Thursday, June 30, 2011

25 weeks!

can you believe i am 25 weeks?!!?!
that is so freaking crazy!
she's moving around like crazy until someone touches my belly
then she goes into hibernation mode :)
she loves to go to the pool
and that's about the extent of her life so far.

 headed to the pool
*ps i made that skirt*

and i made hazel a matching onesie dress :)
i will do a sewing post later
i have been a little seamstress lately
b/c i want to use all my fabric, and im not sure how much sewing i will feel like doing once she's out.

catch ups

so, here are some catch up pics i needed to post:

 when i came home from running errands this is what i saw
yes, that is schnooze on the front porch
what the heck
she escaped from the backyard
we have since fixed that
 while i was sewing the other day
hans decided to get in his cage by himself
how cute :)
all those fuzzes are when he eats his bed...
 samurai hans
when we put his ears in a hair tie :)
 radishes from the garden!!!
dinner at cuba cuba last night
those are plantain chips with guac and some other sauces
cam had an amazing regular mojito
and i had a virgin blackberry mojito (still delish)
this was a couple weeks ago
a doc at my work has a crawfish boil every year
and we were invited!
it was my first time to have crawfish!
everything was soooo spicy it was crazy, but good.
unfortnately they had these amazing mango rum margaritas to cool your mouth down...
cam's was very tasty!
how to eat a crawdaddy :), by liz cannon.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

24 weeks!!!!

this is crazy!!!! i can't believe it!
we went to the midwife on monday
things look great
and we got our first "official" u/s today.
i will have to upload the couple pics they gave us.
she's perfect,
and yes, her name is:
Hazel Avery!
sorry people, there was no big reveal or anything :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

how bad of a poster am i?

so, friday it was our 5 year anniversary!
can you believe it?
5 years?
that is a long time!!!
remember these:
i was so lucky that i got to be on call from work in the morning.
so cam and i headed to Pajama Baking Co for breakfast.
he had a burrito & i had a biscuit with eggs/bacon/cheese.
(and my new fav. drink in the WORLD sweet tea).
we got to spend a few hours together,
then I got called in
which was fine b/c it was an easy day.
then i came home and cameron had a card for me.
and a "suprise in the fridge"
we open the fridge and there is a CASE
of my other new fav. drink: Arnold Palmers!!!!
inside the card cam said we could go pick out some
jewelry together!!!!!!!! woot woot!
i had been saying that we could combine:
mothers day, anniv, push present, and my bday present
together and get something awesome.
we ate some thai food for a quick dinner,
then he had to go to bed early, and i went to a baby shower.
sorry no pics, but we didn't do ANYTHING.
then saturday he taught the class that has been his vision for so long.
A Forgiveness Class graduate level at DU.
he wrote all the curriculum
and the SUMMER class was FULL!!!!
he is teaching it over 2 long saturdays instead of through the whole summer.
He got great feedback after the first day,
people loved it AND him :) how could they not :).
I am so proud of him.
then he came home and he took me to Sundance at Park Meadows Mall
to pick the gems out:

 i like that it is 3 diamonds
they could stand for:
the obvious: the trinity OR
me, cam, and hazel :)
and these beauties which I LOVE!!!!
it was a weekend chock full of stuff,
but we had a blast!
i am definately exhausted for sure.
we do plan on doing our annual camping trip sometime this summer, but cam has to finish his class first.
i know i also need to post pics from the garden too :)

23 weeks!

23 weeks!
(posted a little late :))

hazel's first time at the pool!!!
she loved it!

Friday, June 10, 2011

last u/s from 6.9.11

so def. watch this one, but there are 4 more videos to watch below.
lauren and i walked down to u/s and had the girls take a peek :)
it's still a girl (yesssss)
and she's moving like crazy.
and my abdominal muscles have split in the middle (normal)
and i do not have an umbilical hernia (like i thought it did)
and she's perfect
and i love her.

more u/s from 6.9.11

ultrasounds from 6.9.11

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

basement re-do

so we had to make some room changes since the baby is coming.
so we had to move the office to the finished side of the basement
and we made the office the nursery
but then, where would we have guests stay?
so we made the unfinished side of the basement kinda finished
and it's now the guest room.
this is the scary before photo

 i had even cleaned it out a lot and it had a semi living area designated.
this is the after:

all the curtains are courtesy of jill
she bought a house and they were hanging in every window
(from ikea and target)
and she didn't want curtains at all, so i got them!
we moved a rug for under the bed.
there are some lamps (used to be upstairs in living room)
and a dresser (from target, used to be in bedroom).
all in all i think it's great.
mom & david stayed there monday night
and said it was pretty cozy!

22 weeks!

i am feeling her move ALL the time
it's the best feeling ever, but oh so weird.
i have been craving/scarfing down
like they are going to take them off the market.
it's a little sad, but at least there's no corn syrup in them :)
we've been working on the yard trying to make it look good
(my friends are throwing me a shower in the backyard in july)
we think we may have to just lay some patches of sod,
b/c as great as the grass seed is, it's just not cutting it in certain areas.
it's been really really nice outside lately
and i have been able to sit and work in the garden and flower beds
without feeling too hot.
what else is new?
mom and david came by on their way out for the semi-annual camping trip, and they also stopped by on their way back home. it was so good to see them, and for them to see my growing belly!
i have been working on the nursery
so hopefully i will get pics of that soon.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

21 weeks

pardon the crazy hair and clothes.
i was fixing the basement up, then running to the store.
(the basement will be a post, hopefully today)

 schnooze is staring longingly at the belly
she cuddles it at night
i am feeling her move a lot now!
esp when i am just getting home from work and resting on the couch
and when i am getting in to bed and reading.
it is the weirdest but coolest feeling ever.
i can't wait til cameron can feel her too!
i can't believe i am over halfway done.
seems really crazy, i feel like i just found out.