Tuesday, September 28, 2010

eureka springs here we come...

the belladonna
is where we are staying
it's blake's wedding!
will post pics when we get back.
we're leaving saturday morning, coming back monday!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

frames/lamp makeover

my inspiration came from this
color: blueberry pie
from martha stewart living magazine this month
there was a wooden chair painted this color
and i fell in love.
so i decided to paint.
spray paint is much easier.
and from designsponge i found out about
a new brand of spray paint with a million more colors
montana gold
then i went to town.

frames i have had
lamp i got a couple weeks ago at goodwill


what can i do with these painted leaves???

montana gold: cassias

(framed some $1.99 wrapping paper from tuesday morning)
my cool new corner :)

hans tripod cannon

hans is doing great!!!!!!
we took him to the vet today
he got his dressing off
but he has to wear a t-shirt
so he doesn't lick/scratch
then in a week he'll get his staples out!

schnooze is wearing a shirt too!!!

so, they got the lymph nodes back and

Thursday, September 16, 2010

hans tripod cannon

i picked him up this morning at 8.
i started crying.
he was all wobbly
and falling over (i think he was still doped up)
he had an accident in the car b/c i think
he was scared.
i got him home, and he needed some help with the stairs.
then when he went outside to pee, he didn't have that down
quite yet, and peed all over his front leg.
then within an hour he mastered the stairs up and down.
he is doing well.
keep him in your prayers.

my poor sweet baby.

basement change & new furn.

the new office area
*read explanation below*
*new lamp to left i recovered shade*
*new lamp to right i got b/c i reminded me of aunt judy*
both thrift purchases
from doorway
we moved the futon to a couch position and kinda made
2 areas, 1 for television, 1 for my crafts/comp/sewing

here is the finale of the bench thing:

and the chair

*i loveeeeeeeeee this chair so much i could marry it

i mean, who in their right mind would put

this in the alley?

obviously they had a mental disorder.

*fabric: ikea

see that cabinet behind the chair?

see it see it???

yeah, goodwill $24.99


i put all my sewing stuff in it.


one more chair shot

and i moved the crafty organizer thingy to the other side of the room

b/c my crazy husband
re-arranged the basement,
and to my suprise... it's perfect!!!
my dad got cam this tv/monitor for his bday
and we hooked it up to the computer
and now we can watch hulu/netflix/movies

Monday, September 13, 2010

wanna be like anthro

So... I really really wanted this $158 skirt,
$98 shirt,
and $68 belt
even though i am working extra, it just seemed absurd.
so what was little lizzie to do?
make it on her own.
with the help of soe begging of her husband for these
and an already owned one of these in tan
i was all set.
i am sorry, and i will post it sometime,
but i did not get a pic of my whole outfit...


got this old school skirt at the thrift for $5
it has pockets= plus
needed to be hemmed/shortened = -

got 5 pairs of different fall inspired/textured pants at the
thrift... then cut them up :)

pinned on my design
anthro's has a bird, and i didn't like it so i skipped that

so, i stitched them all on, then used a blanket stitch
realllllly close together, i think as close as it would go on my machine
to applicae (sp?) the things on

see, looks pretty good!

belt: thrift; $5, gap, size large, had to poke a new hole
for it.... oh well
shoes: thrift, $3, SM, matched the skirt perfectly, but ended up wearing boots
top: wore my jcrew cardigan in tan over an old woman thrift store
blouse that i made into short sleeves
i got a TON of compliments!

i was so proud of myself!

Friday, September 03, 2010

holla at the porter thrift shop

okay i broke down
and went to 3 thrift stores today
but apparently it was totally worth it
see this little leather jem (and not as in barbie and the rockers)
it is a full on Coach Purse
with a # and everything
how many bones did i fork over to those hospital volunteers?
less than a McDonald's Meal
holy aspen trees batman
maybe it's over priced,
but it used to be $248
and i said in the post people could make an offer.
what do you think...
should i drop the price?
when i found it at the store, i thought, that is cute, i may want it for me!
but then i noticed, hey i think this is real leather
(a find at the thrift store if you know what i mean)
hey, i think this may be a... WHAT the WHAT... coach?
and those little ladies never even knew.
bless their souls.
pray someone buys this purse,
so i can get some moolah!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Liz A-Z

me from a-z
a: area code: 405
b: bed size: queen
c: chore you hate: cleaning bathtub
d: dogs name: schnoozeberry mcschnauzerpants & hans hershal "tripod"
e: essential "start of the day" item: breakfast and coffee
f: favorite color: green
g: gold or silver: both now that i am older
h: height: 5'9''
i: instruments you play: clarinet & guitar
j: job: nurse in the neuro/trauma ICU
k: kids: someday
l: living arrangements: in a cute house in denver (renting)
m: mom's name: rayma jon riggs jones
n: nickname: liz, lizard, dizzy, cheese whiz, lizzie
o: overnight hospital stay: nope
p: pet peeve: oh so many, smacking, being late, following too closely in a car, no blinker
q: quote from movie: "you made me bleed my own blood, NO ONE makes me bleed my own blood"
r: righty or lefty: righty
s: siblings: sister, sus, 3 years younger, but agesssss cooler
t: time you wake up: for work 1:51am...boooooo/ tattoos: right foot: symbol of the trinity, left foot, dove with olive branch
u: underwear: YES
v: vegetables you dislike: brussel sprouts
w: ways or reasons you are late: i am never late, being on time is late :)
x: xrays: 2nd grade, hairline fracture of arm... mom didn't believe me
y: yummy food you make: apple pie, pizza, bread, ravioli
z: zoo animals you like: giraffes, rhinos, zebras, okay people, i love ALL animals

now you're turn!

da na na na na na...you say it's your birthday

this boy is 27 today
and i love him
why you ask:
here are 27 reasons

1. i love his super-naturally long eye lashes
2. how he makes himself laugh
3. his love for dogs
4. how incredibly smart he is
5. that he is a "professor" of stats at the seminary
6. the he will be 2nd author of a book
7. that he loves me the way i am
8. that he loves beer and bacon as much as me
9. that he goes out of his way to do things for me
10. that he is so incredibly buff and hot
11. even though i hate this music, he lovessss punk music and i think that's cute
12. he is really good at mtn biking
13. he likes to run
14. he flosses at least once a day
15. he likes to research things before buying them (b/c i hate that)
16. he has new cute hip brown dress shoes
17. he loves his mima so so much
18. he plucks his unibrow
19. he loves coffee
20. he is so predictable
21. every morning i have off i wake up and he makes up silly songs in bed
about breakfast and the dogs
22. he was so upset about hans's cancer
24. he is growing a canteloupe :)
25. he asked for a clementine tree for his bday last year
26. he loves my family
27. he married me