Sunday, May 27, 2007

t-3 days

We will be in oklahoma wednesday night! I can't wait! I get to see all the cool peeps! Call me if you want to do lunch/breakfast/dinner/hang out!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Prego Lo

My cousin is a fat lady!!! I love it so much! She's due in November!!! yeah baby schat!
She's only 12.5 weeks in this pic, can you believe it?
Way to go Brad!

Practicum Cameron

Cameron has his first "client" tonight at his practicum. Practicum means in counseling terms that you are a student counseling some poor soul who wants Christian counseling cheap. There is a sliding scale from $1-$15 based on income or how much you feel you can pay. The session is video taped and then cam and his teach watch it and the teacher critiques him. Cam was al ittle nervous leaving tonight, but was excited. He was all dressed up (even with brown lace up shoes!!). I am very excited for him to be able to see the fruits of his labor.
On another note, the new car is holding up awesome!!! We found out on of the best things about the car! On the back of the sterring wheel are bottons to change the radio station and volume!! Cool huh! I have always wanted that!

Cam "counseling" scnoozeberry.
"act like a counselor cameron"

Cam dressed up, check the shoes out! No sandels!

Friday, May 18, 2007

We Owe Some Money to Some Peeps!

Yes, it looks as though I have Bells Palsy or got hit in the face with a large object, but in fact, I had 4 cavities on my left fixed today! Yes folks, 4 cavities... but wait, there are 3 more I have on the right I get fixed Wednesday. I have never had a cavity in my adult teeth EVER... until now....???!!!??? See how my lips were all funked out? Well, I couln't even tell if I was drooling or not. Sad, but true. Cam has 3 cavities, at least I don't feel soooooo bad.

Stroke-like face or no? My speech was slurred too. So sad.
Cam.... IN THE NEW CAR!!!!!

The new dash!

WOO HOO!! a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport! We are so pumped! The story is: we were driving back from the counselors office in Highlands Ranch (south east of denver by 15 miles) and our belt started screeching like when it gets wet. Cam wanted to check just to make sure nothing bad was going on. We get out of the car, open the hood and that thing is smoking!!!! It smelled so bad too. We re-started the engine, but it was shaking so bad I thought it was just going to jump on out of the hood. Long story short, we had to wait 5 hours at Target for a tow truck, got home. The car fixer people called in the morning and it was going to be $900 to fix our car that's worth $1500. It was the compressor to the a/c. So we decided to not fix it, but use it without the a/c but invest in a second car!!! With 4wd!!!! It rides like a dream! We love it so much! And we've only had it less than 24 hours!

Steve (who is 25 today), Patrick, and Cameron leaving to go on their long awaited camping trip (scott will meet up later this afternoon). The Jeep is all packe dup and ready to go for their trip!

A side view! We love it!!! Yeah yeah! We owe more people money now! Alright to debt! Maybe we'll win the lottery! P.S. we'll be in Okla in less than 2 weeks, get prepared for the cannons!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lawerence or Bust

The Kramer's Porch
p.s. that swing is so high i can barely get in it!
p.s.s. they have little baby broccolis growing!
Right before chris beat us in phase 10.
We KNOW the real rules sus, not sreet cards.

Tha mac daddy chris. Are you a ventrilaquist???
"how are you doing today"

a natural pose.
Full after we made sushi and choc covered strawberries and ate a picnic on the porch before the thunderstorm! It was soooo yummy! Saturday afternoon we made a picnic at the KU campus and it was delish and veggie (fried plantains and blackbeans rolled in a tortilla)

At the hukka (sp?) bar!

I for ths reals smoked a hukka (seriously how do you spell that?)


Looking high. It was jasmine flavored tobacco, and it was awesome.
Chris got rosewater lemonade and we got hummus (shout out to Lo) and pitas!

Going to The Merc (a natural food store). We walked on Mass street and browsed in shops. Sus found the perfect brown dress for her Europe trip (she will basically only wear the brown dress all throughout her travels!). We got some sinus tea for Cam ad some pistacios for us. We had breakfast/Brunch at i forgot what it was called, but i had some amazing french toast and tea. Sus had a mediterranean omlet (delish) and chris bless his heart got veggetarean biscuits and sausage gravy...tasted like a pot pie.
Sus, Chris, and I ate a snack at a little mexican place and had margaritas. Later that night we babysat 2 little girls that were oh so cute! Then Saturday Morning Sus and I cleaned her car out and got around 5 sacks full of trash and or toiletries :). We also went to the farmers market and got roasted corn on the cob!!!!
We had so much fun and I didn't want to leave, but Chris had to get his portfolio ready for his art show this weekend and finish stuff for finals. Sus took me to the airport during a crazy downpour. But she and I made it back safely!
Yeah for sisters!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

going to lawerence

Suckkkaasssssss! Since my last post i freaked out b/c i missed my sister so much, and cam said it would be okay if i flew out for the weekend to see her! So on a total spur of the moment idea, i called her, and what would you know, she doesn't even have school on friday! So she's picking me up at 9:30 and we have all friday and all saturday and morning sunday. Her hubby chris is sacrificing a lot b/c he has to get ready for his finals and all that jazz! thanks chris! and cam is pumped b/c he will ahve the house to himself to study!

Yeah for sus!

I've never been to lawerence before!

And sus is gonna make me bread and ice cream!

T-3 days!!!!