Monday, September 25, 2006

schnooze and sus

Susanne Brooke Jones
Christopher William Kramer
together with their parents
annouce their wedding on
October 29, 2006 in the afternoon
Also I thought Schnoozeberry McSchnauzerpants
looked cute basking in the sun.
Keep in mind it's like low 60s here and our heater and
fireplace were broken yesterday when it was in the 40s.
So Schnooze needed to bask (wearing her sweater).
So, all of you reading this will see that I am flying into OKC
October 26(the day before my bday) at 12:34pm.
If you want to hang out with me before I leave that monday
call me or email me!
I love you all. Congrats sus and brother.
PS: apparently her ring is really pretty!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

it's a cold day in september

3. This is cam, my husband. He was trying to relax after a really hectic and stressful day at school, and along comes his wife to take pictures of him. I don't know if you can tell, but he has a biore pore strip on his nose, he is also wearing his sunglasses under the mask (to block out all kinds of light), and he is listening to a meditating thing on his palm pilot. Oh, Cam. He woke up after i took about 2 pics. So much for relaxing.

2. We had people over for dinner last night (holly and josh). And I was watching rachel ray that morning and she made these, so I copied her. They are supposed to look like sushi rolls, but they are fruit roll ups with rice crispie treat mix and a twizzler in them! They were not as good as you would think, but super fun!

1. Laura and Andy Froese send schnooze a sooner bandana to wear on game days, but she had to put it on for a picture :). She says thanks to the froese's b/c she does want to look like yoda (their schnauzer).

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

happy birthday

today there are two people that are very close to me that are celebrating birthdays. one is my new step brother matthew dale miller, and he is 23 (wait is that right? geez he's getting up there). the other is susanne renee rabus, she is my very good friend from oklahoma. i went to nursing school with her and then we worked together for 2 years at deaconess. she is one of the funniest people i know. she is super old, 27, plus she's having a baby!!!!

on another note, the situation with sus and chris is: they are talking to both sets of parents together (also so they can meet) on sunday. they are going to talk about a date within the october 20th weekend. so hopefully we can get our plane tickets on monday. i also went out and got a dress today. our options were pink or brown. i chose brown.
alrighty, hope you all have a great night, we are having holly (nurse from work) and her husband josh over for dinner. let me tell you what i made for dessert. i saw it on rachel ray this morning. it was rice crispy treats mixture, put that into a green fruit roll up with a twizzler piece in the middle and roll it up like a sushi roll! so cute! they dont taste as good as they look, but at least they are cute!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


christopher kramer called me today and this is what he said (don't worry, it's not a secret). "hey liz, how's it going? i was calling to tell you that i love your sister very much and i want to spend the rest of my life with her. i want you to know that i want to ask her to marry me!" HOLY CRAPPOLI!!!!! that's awesome (even though i already knew they wanted to get married and i told sus to tell him he better call and ask me). My reply to him was... (while in the midst of crying) that makes me so happy! but i hope you know you better treat her so amazing or i will have to kill you, and i will. yeah for love birds!!!!! this is a picture that will be changing soon... (the one on the right will become chris in the suit (hoping he will wear pants), and sus in a little more fancy of a white dress). I'll hold on to this one though :) she'll always be my little sis.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Guanella Pass, CO

So, obviously the aspens are changing! we hiked with a group from church. i met 2 girls that are really awesome, kristin and nina! hopefully they will be my friends! you can tell by the pics that it snowed! it was gorgeous and not even the pics will do them justice. i have to give a shout out to my friends at deaconess, susanne and audra!!!! you guys rock, thanks for reading my blog!!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

sus and chris sitting in a tree

HAHA suckkkaaaaas! these are sus and chris's freshman year of highschool pics fromedmond north! meant to be....

Monday, September 11, 2006

9.11.2006 .... so many things

First off, I know these are 4 very random pics, but I will explain.
#1: Me & Sus when we were wee. I just wanted to say that when I think of my little sister, this is the image I get in my head. No matter if she's 4, 13, 17, or 21, this is how I will picture her. Little forever.
#2: This is my new purse that I didn't really need, but I loved.
#3: I never have long nails ever b/c I can't stand them, but for some reason I havent cut them in awhile. They are so darned long.... WOW! I can tap on things!
#4: Susanne Brooke Jones & Christopher William Kramer, I wish I could say more than this, but I am just in utter excitement, shock, joy, and gladness. Sus called me today and said that her and Chris want to get married... SOON! Like real soon! I am just so happy to know that Sus knows what it feels like to be in so much love you can't stand it and you have to do something about it! This pic of them, is when they were in a tree making animal noises at people down below them.... they will make a great couple! Ben would have never done that with her.... Cameron might still :). I know they will be happy forever. I am glad she will be my little sis forever.
Just think, all three Jones girls getting married in the same 5-6 months??? Holy crap. Also, can you imagine that dad almost added to the marriages... to make all 4 in one family get married in the same 5-6 months? wow, we are an awesome family if I do say so myself!!!!!
Pray for sus and chris, that they will be able to listen to the Lord, and he will advise them in the decisions they need to make to make things work out for His plan. Pray for them to continue ot know happiness!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Football season...

Wow, today was pretty awesome. I was supposed to get EA'd (excused absence...when they have too many nurses and very little patients) this morning, but I didn't. So I go into work, it was a busy day but that made it go by all the faster. And they let me know I would get to go home at 1:00!!!! Cameron was mountain biking with Steve, Josh, and Heidi, and had to drop the car off at work before the left. He has a minor ball smooshing wreck, and the pics are posted here! So, not only did I get to take care of some really old people )which i loveeeee to death), but work seems to be going better. I knew it wouldnt suck forever, but it sure felt like it. This really fun lady, Cher, got engaged last thursday and we spent most of the past 2 days talking about that. people are starting to get me better, and i them also. So, I got to leave work about 2:00pm and as I walked out the door, it felt like football season. football ahhhh. it was just the weather and the feeling and the beauty. the funny part is, we don't live in a college town, we live in this weird nfl town. don't get me wrong, i am sure the broncos are great, but they aren't anyone's alma mater. traditions. i watched the OU game on tv (they played washington) and i didn't care if we won (okay that's a lie) but just the feeling of the windows open, the fall air coming in, and i don't know... football. today we got a card from apparently my favorite cousin (since no one else has even contacted me...poo faces), and she is quitting her job, her hub started his masters, and they are almost finished flipping a house!!!!! talk about stressful. maybe they will move out to CO???? BY THE WAY... TODAY IS MY MOM'S 51st birthday!!! woo hoo mom! she and her HUSBAND were getting close to california when i talked to her today. they are on their 2 week annual camping trip/ honeymoon! So, we are going to make dinner now... hopefully some edamame, and i am gonna go finish the pathetic danielle steele book i am reading (Ranch). Tomorrow's agenda... dinner with Josh and Heidi after work!!!! I am glad you all love us b/c we love you!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mom and David make their trek to freezing ol' CO

So Saturday morning, Cameron (being his birthday and all) decides to go study at Stella's (a coffee shop) then at school. So, the girls and I make muffins, drink coffee, and sit around. Cam comes home and we decide to tour the seminary and the hospital. We get back and we are all so tired (it was a gloomy day and cold). So, we watch the rock opera Tommy and some nap. Mom and David make it about 5ish. We snack on some veggies and chips, and then Cam and I start to cook. We make Tilapia, salad, pasta, and green beans (sus helped with those). It was delish!!! For dessert, cam made his all time best recipe: Bananas Foster (sugar, cinnamon, butter in a pan, then add bananas, then rum, then light that puppy on fire!!! Add ice cream for a yummy touch). It was awesome. Then we all sat around and drank wine and chatted. Sus and Lindsay left for the cabin at 8:00, but the rest of us stayed up late (minus cam, who slept on the balcony wanting to try out his new sleeping bag). Yeah for mom and david coming! They left Sunday morning on their way to Lake Tahoe to get hitched!!! Next time we see them they will be an old married couple!!!! It was a great weekend!

Happy 23 Cambot!!!

So, cameron's birthday was pretty awesome. Sus and Lindsay came in too (mainly to see Meme and Grandad at their cabin) but definately wanted to stop and see us! Lane also came by because she loves us so much. We also had good ol' Scott and Steve. So everyone came over on the coldest day in Colorado yet and we left about 7:30 to go to Hanabi Japanese bar and Sushi Grill!!!! Things were bad from the start. They were running behind at the place, so our reservations were moot. They never comped us anything for having to wait 45 minutes (not even a measly edamame). It took forever and the people were very rude. But on a happy note, the food was great and the fellowship even better. We laughed a lot and ate more. The little grilly man threw broccoli at our faces and we all caught them in our mouths (minus lindsay, b/c she was scared, i was too though). We did get a free slice of cake, that cam devoured :). He did have a mint chocolate chip cake waiting at home for him with 19 candles (that's all we had). We all came back to our house and played Scrabble, cam's all time favorite game. And then, with lane's help, we changed the rules to: you would get the point IF and only IF you had the MOST creative answer (we had a judge too). That was hilarious. Lane, Sus, and Lindsay spent the night and we had a blast. I literally talked their ears off since I hadn't been around girls who knew me in over a month (they didn't seem to mind that much). It was a great birthday for cambot!!! Yeah 23!!!