Monday, October 27, 2008

I know I am so cool....

1. I know I am cool
2. I know people want to be like me
3. I know everyone is dying to be friends with me
and i can see why....
don't laugh so hard you pee your pants.


so sad. that's all i can say.
i think i look like a cabbage patch kid.
i mean c'mon, i had a lot of candles.
i laughed for like 20 hours when i saw this pic.
i'm normal, right?

or maybe not.

thanks for the pics becks!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama in the Library

Obama was like 100 yards from me.

We found out Friday that Obama was campaigning in Denver,


right next to our church,

behind the library.



we rode our bikes, so we wouldn't have to pay $1800 for parking

and so we wouldn't hit traffic.


we wanted to see him, but it was in the middle of church

and i thought i might get mauled.

so many people.

i think like 100,000.

see the people all in line?

this was just in front of our church

all the racks were used up.

zoom in to see scooters

more people

the 'brary

aspen, like a papoose

for the 8 mile ride home

these were all taken from the ole phone.

i could hear him talking, but didn't know what he was saying.

It must have only been for about 1 hour,

b/c people started pouring out at 12:30,

and it started at 11:30?!?!?

anyways, thought that was cool!

Liz turns 27 on the 27th

it's my party......
I came home to decorations galore...
i forgot to take pics of the fake blood in the sink....

i shoulda taken these without the flash, but oh well
it looked really cool with only the lamps and blacklights on
spiderwebs and bloody towels?

you can't really tell, but it was VERY halloweeny

the webs weren't really working it outside :(

the "wall of fear"
click to enlarge for better details on the pics
cam printed them up and wrote on them
so sweet
we had a fog machine and dry ice too.
we mixed vodka, grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice
in an ice tea picher thingy, and put dry ice in it
and it looked SOOOO cool

bloody windows

on the front door.
probably age 7

20 years later...
1980's prom queen

zombie husband & 80's wife
lime green fishnet tights, peach pumps, peach 1 armed dress with multiple bows, black madonna gloves, pink sash, white satin headband with veil, blue eyeshadow, lots of blush, and pink lips, can't forget the awesome 3rd grade bangs (or my 1 can of hairspray attempt at them), oh yeah, and all the jewelry i could find.
cam's fake skin is still coming off, we are finding it all over the house, and all over him. gross.
bethany as herself, stephen wearing tats, and tim the pimp

erin as a banana (her head part isnt on), kara the cheerleader, and lindsay the greek goddess

kim and troy as JUNO
(tic tacs and all)

becky and wes as GOTH heads
don't they pull it off so well?
jewelry and all.

shellie and kimel as:
minnie mouse and an Awanas Leader :)

liz and becky

matt and emily as:
80's white trash?
all i know, is that i can't ever take matt seriously again.
he was wearing john's for the reals sweater vest that was wool and
he washed and dried without knowing you can't do that :)
katie and patrick as:
Pam and Jim from the Office Halloween party:
cat & 3-hole-punch
John and Pam as:
for the reals white trash and a cute fairy/lady bug thingy

liz and becky again

can't see her whole costume,
but Macy as: a deviled egg
*check out her beer ice handle
liz, macy, shellie, and emily

hunter (as a frat boy, but not really, b/c he didn't dress up), troy, and patrick

kimel and matt (can you take him seriously?)

kim and kara
wes, stephen, bethany, and shellie

shellie, kimel, liz, matt...the hair?

hair matt, hair emily (with her bud light :)), pam, and john

mandi as paris hilton you sexy bitches

i keep making that face

liz and macy

wes, the prom queen

kimel and shellie pretending to take care of schnooze

cam and schnooze

cam and liz

shellie, becky, liz, macy, mandi

blowing out the candles
cam had to buy 3 packages of them :(
wait until a couple more posts,
and you will see the best pic
of your life of me blowing out
the candles.

blowing kisses to liz

small faces

big faces