Tuesday, August 10, 2010

steve & LB sitting in a tree...

Our dear friend Steve married the love of his life 7.3.10
in Ft. Worth, Texas
we drove through the night
(after saying bye to bethany and stephen
and picking up cam's tux)
we stopped in OKC to bring mom and david
coffee at work and to stretch our legs.
then made it to Plano with a couple hours to spare.
we headed to the rehearsal & dinner in Ft. Worth
high on 3 red bulls and coffee...
we had a great time with friends
and were so happy to see the cannon family!

best friends...
then saturday we woke up and drove to ft worth again
the ceremony was beautiful
in a lovely catholic church
then we headed to the reception
it was so much fun
the bride and groom's friends are awesome!
laura beth in the dressing room

the groomsmaid and groomsmen and groom

cam, scott, and julie
don't they all look fab?!?!?
me and the caminator

group shot

so sweet :)

oh wow.

the car!!!!!


Leslie said...

HOW did you stay up for that long of a drive?? amazing.

steve said...

that is one hot piece of groom.