losing all their pretty cleanliness/softness/ relaxation...... anyway, once i was in the car, i was okay. but geesh.

My work has a gym downstairs, but you have to pay for it, but they have students of a massage school there all the time to get their hours in. Anyway, a 60 min massage is $23!!!!!!!! So instead of a $125 massage from Aveda, I am gonna kick it with a $23 massage... I've had one, and they're not too shabby!

Ben is 10 days old, but Lo has only put up to Day 4 of life.... it's crazy b/c I feel a need to see him :)
See for their baby pics!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

baby ben!!!

My Cousins Are So Awesome!
Monday morning they had their first baby: Benjamin Bradley!
He is amazing!

Lo and Brad and new baby Ben!
Ben just coming into the new world!

Ben again!

Sleeping baby ben

cousin lane and ben

lo and ben waiting to leave the hospital!
how can she look so good after hardly sleeping for days?

daddy brad and SON ben :)
They are so awesome!!!!
On another note, I have been out of service for several days. Here is a list!
1. baby ben was born monday
2. finished christmas shopping -1 stocking stuffer monday
3. started wrapping presents monday
4. moved the bike rack and bikes from the bedroom into the office
5. tuesday ate lunch with friend Erin saw her pics from a medical mission trip to peru
6. watched a movie Glory Days about bball and got excited for college bball
7. wed worked from 3a-3p, crazy hectic day, went to bathroom once, barely ate lunch, intubated my patient early in the morning
8. came home to chinese food and a foot rub from my wonderufl hubby
9. thursday worked all day, much better day, only had 1 patient, ate lots of food at work
10. thursday came home from work and went straight to brian and odette's house for thanksgiving with about 20 other people, it was great food and company (all other people who had nowhere else to go b/c they couldn't make it home)
11. forgot to say, wed morning it snowed! and was super cold!
12. friday worked all day while it snowed, had an easy day again
13. friday nigth rented evan almighty, fell asleep at 7pm, slept wil 8:30am next morning
14. saturday ran errands with cameron and cleaned house from top to bottom
15. saturday sorry to say, but ben/axle watched his first game of beloved OSU football suck it up to the Sooners! sorry lo and brad, you jsut always give the sooners a hard time :)
16. saturday night we went to dinner at matt & emily's house for Goose and all the regular thanksgiving sides, but all fancy-like! good company and great food
17. today i had to watch the last 8 min of gray's b/c friday afternoon the website was messing up, updated the blog, and then we are headed to church in the cold cold weather. then i will come home and re-arrange the office, b/c now there is a couple bikes and no chair, and a bookshelf of games.... where does it all go? then i will wrap some more and watch some movies from netflix!
18. congrats to lauren and brad, they are awesome troopers that i am envious of! I can't believe ben is really here and REAL :)
19. P.S. i am off mon-wed!!!! Hooray!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

happy birthday ben!

My cousins Lauren and Brad had their new baby boy this morning at 0515am!
Benjamin Bradley Schatzel
8lb 6 oz, 20.5in!!!
he has dark curly hair, and lauren's nose!!!!
that's all i know for now!
sus is going to see her today!!!
more info later!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Axle's Gift

3 months and a lot of movies later.....
axle better like it... or else

oklahoma trip

Happy 23rd birthday Sus/82nd Birthday Gram!
Sus is going to lunch (with gram, dad, and chris) and then a concert to celebrate!
So, I went to oklahoma this past friday-monday!
The minute i got to my gate at DIA, i see 3 small cute birds, just hanging out!
They were so cute, but camera shy!

3 small birds in airport, I was the crazy lady taking pics of them :)
Then Sus (sister) meets me at the a/p, and we go to meet sus (friend) at chili's!

from top: sus, sus, liz, sus's baby sophie, who will be 1 year old nov 17th!!!!

sus and sophie
Then we meet up with dad and do some birthday/christmas shopping at the mall!
In addition to some cute jeans, i got a popcorn popper!

Saturday afternoon we had a bbq at dad's house:

Gabs and her fiance Andy, date: 7.11.08

cute pic of sus, taken by elyse fair

typical brad jones face

liz and laura, check out my new jeans :)

and my new shoes!
out of order, but sat am, we went to lo's house, and she finally got to open her
long awaited gift! it was a baby blanket, hat, scarf, and some clothes...
but she loved the blanket (i will post a full pic of it later)
I had a dream she texted me this morning and the text just said : axle
so then in my dream i knew it meant she was going into labor!!!!
but don't worry, no baby yet... 11 days!!!!
yoda (white), tucker (tan), abbey (black)....
yoda's a mini schnauzer, tucker a goodle (golden retriever/poodle mix), and abbey's a lab/blue healer
all playing it up in the backyard
a pic of everyone there: L to R:
Gabs, Andy, Liz, Sus, Andy, Laura, Sam, and Jerad
Then dad wanted us to take a pic looking off into the distance... why????

sus, dad, liz
in front of the new cabinets
they totally re-did the kitchen, it looks awesome

Then Sunday was the wedding, oh yeah did i forget to say dad and maggie got married?
It was just after church at 1st Presbyterian in the Parlor, a few fam/friends (35)
Gram (mother-of-groom: looking all young and hot), dad (groom),
Sus (best matron of honor), Liz (best matron of honor)
Dad and Mateen (pastor); doesn't dad look so nice?
matrons: liz and sus


On to the reception at Le Cep on Coltrane and 2nd
Gram caught the bouquet

Cutting the cake

Eating the cake

Happily ever after...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Susy is almost 23!

I am going to oklahoma tomorrow for the celebration of my sister and grandma's birthdays, my dad's wedding to maggie, and to see my cousins lo and brad and possibly my second cousin axle!
Here is a medly of pics for you to enjoy and me and my sister sus!
My sophomore yr in HS and sus was in 7th
washing the car :), this was in broken arrow, okla...
check out how large and saggy sus's diaper was ;)

check out those sunglasses

i think in 2004, the indigo girl concert in okc

I made musical instruments... a shaker thing and a tambourine type thing,
i was bound to be in band. sus however
was dressed up as a little hawaiian hula girl,
love the shoes. and yes i know
she is cuter than me in ALL the pics...
but wait until i post a pic of her in 3rd grade someday....
Sometime in college?!??! sophomore year or something!

my first day in the dorms at OU

mother's day 2004 i think!

I love my little sisle... she's so worried about me not worrying that her house is messy, b/c she knows i want it clean, but she doesnt have time. and honestly, i do want it clean, but it's means so much more that she cares :) So SWEET!
see ya tomorrow sis!