Thursday, May 29, 2008

Left AC Joint Separation

first off: we're going to Isla Mujeres, Mexico
a little island 5 miles NE of Cancun
second: here are the pics
he has some scrapes and stuff
but they weren't noteworthy for pics

see how the collarbone is sticking up
and the arm is dangling down?
well, all the ligaments holding those things
together were ripped (or "shattered")
leaving nothing holding the 2 together

the towel was b/c his armpit was getting sweaty

on percocet :)

this view looks worse

we haven't taken "after" pics

b/c they aren't very cool.

But we will have plenty of pics from mexico.

They did a gor-tex tape thing to fix it

see figures: 2-6 in the middle of the page.

i am now studying for ACLS for test tomorrow (0830-1630 boo)

then cleaning and then finishing last min packing.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008


we are leaving for mexico in 3 more sleeps but pretty much 2 days.
i am so overwhelmed.
cameron is doing a lot better, but is still in pain.
our amazing friends jason and autumn brought us a kickass dinner.
i called in sick for thursday b/c i feel like i have so much to do and no time.
i still have a class friday that i CANNOT miss :(.
our family and friends have been super!
i have to go pack, but i was just updating.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

cameron broken

cameron "broke" his shoulder.
5.26.08 MTB
he endo'd
nice people helped him down the mt.
jason picked him up and they met me at work.
he spearated his left AC joint,
which means: the liagaments holding his collarbone and shoulder together are
completely toen apart,
we went to the ortho surgeon today
he is getting surgery at 3pm to place a metal plate
with a "hook" (sounds more greusome than it really is)
to his shoulder.
he shoul dbe out within an hour and doing well.
we should still be able to go to mexico
that's why we are getting it done today.
pray for him.
pics to follow later (they are SICKKKK).

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm Alive

Only 6 more sleeps until Mexico!!!
We leave at 4:30 in the morning for Steve's house
then he will take us to the a/p.
Then we will fly from here to Dallas to Cancun
then take a ferry to Isla Mujeres
then a taxi to our place!
then spend 7 amazing days there!!
BUT, maybe more posting before we leave,
until then....
work monday, work thursday,
ACLS class Friday.
Tues & Wed will be spent packing
and getting ready (+ a haircut!).
AND must make a list for the dog-sitter
(our next door neighbor Andy).

Monday, May 19, 2008

HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!

This is the song I made up Saturday morning:
"what day is today?
today is graduation day"
and kept repeating it :)
We got up early, and I made sausage,
eggs, and biscuits.
Cameron got ready and left
to meet Tim, so they could ride together.

All the family and friends
that sent us cards :)
proudly displayed!

Cam getting ready

schnooze was graduating too

she didn't have to wear the hat,

but wanted to wear the tassle!!

the shirt cam picked out

isn't it cute?

He even had to get it taken in, b/c

he has lost so much weight :)

all snazzed up

the graduates
cam walking across the stage!
i almost cried ;)

walking some more

the Master and his Mrs.


Master Cannon and Master Byrne
Then we headed to eat some awesome food at Spicy Basil
our fav. Thai place, and ate it at Tony,
Patrick, and Wes's new place.
Then we got all our things gathered up for the party at tim's!

Team Cobra with King Cobras

(one of steve's bday presents for 5/18/08)
snake strike
fang strike???
bethany and cameron

steve's cheesecake
jason, autum, aspen, cameron
jason is one of cameron's
new mtb buddies :)

john and his gf schnooze

emily and matt

(em got burnt as she usually does

at all outdoor events... playing sball)

wes and patrick

(new nicknames: tricky & dubby G...

until last night and wes is now wiskas)

me and cambot
roasting mallows
cam's light-saber (present from jason and autum)
cameron stabbing kimel (firefighter... cool huh?)
schnooze by the firepit
(rascal this photo is for you,
if schnooze had a facebook account,
this would be on it:))
for the BBQ party, i made the famous
cute huh?
mom's recipe:
1.5-2 jars of golden peppercini's (the larger the actual peppers are, the better)
1 lb cream cheese @ room temp
8oz crab claw meat (in the tuna section, in foil bags not jars)
1.5 Tbsp cajun seasoning
1 tsp hot sauce (like tabasco)
1 tsp dried thyme (did not have this,
used dried parley, but you don't REALLY need it)
small amt chopped parsley
1. cut stem end off, get seeds out (most grueling part of whole process)
2. beat/mix cream cheese; add crab meat, cajun seas, hot sauce, and thyme
3. put mixture in a pastry bag
4. pipe it in the peppercini
5. dip end of pepper into the chopped parsley (for looks)
* can be made in advance
* yields a lot of peppers
* you will have plenty of leftover cream cheese mixture,
but I find that it takes so long to cut/de-seed the peppers
you would never want to make more peppers, but you can :)
*ENJOY!!!!! everyone loves them and they go fast! They are slightly hot,
but worth every bite!
-12 more days til MEXICO!!!!!
-less than a month until our 1 yr anniv & THE INDIGO GIRLS!!
-cameron's not even getting to relax right now
b/c he's at JURY DUTY... boo.

Friday, May 16, 2008

almost time!

t-1 day
until you will call this guy:
Master Cameron
for the reals??
I guess so :)

PS: not cameron's long hair,
it's the girls's next to him...
thank goodness

i love fat chunky kid cameron :)