Wednesday, March 30, 2011

12 weeks!

my sleeping babies :)


can you believe it?

i can't. it's still surreal.


still puking every morning,

but leaving the nausea behind... so that's good.

reallllllly tired.

not reallllly reallllly showing yet..

but maybe a little poochy.


just been looking up nursery bedding

i think i will make my own...

doesn't seem THAT hard.


nothing new, EXCEPT!!!!! we have some little baby asparagus growing.

i need to take a pic.

they are soooo cute!!!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

11 weeks

i have started to feel so so so much better.
less nausea that's for sure.
and i actually want to do stuff.
last week we got our first and second u/s
from the gals at work.
they were so great,
and offered to do it for us.
our official u/s by some stupid dr. got
canceled b/c he had "to go to surgery"
so i decided, screw him. i'm going to ask
the awesome girls at work.
i still can't believe that crazy living,
moving, growing thing is inside me.
it's obviously a miracle.
God is so good.
spring is here
flowers are getting close to blooming
it's getting hotter
(well less cold really)
i'll keep ya posted.
any of you that have kiddos...
what did you do for bedding?
make, buy? and how did you choose a theme?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

more videos of the babe!

so these videos of the u/s are better, b/c they are vaginal u/s. also taken by the lovely ladies at work. thanks to them :)!!!!! yes, i sound like an idiot in them, but i don't care. at least i'm not bawling my eyes out like the first video :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

10 weeks!!!!

so this week was a little poopy.
i barfed a lot,
was nauseated a lot,
slept a lot,
and tried not to complain-but failed a lot.
yesterday was my first midwife appt.
love love loved it.
they were so lovely and informing.
i met with leigh, and she was not only super smart,
she had on the cutest anthro dress EVER!
it still was a lot of info they gave me and kinda scary.
but now that i have read over stuff
made my ultrasound appt
and had a day to absorb it
i feel a little less overwhlemed.
this baby is a plum this week!
i can't wait until the u/s on friday,
hopefully we'll get a picture to show you all!!!!
*steve, i promise i will post pics of the dogs soon*

Friday, March 11, 2011


it's spring time folks!
my tulips are blooming!!!
it always makes me soo soo happy!!!!

in other great NEW news...
my friend had her baby Tori Haven
(*means victorious sanctuary)
And in all her style...
she gave little party favors when you visited.
It's only fitting for Shellie to make something
cute after she labors forever.

the note says:
our love and thanks for joining and supporting us
in the arrival of our beautiful baby girl.
place soil pellet in bowl. add 1/6 cup warm water.
put soil in pot and plant seeds.
transplant when sprouts reach 3" in height.
my packet of seeds were sweet pea, but also there
were forget-me-nots.
tori haven brent
are you kidding me?
love love love love love this idea!
cheers to the new mom and dad
kimel & shellie
you are going to be great parents.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

9 weeks

well, i sit here writing this in between being nauseated
and craving weird things, while i watch
endless instant netflix.
i am eating:
hearts of romaine with garlic oil,
salt, pepper, and parmesean cheese.
it's like a healthy caesar salad,
but even better.
drinking OJ.
i am not taking belly pics yet, b/c
i don't really have a belly.
i think i will start at 11-12 weeks.
this week my baby:
is the size of a prune.
has elbows that bend
teeth buds are forming (let's pray they don't need braces)
is making urine!
this is so weird.
we go to the midwife on tuesday
and i can't wait.
i wish she would have a magical cure
to stop barfing.
probably not.
cam's teaching stat's at the seminary right now
so i am gonna watch another old
netflix movie.
i am sure i will be fast asleep with the dogs when he gets home.
any suggestions for books or movies while i lay
here and wait for the nausea to pass???
katie: can i say; i HATED never let me go.
i was all pumped that it was about cloning and taking organs...
and then i finished and was so disappointed.
i rented the movie, and it was a little better... but BOO.
okay, back to my salad.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

eight weeks

that's how far along i am.
it is totally crazy.
right before thanksgiving i found out sus and chris
were coming home.
and with grandpa dying in july...
i just felt like we needed to procreate.
it took a lot of praying and convincing cameron.
but around christmas we decided to start trying.
christmas day was the 'official' day cameron said we could.
i say it was my christmas present.
that month we didn't reaaaaalllllly try
so we didn't get pregnant.
but in january we tried...
and what do you know....
Feb 1 i found out!
i ran into the bedroom (it was 6:00am)
and asked cameron what he wanted to name our baby.
of course he was still sleeping... and he didn't know what was going on.
and i had to ask him a couple times.
then he realized what I was saying, and
we both just kinda freaked out!
i was hesitant to put it on the blog this early,
but i waited a long time for me...
and decided either way i was just going to do it.
i knew you would all be so happy!
my little blog friends.
you people without kids wouldn't think,
but i have already gotten MUCH unsolicited advice
and MANY rude rude comments.
Like Katie said during her pregnancy.
I will ask for advice when I am ready,
and then I will take it to heart.
But seriously people don't be rude.
that's just, well, rude.
here are the things people have said:
person-are you finding out the sex?
me-yes we are b/c i am tye A and have to or i'll die
person-wow that's really disappointing
me-well, you have had 2 kids, and you got your chance, this is mine.
person- wow, this is going to be a longgggg pregnancy
me- no, it's going to be 40 weeks, just like everyone else, why?
person- b/c you told everyone so early, and it's you
me- (bahhhhh annoyed... stalking away)
person- where are you going to deliver
me- mountain midwifery down the street
person- ohhhh, do you want me to tell you some horror stories
me- nope, heard them all, thanks
person- really? i could tell you a lot to change your mind
me- no thanks, i've made an informed decision
person- but you work at a hospital
me- yup.
really people?
the things we know are?
-i go see the midwife when i am 10 weeks on march 15
-at 6 weeks i was getting nauseated mainly in the morning but then
it started going alllllll day, and yesterday i puked for the first time.
boo. so far, today i'm good.
-crackers, gingerale, smoothies, toast, tea, none of it helps.
-i crave different things, last week it was baked potatoes
and the funny thing is that sometimes i crave it,
get it, then can't eat it, b/c it makes me wanna barf.
-i'm not showing yet, i just have a really really
bad muffin top, which makes my pants not fit.
which sucks. BUT seriously, why doesn't
everyone wear maternity pants?!?!? they're awesome.
-we want to find the sex out, and we can at the MMC
-the MMC is 2 blocks from my hospital Swedish,
so IF a promlem arrises, the have made the national standard
of "decision to incision" of 30 minutes, in 7 minutes.
They have a great relationship with the Docs there
and have several accepting physicians.
My insurance covers both places.
i have read a million books
but that was all before I was even pregnant.
now i havent picked up one.
we have a long list of names picked out.
i don't mind telling people at all.
but i think it's annoying when they wrinkle their nose at
certain names.
hello... you got to name your own kids
so shut it.
what will hans and schnooze do?
who knows.
i think hans just wants it to get big enough to play ball with him.
and i think schnooze will protect it.
have you seen all there is baby.
i mean just walking into target it scary.
let alone looking on amazon.
what are essentials, good to have's, and didn't use once items.
what books did you read and recc?
names you like folks?
it's the size of a grape!

trip to see sus

i got to go to kansas last week to see my little sis.
i arrived late wednesday night and we stayed
(thanks to momma) at a cute hotel in kc.
we woke up and it was raining/sleeting/snowing.
but we decided to shop for a little bit and eat lunch.
the below pic is at a place grandpa took us
when we went to see the big 12 bball tourney one year.
it's a little italian place.

i love that we both have double chins.
we drove back to lawerence and walked around downtown.
we picked some fabric for a project.
and this fabric store was nuts.
there was so much stuff everywhere.
it was hard to decided, but we did.

friday morning we ate bf where sus works.
it was sooooooo good!

the project.



don't you just love it!?!?!?!?
i had a great time with her, we laughed a lot.
we ate a lot.
we walked a lot.
it snowed a lot.
i can't wait to see her again.
i love that little girl.

Friday, March 04, 2011