Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sophie Rabus, a cute poot!

Yesterday I got to meet Sophie for the first time. At first she was mad, but as the day went on, she was the cutest happiest baby in the world. When I first got to Susanne's parents' house in Loveland, Sophie was HUNGRYYYY!!! So Sus fed her and we just talked and hung out. Then Sophie fell asleep and we went to Schmidt's for lunch. It is a little German place and it was yummy! Then we went to starbuck's and got carmal apple ciders. Sophie was getting hungry or poopy or something and started crying so we went back home. Then, I got to feed Sophie! She is sooooo cute when she eats. Then I burped her (and let me tell you, formula burps are stinky!!!). Then I accidentally taught Soph a bad trick... I was playing with her pacifier and bopping it on her nose and taking it out of her mouth, and then she didnt want to keep it IN her mouth.... I am a badddddd friend. Sophie and I just stared at each other making cute faces. Then, Sus and I got the bright idea to have Sophie ride on Abel's back (the dog). But Abel kept sitting down (he mighta just been mad at us, he's old). So we took sophie's pic while she was sittin, laying, and bothering Abel :). THEN... Sus's dad got home from work, and offered to take me to dinner (this was at the price of missing my online jeopardy quiz yto get on the show, but i figured Sus's family is MUCH more important). So we went to a cute little place in Loveland downtown. Soph was sooo good the whole dinner! Then when we got back to her house, I GOT TO FEED HER AGAIN! But this time she acted like she was dying of hunger.... thank goodness we got the bottle made in time ..... close call. She is just a little pumpkin and I want to steal her (until she cries). This was good enough birth control for me for awhile. I figure once Susanne moves out here, then I can have a baby b/c she will show me what to do :)
PS: we didn't win the $254 million dollar lottery...sorry folks.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am awesome...

I am so awesome...

I am an organizing foo'

This is the organizing craft cart I bought on sale at Target for $20!!! It is filled with plastic drawers labeled for each of Cameron's classes (for papers and such that usually end up on the floor). With this cart, it clears off the desk so Cam can actually open a book on it.
Close up of the cleared off desk.
Far away pic of cleared off desk. The mosquito bobble head on the right of the desk has a story. Cam went to Minnisota to see John Piper speak at his church. Cam went to the mall of america, and the state "bird" is a mosquito, so Cam bought me one :). I also bought the lamp on the right b/c Cam keeps stealing the ones from the living room. The lamp on the left has a burnt out bulb, and we have another one he got at a garage sale and I am always afraid it will shock me... needless to say we still have it, it just has no bulb.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

boring saturday

Well, cam and i didnt do much today. we woke up late (after eating din at emily and matt's then girls winning at cranium then sledding down a dangerous crazy hill). we decided to work out at the Y b/c we are both getting to be fattys (well not really but we feel like it). then cam has studied all day while i tried to knit a hat with circular needles for the second time. it was a really good hat the first time but it was wayyyyy too big. the second time somehow it got all twisted up and it almost made me cry to undo it. so i started a scarf. but my thyroidism has kicked in to full gear and i feel tired all the time and it takes a lot for me NOT to fall asleep on the couch all day. Schnooze is feeling a lot better and she is even jumping around and playing with her toys. wednesday i get to drive to loveland to see my dear friend susanne and her baby girl sophie. cam starts classes on monday. we have a fellowship thing at our house sunday. friday we got our new washing machine and it is as cam would say BALLS! in less than 2 weeks the cannons are flying us to Plano to see them all for LeaAnn's bday!!!
My dear cousin (who taught me how to make scambled eggs in the microwave when we were wee) inquired how to make sushi at home... so i will try and tell you.
#1 you need sticky rice (whole foods or organic store has it in bulk) when you make this sticky rice you better look on the internet... it's complicated and takes a long time
#2 seaweed wraps
#3 salmon or eel or tuna or shrimp tempura
#4 avocados, carrots, cucumbers, egg omlet, cream cheese
#5 rice vinegar is key, so rice doesnt stick to your hands
#6 bamboo rollers
#7 lay the wrap flat on the roller, put some rice and other goodies in it, roll it up, chpo it in bite size rolls :)
#8 very difficult, you probably need to be with someone who has done it before... but it is super fun and a great entertaining thing!!!
you would also need soy sauce and wasabi, and sake or japanese beer! and when you buy the seafood, you gotta make sure it's sushi quality, you dont want to get diarrhea on your first time!!! jsut come to denver and we will give you a free lesson!!!
We are going to the bar with steve... peace out.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday Schmensday

Today I have a class from 12-2:30 or something, and it's all about EMar. EMar is scanning a patient's armband and then scanning a medication. It basically prevents errors. The class is so long b/c old people don't get computers. Young people however will do fine. Anyway, Cam had to go to school to study for his final, boo. Schnooze is doing well guys, just to let you know, she seems back to her old self again. Although we do have to feed her 5x a day and give her medications 2x a day. Anyway.... tonight will be fun though. After the class, Emily and I are going to While Foods to buy stuff for sushi tonight. We are gonna start making it early, b/c the rice takes like an hour to cook. We made sushi before and it was so much fun, but now we are making it at our house... WITH ALL THE NEW SUSHI STUFF sus and chris got us for christmas!!!! Keep praying for my thyroid, it's scaring me. I know it's probably not, but I feel like it's smooshing my throat closed... I don't go to the doc til I dont know 2 weeks or something.

Also, you know how I got hit... WELL... we thought we would screw the system and keep the money since the cars not THAT bad... oh don't worry, the estimate was only like $160... woo hoo... So we will still get it fixed :).

My cousin bought a house yesterday, and it's so cute... ( I want to live in a house :(.

My sister is awesome, and now she works mornings.... I hope she doesn't fall asleep and all the kids run loose and go crazy :).

I think my mom doesn't have electricity... she has not contacted me since the ice storm.

My friend and her little baby boo are flying into Denver today, and I can't wait!!! I finally get to pinch those little butt cheek (Sophie's, not Sus's).

My friend that I worked with at Deaconess (chrissy boyd) is doing traveling nursing in Denver... and she's living in Littleton (close to me), so I am pumped. She was in the sorority with me, then i quit and thought she hated me, but she didn't think I liked her, and in Nursing school we realized we both liked each other.... and so now we are friends :). Crazy I know. But she's cool!

My other cousin said it was below freezing in SoCal (do i sound cool because i said socal?)... Isn't it supposed to be like 70 there???

We met some cool people Michael and Lisa and they are from MI, and they sing and play guitars and keyboards, and they record music and make CDs.... at some point i will tell you their story, but they are way cool and remind me of me and Cam :).

I love you all, thanks for reading my blog!

This is schnooze's little wrap from her IV. This is where she was shaved and Cam gave her a tattoo so she would look tough.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Poor Schnoozy

Oh Man... lots of crazy things going, but I will try to fit them all in.
#1 my cousin Lane makes me so jealous ( just read it. My other cousin Lauren flipped a house, and it's the coolest (

#2 I have been sick for about 5 days coughing, sneezing, headache, grossness, and don't worry i sneezed so hard yesterday morning, i strained a muscle in my back. How embarrassing. Seriously. I went to the Dr. today and he told me some stretches to do, and gave me some Tylenol #3 (which is the only pain meds i have ever had in my life) (it's weird).

#3 Yesterday Schnooze didn't feel well, and threw up in the morning. Cam took her out to pee, and then we left for church. We came home to 2 big poops and a diarrhea spot. Then throughout the day she got worse. Throwing up more and more, and a few diarrheas, one we caught in time to get her out, the other explosive and on the kitchen floor. More throw up and more diarrhea later, we moved her to the bathroom with her bed and 2 rolls of paper towels. It started to get scary, b/c I knew she was dehydrated. But worse of all, it was getting bloody, and pretty bloody i might add. So we started looking for Emergency Vets and how much that would be. We called and talked to a tech who said we should probably bring her in and it would be $95 for the visit (which didn't seem SOOOOO bad).
We get there and poor little thing was so pitiful I almost was crying. They said she probably had some bacteria called HCG and it was VERY treatable, but she needed to stay the night and get and IV of fluids and some anti-nausea meds, then in the morning take her to our regular vet.
Well it was hard to leave my little baby, but she was in good hands. I didn't sleep at all last night, b/c I kept waking up thinking about Schnooze. We picked her up this morning and she seemed to be back to her old self. We dropped her off at the vet and she is getting more IV fluids and making sure she can hold down food and water, and we will get her later today!

#4 Crazy drunk lady (who come to find out was 8x the legal limit... no biggy right..yeah whatever) who hit my car, STILL has never contacted back her insurance, and so they are finally gonna come look at our car to see when we can get it in or whatever. And they said they would call todya before they came, but yet gave us no time frame. So annoying. I told them to call back at 3pm, but Cam still isnt back yet...AHH!

#5 Cam's parents are flying us to Plano for Momma Lea Ann's birthday!!! It will be the first weekend in Feb! Cool huh?

#6 Uncle Kim & Derek are the rockingest uncles ever and their wedding present to us is a new washing maching. our old one smells like burning belts everytime we wash :). It is coming Friday!!!!

#7 that is all i can think of. My head hurts so I will go lay down. Miss you!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My husband is so smart!!!

Cameron told me yesterdaythat he got his grades back...while his face was beaming! Let me first tell you what the grading scale is 93-100 is an A. He made all A's (5) and (1) B-!!!!!! Totalling 15 hours of Graduate school! Aren't you so proud of him! Way to go Cameron!
He also has today, tomorrow, and Friday left of his intersession class!!!!

Thyroid business suckaaaaaas

So, first off let me say that I AM FINE! Here is a little story about a thyroid. I went to the doctor for a check-up. She felt my thyroid and said it felt a little big. She wanted me to get some blood work done (TSH and T4) and get an ultrasound of my thyroid. So, the next day I was able to get the ultrasound, and the U/S tech said I DID NOT have a goiter, but it didn’t look smooth (which it’s supposed to). Anyway, that was Thursday, and the tech said their radiologist would read the report that day and have it faxed to my dr’s office by Friday afternoon. Of course I worked Friday, and was worried all day long about having cancer or something else??? So, my good old friend at the hospital said… well why don’t you just call the Dr’s office and have them call you at work!! GREAT IDEA! Now, why didn’t I think of that? Anyway, they said Dr. Barton would call around 5:00-5:30pm. So I am of course awaiting the call the whole time. She calls and says I have a multi-nodular thyroid and my TSH was a little on the high side (which really means I have hypothyroidism… seems weird I know) (my lab was 6.something… normal is 0.4-4). She said I need to see an endocrinologist. So I made an appt but I can’t get in until the 30th…boo. Anyway, a multi-nodular thyroid means some areas are working overtime, and some aren’t working at all. Which promotes a GOITER…AHHHH! So really at anytime a goiter could pop up. Susanne said she would put little bows on it and dress it up, Angie said we could paint it in themes…like a pumpkin, an Easter egg, a witch’s wart… whatever. Anyway, I should be okay, unless a goiter pops up and closes my trachea shut. But I think I would notice not being able to breath.

On another note… I had my interview a week ago on Wednesday, and well… it went fine, but I didn’t get that feeling about the hospital that I have with others. I just didn’t really like it. It’s 11 miles away (Swedish is 2), it’s under a lot of construction, if there was another snow disaster I would have to stay the night there b/c my house is too far away, and the big kicker, I’d end up having to pay $1000 just to transfer (my sign on bonus was $5000 at Swedish, if I get $7000 from new job taxed, it’s only $4000 that I actually receive… so in turn before I get my tax return I have to pay $1000 to Swedish…. So that was a big kicker). It kind of sucks a lot, b/c I want to work on a cardiac floor so badly and I feel like I am losing a lot of knowledge about the drugs and heart and whatnot. BUT… I think for the time being, even though I will have to start wearing a uniform soon, I will stay at Swedish but keep my options open. I technically have to endure 13 more months…BOO…but I do have a few really good friends there.

On a much cooler happier note… my friend Emily invited me to go on this thing called a snowshoeing hut to hut trip. You basically strap on some snow shoes and trek for a while and end up at a hut (it’s all furnished with beds, mattresses, and a stove, and bathroom), we just have to bring a sleeping bag, food, and clothes!!! Super cool huh? I am pumped! It’s at the end of March… so cool!!!!

And, of course for the 4th snow storm on Dec/Jan… I will be at work AGAIN. The third one, they did not call a disaster, and this one they shouldn’t either. They are saying the snow will start Thursday afternoon, snow Friday, and Saturday, about 3-4” everyday MAX! So we should be in business. Susanne and Mike are supposed to come in they don’t get snowed out! I can’t wait to see little Sophie-bee!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More snow...again

Well, let me just say, it has been a wild ride! I worked Christmas day, and it really wasn't that bad. I worked with some great people, and ate some great food (and lots of it). Meanwhile at the house.... Cameron and Steve were having manly McXmas. They didn't wake up until late b/c they had sledded in the middle of the night, played Xbox, and other boyish things. Christmas day they did more of the same. When I got home, they had planned a terrific dinner for me. Duck, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, etc. It was yummy! The next day Cam and I ran errands and saw a movie! I had to go back to work on the 28th (thursday)... and wouldn't you be so happy to know that I got stuck in the Snow Disaster Plan AGAIN>>>AHHH. But, it wasn't as bad as last time, and the snow wasn't coming down as hard. I convinced the boss to let me drive home b/c we have chains and we only live 2 miles away. I basically had to sign in blood that I would return Friday. Which I did without problem. The system ended up working me.... long story, but i worked several hours on friday, was able to go home, but had to come back for saturday and sunday. Anyway, it was crazy, and I was so glad to come home to a SUPER CLEAN house (by cam) on Sunday night. We had lots of people over for new years eve, and used the balcony with snow still piled high on it as our ice chest!!!! We ate, drank, and were very merry!!!! I slept in until 11:00... a record for me since highschool i think!!! The snow is still really deep, but all roads are completely clear except apt complexes and things like that. Today is a great day, Cameron started school again (not so great, but it puts him in a routine), i got all the paperwork and finances in order, i finally got a dr's appt (just a checkup), and i FINALLY got the courage up to make an appt for a haircut... it is at 4pm today!!! Tomorrow we will finally get our car registered in CO and get CO plates, and at 2pm I have an interview at St. Joseph's hospital, Cardiac Unit!!!! I also have today, tomorrow, and Thursday off of work, so I am pumped!!!! It has been super cold outside, and I don't think the snow will ever melt. I love the snow, but am getting a little tired of every patient I have having a broken hip/leg/head from falling on the snow/ice. I am sorry I didn't blog sooner, but well, you know...? Hopefully Progressive will call us soon saying they spoke to the drunk driver who hit me, and I will be able to get the car fixed up shiny and new!!!!! Until then.... here are some snow pics!