Monday, November 17, 2008

Dad came to visit!

Dad came to visit on Thursday.
I picked him up from the airport
then dropped him off at the hotel.
he was beat from traveling all day.
So, Cam and I went to see: Role Model
and it was funny :)
Friday we:
ate breakfast at Mona's downtown
REI flagship
Bike Store
he saw our house
then.... Cherry Creek Mall :)
-Anthropologie (got stuff for Sus!)
-Urban Outfitters
(a couple shirts, a purple cardigan, rug)
(slippers, a few shirts, purple bird shirt, puffy vest, TALL yoga pants)
-Baker's Shoes
(boots, purple shoes on clearance)
I made out like a bandit!
Then we went to eat at our fav Greek place House of Kabob!
ate breakfast at a Creole place: Lucielle's
Saw my work
Then alreayd back to the airport :(
It was a quick but packed weekend!

dad's pilots license
me and dad at house of kabob
i forgot to say it had snowed a couple
inches that morning :)

with pilots license and medical thing

(cam's new shirt from dad)

see ya dec 10th family!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Sus & Gram!

Sus is 24 and Gram is 83! Happy Birthday Girls!

liz and sus in lawerence, ks
sus feeding lindsay cake on sus's wedding day

cute sus

in italy 1998
retainers and glasses

no the beach
how come she's so darn cute?

naked sus :)

g-pa, sus, liz
sanfransisco 1997

sus graduation 2003

lo, sus, liz, lane
Feb 2005
Norman, OK

liz, mom, sus
mother's day 2005

all the cousins
sarah, sus, lane, mare, liz, lo, polly, evy, chris, gram!
South Carolina 2000

gram with a fish SC

we pushed gram out of the raft whitewater rafting
in SC 2000

Gram finding out cousins were
coming to christmas :)

me and gram


Monday, November 10, 2008

"8 more days until my birthday na na na na na na"

It's 3 more days until Sus's birthday. Click on that site to see her travels in India.
I don't post much about her, b/c I just miss her too much and it makes me sad.

There was this home video of her when she was like 4 and standing on the kitchen table in a sweatshirt and underware with an air guitar singing "8 more days until my birthday da na na na na na". I can't really re-create it for you, you just have to watch the video, and some day i will figure out how to get it on here :).

I am feeling better, thanks for all the calls, texts, emails, and comments. It makes me feel great to know people are thinking and praying for me! I am going to call the gyno today to see if i can get in sooner.

Dad comes in to town on Thursday afternoon and I get to go shopping with him! We are going to eat at some great places too! Anthropology and Patagonia (sorry shellie) here we come!!!!

I will post pics later of something :)

Oh... in about 120 pgs in Twilight; i reallllllly like it. And Nov 21, my friend Catie and I are going to see it!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

feelin' better

I seriously have THE best friends and blog stalker friends* EVER!

I got so many emails and comments back after I posted the last post.

It made me feel so good.

Thanks guys!

I am feeling better, just crampy.

I want to read Twilight, but i am bored of being home. But it's a good book so far (first 50 pages :)).

Thanks for all the support!

*leslie and katie

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Liz is a toughy

Yesterday I was out grocery shopping. I started to feel like i had cramps, and the pain was bad, but i blew it off. until i got to the juice aisle. i broke out into a cold sweat and really felt like i was going to pass out. I sat down in the middle of the aisle. in my head i was thinking, well, i have to finish shopping b/c I can't miss these certain sales (in conjunction with my coupons i would be saving a lot of certain items... that's another post later...).

Anyways, i tried to suck it up, and headed to check out. Just to give you a picture of what i looked like, i was hunched over the shopping cart, probably as pale as could be, sweating, and trying to use yoga breathing. Anyways, i got to the front, and had to squat down while the lady was checking my items. This may give you an idea how sick i was: i didn't even ask if she gave me my 5 cents off per bag (i brought my own in). They kept asking me if i needed water or help, and i just said, just hurry i think i'll be better when i get to the car. and one lady asked if i needed help getting to my car so i didnt fall over. and i said yes.

She helped me to the car and put all the groceries in the back. I felt like i should call 9-1-1;
but nurses are really bad patients. and i thought, well maybe i can ride this out (as i was laying down sideways in the car). i hoped no one would come by and think i was dead.
I called cam several times, but he didn't answer.
after who knows how long... 15-20min? i felt like i could at least make it the few minutes home.

So i drove home. I was starting to feel a little better, but in my head was thinking, how in the world will i have a baby without horse tranquilizers?

I laid downstairs and was feeling better, but the abdominal pain was still there. We ate dinner, and I started to get worse. I knew it wasn't a bowel obstruction, but thought it could be appendicitis. But the pain never migrated to the right lower quadrent. Anyways, I had been hurting for about 6 hours, and cam told me to take some rolaids (tropical fruit flavor... SICK). and he said he would give me 1 hour, and if i wasn't better, he was taking me to the ER.
So, i wasn't doing better, i came up, checked out my nursing book, tried to diagnose myself with appendicitis. (and it says if you have pain longer than 4 hours, do something about it...). I hadn't taken a shower in 2 days, and thought, shoot man, if i am gonna have to have surgery, i better shower. At his point the pain was about a 5/10. I called up to work, and asked them what I should do, of course they said go into the ER. I think all your nursing skills leave your head when you are in pain. After the shower the pain was about 7-8/10.

So cam got all his school work to take with him (it was almost 10pm at this point) and we headed to the hospital. Luckily my friend Missy from CCU called the ER and talked to my other friend Laura Ann, and she ended up being my nurse, and they were all ready for me. Pays to have friends that are nurses :).

They poke and prod all around on my belly, i pee in a cup, got 2 liters of fluid (hadn't had anything to drink that day b/c nausea), got some sweet drugs (i really felt totally high), got a CT scan of my belly, and then due to the location of my pain (under belly button but in the middle) i got to get a pelvic exam (just what i always wanted)... after that, they determined i needed a trans-vaginal ultrasound.

They came back and said that I did not have appendicitis! Yeah! I did not want surgery.
BUT... I did have 2 ovarian cysts, 1 on each side... hence the pain across my lower abd. They are hemorrhagic cysts (bleeding occurs within the cyst). I just have to wait it out, then they will rupture, and my body will reabsorb the blood. It will be painful, and they just treat the pain.
And i found out i have a heart shaped uterus, which is fine, and there should be no probs later when i want to have a baby, i am just that much more special.

We got home about 1:45am. And i slept until 11:15 (ahhh!). I had some pain, but once i got around (well, i had to go vote people) it got worse. As i was waiting for my precription to be filled... it was even worse. So, now I am at home, chilling. On strict orders form the charge nurse at work to not do anything, even laundry, and that she would beat up cameron if he gave me beef. So... there ya go. I am scared of the pain when it ruptures, but it will only make me stronger...right? Right now the pain is tolerable... not bad since the one pain pill i took.

The pic below is a normal vs cystic overy. My cysts were about 2cm (about 1 inch...pretty big considering your uterus is about 8-10cm total) on each side... how type A am I that even my cysts match :).

Monday, November 03, 2008

crafty liz

So these pics are all out of order, but oh well.
Halloween Day I set out to recover the chairs.
Odette and Laura (new friend) came over to help!
I pretty much had them do all the work while
I took pics and hung out. Okay,
I did do a lot of work once Odette left.

sara, is it really that funny that we are crafty?
random: purse momma got me

before chair

cam and sara

sara with glasses with lights on them

sara reading the warm fuzzy book, sitting in schnooze's chair

sara wearing lots of cold weather items,
it was like 75* that day

that night: aspen as little red riding hood :)

me and sara, she likes making this face


pic from 10.27 on our way to bday dinner

the chair without the seat BEFORE

odette doing the seat

schnooze guarding the new fabric?

odette and laura

schnooze the chair model,
finished product!

woo hoo!

odette sewing the back part together!

cutting out the seat part

schnooze, cam, me, laura ALL DONE!

finished project!
then saturday night i worked on making these curtains until 1:30am
and that was AFTER the time change....
but had to give it back to her Sunday, so I had to finish!
perfect 1/4" hems i might add :)

i will put ties around the middles later

some pillows i will sew (from the bottoms of the curtains :))