Friday, November 30, 2012

christmas on pearl street

hazel and i got coffee one morning
 11/30 pearl street (walking distance)
had a christmas festival
so autumn and i took the kiddos
cameron met up with us later.
 hazel and axel

 looks like we have 100 kids :)
just 2 extra, aspen and axel
 and the horse drawn carriage ride singing songs

 oh child, you will never live this down :)
 she ended up giving him a high five

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


not sure what was happening here...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

what in the world?

what mom, i'm just in the drawer :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

thanksgiving at the schatzels

if i try to write everything in this post it will take a million years.
i will give highlights.
-lo and brad's house is freaking amazing
and it made me jealous that i dont like in the country-ish and on land
-h had a blast with her cousins and fam
-i laughed so much
-i stayed up way too late talking
- i got to see lane's belly bump
-i got to see sus's bump
-pam & rob flew in
-gram was there too
-it was the first real holiday without Dad, but it was good to be surrounded by family
-we got to see Jack the donkey and the cows
-we (the boys) played lots of wii
-jess cooked amazing breakfast
-the boys snaked the sink and it worked
-thanksgiving food was DELISH!
-We went and saw the light display in seminole!

 they never hold still at the same time.
 jess made a cool time lapse video of getting ready and eating thanksgiving dinner!
 my handiwork
edna mae's dishes

 i made a tea towel for everyone to write what they were thankful for
it was a hit
hopefully used for years to come
and then a tradition to make a new one every year :)
 the beautiful table for a beautiful family

 can't have olives and the jones family in the same room without this happening
 lala loves her hazel

 she felt like crap but was still so pretty

 hello jack

 susu loves her hazel

 gosh those kids are cute

 finally, there's me some G

 what is going on des

 they are gonna be little trouble makers those two.

 i mean really come on.
they could have just caught the house on fire with
those faces... but they were just opening drawers.

 light display.
it was really really cold.

i hope this can be a tradition for years to come!!!!