Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fruita, CO & Moab, UT

We had a fantastic anniversary!
Wednesday night we went to The Melting Pot
for some kick butt fondue.
For $45 (and you have to go after 9pm)
we got: salads, bottle of wine, cheese, & chocolate fondue!

then we left for fruita, co friday morning.
we got there about 12 and went ahead and mountain biked!
we first did Rustler's Loop & then that wasn't enough for us,
so we did Horsethief Bench
total: 6.75 miles

oh don't worry, i fell like 5 minutes in...
i just couldn't get unclipped on my right & just fell over onto
all those stupid rocks. it hurt, but i was fine. but NOW my bruises are al gnarly looking. :)

the colorado river
view from trail

after rustlers loop
then we made sandwiches and rode more

on horsethief

me on some slickrock

PRETENDING to go down 3 foot drop off

cameron GOING down 3 foot drop off

wheelie drop 3 feet

loopty loo

we saw soooo many lizards, i love lizards
so by the end of this trail, we were pooped.
i felt like i tried a lot of new things, and even suprised myself.
(well i suprised cameron too by what i could do too)
so we went and got snow cones in town, and then headed to our campsite.
i thought the site looked so cool online, but don't worry,
it was right off the highway
and we could see McDonalds from the site.
someone was actually in our spot that we had reserved, but it turned out for the best, b/c they moved us a little farther from the highway with a view of the colorado river.
we were so tired and hot we just layed in the tent and ate chips and salsa and drank beer until the sun was further down. cameron was such a great hubby and put the tent up while i sat in the shade :) so nice so nice.

but as you see below, this was our "grill"
we don't really know what was going on, but we did have a fire.
we made burgers and then played phase 10 (i kicked cameron's butt)
and we went to bed, we were so tired.

battle wounds at the end of the day (i fell on this leg again at the end of the trail)
doesn't look so bad, but it HURTS.

classic mom & david pose
the next morning we ate breakfast and headed for more Fruita mtb.
today we decided to try Joe's Ridge & Kessel's Run
total 5.5 miles

this is JOE'S RIDGE
very steep on the sides and there was a rut in the middle of the trail

using our Joby Pod to take our pics

another part of joe's ridge
i walked, it was sooooo steep and scary

see, me walking.

cameron jumping over these rocks

(it's way cooler in real life)
then we changed, got snow cones,
and headed for Moab, UT

"say UTAH"

me trying to show the awesome background with my face in the pic...
obviously it didnt work.

just some scenery along the "scenic byway" rt 128
colorado river to right

then we stopped at the winery on the way
we did a wine tasting and got a couple bottles.
it wasnt as cool as i thought,
but again we were driving, so we couldnt have tasted too many wines.

yummmm wine tasting

our self guided tour was a joke.
she told us to walk into the basement, and it was just this window that showed the big metal vats. there was one sign on the wall that talked about the winery. but it was so lame-o. but doesnt cameron look like some kind of serial killer in this pic?
*wine vats in background
then we made it to Moab, UT.
we stopped a bike/coffee shop to fuel our low energy.
then headed to the Sunflower Inn
HIGHLY reccomended!!!
huge bath tub
little snacks throughout the inn
awesome breakfast
free movie rental downstairs (we got the princess bride)
lots of games to play, we played boggle :)
free laundry (we had stinky mtb clothes)
and snacks to buy (klondike bars & popcorn for movie)
close walking to food
we walked to dinner at Miguels Mexican Cafe
for fajitas, beer, & margs.

then the nect morning we headed to mountain bike
dun dun dun
total miles: 13
grunt factor: 10 tough roller coaster ride
techno factor: 10 very difficult, v steep ups and downs
fear factor: 10 very scary in spots
awesome. and cameron wanted to do this?
i love him right?
i can always walk right?
no big deal.

lowering tire pressure so we can grip the rock better.

some weenie thing i went down.
doesnt even look cool in the picture.
(as with most pictures we took, it was so much cooler in real life)
(so bare with us with all the photos)

cam's wheelie drop

some crazy balls climb.
see how his butt isnt even near the seat.
i had to walk this one. as with a lot of them.
he climbed all of these. he's crazy.
i mean this was so freaking steep i could hardly walk up it.

a different one than above. but yes, i am walking, and yes cameron climbed it.

my feet started to hurt from walking
and we weren't even 1/2 way done.
cameron was having a blast though.
and he was helping me with my bike in tough spots.

cool pic
the scenery looked like Mars
so we acted like we were on mars.
like aliens.


soooooo tired. still had several miles.

steep steep

oh yeah suckers, advanced riding skills meet LIZ.
and we did it!!!!!
we made it back to town, had some great food, called our dads (fathers day)
then headed to our cabin.
cabin below.
our view from porch.
(super secluded)
they were buzzing around cameron while he was reading on the porch
and then i went out there and they were still doing it.
they sound like a little machine :)
sooooo cute!!!!
we were so tired.
we watched the satelite tv (sad i know)
and played cards
and made burgers on the grill
and went to bed.
bye cabin.
now we're off to Arches National Park

"wow that thing is gonna fall on your head"

i'm soooo small

here we are by this rock

some more rocks

balancing rock
(for real, that's what it's called)

finally an arch
*the coolest ones you had to hike to, and by the end of the map
we had driven like 18 miles to see all these rocks and hiked several miles, we just couldnt go any further. so we skipped out on the famous famous ones, and took pics of these. ps it was like 90*+
cameron being weird.

after a 1 mile hike that showed us the same thing that we saw from where we were in the first place. bummer. it was a climb too.

i kept telling cameron to "get in that cave over there" and he kept saying no, until now :) and for some reason it was sooooo funny.

"fiery furnace"

my head in the arch
(i think i was delusional by this point)

cameron do something funny
so he did this
but we brushed it away dont worry

cameron act dead
it will be so funny
so he did
liz acting dead

archy archerson

that rock is gonna fall i just know it.


passenger (and scary driver)
on our way home sweet home
cameron devised this drinking system..
just his camelback behind him
so he could take a sip whenever :)
the end
it was a wonderful trip.
and if i left anything out, sorry.
it was good times.