Friday, August 31, 2012

Not a happy baby

Yeah- so this is what happens when I take my phone away from the baby...


Not a great pic- but the curtains I made for the living room picture window!!

Pool party

Dr Warner- one of our ICU intensivists had a pool party for the ICU nurses/staff! It was kinda cloudy and Rainy- but we got in the water anyway. We even got to walk to the stables and see the horses! Thanks dr w! Hazel also got to see on of her boyfriends- Corbin!


Hazel went to see Cailly and Dewey! She met him when she was 1 month old- but this time got to ride him!!! We met our friend heather and her 2 kids Ella and Lilly there too! Lilly and hazel were having some deep convos- they are only 1.5 mo apart in age :) thanks Cailly we had a blast!!

Mountain sun

We went to mountain sun in boulder to eat with Cameron's intern buddies- we had a blast! Hazel was playing with a menu plastic frame and smooshed her face up to it- I almost died I was laughing so hard!!!

My cute baby

Look at that face
That hair
That outfit
Kills me

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Our new & stained front door!!!!

11 months

Oh hazel- how big you have gotten!!!! You really are all grown up! Things you are doing:
Rolling so so fast everywhere!!!!!!
Eating big girl food more and more!
Clapping, waving, patty cake, peek-a-boo.
Taking steps when we hold you up.
You loveeeee the water- swimming or bath time!
Talking so so much- saying mama. Dada, pointing to things.
When asked where something is you point at it and are right sometimes. You have little convos with us- but we have no idea what you are saying.
You love dogs!
You love fans!
You love other kids- and love going to autumns house.
Big news!!! At the end of sept momma gets to go part time and be with you 1 more day a week!!!! I can't wait.
You have been "dancing" mainly using your arms!
You like "the office" and "yo gabba gabba".
You are just a happy happy baby and people keep saying that!
You also have a "fat kid" laugh and I love it so much!
You got to see susu and lala & uncle Jess this month!
In just 1 short month it will be your bday- how is that possible?
I Love you more than words!


So cute


Painting for daddy's office


Don't know what she is eating - but it's cute!!


Saw this on our front porch!

My baby

I love this carrot face

Banana slug

Sus's quote for the day, "you can't save them All Liz!"

The giving tree

Like a Phoenix that rises up from the ashes....

Our hike

Tough hike - but worth it!


The beauty of it all- went on a late evening hike to the water. Then a hike in the woods!

Water water everywhere

Sus and I jumped in the super cold water- for dad of course!!!!