Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i am hot

check em out
  • going to a Trauma Conf. in Breck
  • (that's what the cool kids call breckenridge, co)
  • it is for 2.5 days
  • i am excited b/c i am going with cool people
  • but bummed b/c i won't have any time off this week
  • i work last thurs/fri/sat
  • had off sun
  • i worked mon/tues
  • then conf wed-fri
  • then work sat/sun/mon
  • off tues
  • work wed/thurs
  • but but but but but
  • some rich old people at our church have a house in:
  • Winter Park, CO and invited about 10 of us 'kids'
  • to go play for the 4th of July weekend
  • AND AND AND AND i picked up 2.5 extra shifts at work for:
  • DOUBLE TIME PLUS a $500 bonus.
  • but
  • money does NOT = happiness...
  • i am a grump without
  • my usual 4 days off
  • ask cam
  • pics to come soon...
  • esp of my FIRST tomato
  • it was sooo tasty being plucked off
  • the little vine, straight down the gullet :)
  • without pesticides and hormones

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sushi Den

our trip to sushi den
for our anniversary dinner
happy 2 years us

the dress cam picked out
for me for a present
from target :)
notice no SLING?
his arm is doing a little bit better!

he CHOSE to marry ME

we got:
1. edemame
2. veggie tempura
3. clear soup
4. this pictured above:
sashimi red snapper with
japanese peppers (not hot)
and a citrus sauce
5. house roll/rock n roll
6. banana cream pie

the house roll
eel and avacado

left: house roll
right: rock n roll:
smoked salmon and cream cheese

Mean Jurene Martini
don't remember what's in it
but it was sooooooo tasty!
(and it matches my dress)

i could be in a commercial for martinis
(notice how i still have my ironman watch on?)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

more of two great things

i walked into the house after work and saw these:

Last pm at the Botanical Gardens in Denver
with katie and becky
amy and emily
this pic was taken 3 seconds before i yelled:
in honor of Sus Jones Kramer
who yelled that a couple concerts ago
we were gonna tell people Amy yelled back:
"I love you too Elizabeth"

they let us bring awesomely large picnics
and wine :)
we had an aray of items:
blue cheese stuffed olives, choc covered walnuts,
salmon spread with pita chips,
cheese and crackers, black bean salsa,
cherries, honeydew, white and red wine :)

it was becky's and katie's first indigo concert

the moon
the weather was prob 60's

when it was still light out
Ferron and Bitch opened, they were okay.
the Girls sang only for about 1.5 hours... boo
but it was a good concert
with a great atmosphere
VERYYYYYYY different from IG concerts in OKLA
VERYYYYY different (in a good way)

us right when we got there and made our picnic

anniv pics to follow shortly

just being silly (not drunk)
with bro-in-law and sis in back ground
sus actually said she and chris were
at this point in time :)

my 'maids keeping their pits dry
sus (with sophie in the oven), laura, sus

i LOVE that dress,
too bad I can't wear it ALL the time

...and they lived happily ever after in Denver

Monday, June 16, 2008

2 great things in 2 days!

well, i am trying to add more pix, but the computer won't let me
so i will do more later.
Yesterday was the Indigo Girls concert :)
and today it:
Our 2nd Anniversary!!!
Here are some wedding pics from 6.17.06
(by elyse mecozzi & matt miller)

my all time fav pic EVER
i look like a serial killer
singing: power of two
by none other than: the indigo girls :)
at the wedding ceremony


more back

-today i walked in the house after working

and extra shift (6 hour for DOUBLE TIME PAY!)

and there was 1 dozen red roses in a vase

on the table for me :).

and tonight we are going to the sushi den for dinner!

pics to follow of the indigo concert and anniv!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


see 2 new posts below this one
I was tagged by Lane,
and because I love her so much,
I am taking a couple of minutes
to share random things about my life:
1.) What was I doing 10 years ago?
Summer after my sophomore year in HS
went on a 10 day long backpacking
trip with Dwight Mission to
Pagosa Springs, CO
and met Erin Ogden
(who i happened to re-meet in CO 2 yrs ago
and now we are buds!)
2.) 5 things on my to do list today
a. look for rental houses... see below post
b. buy a new watch...
my old one didn't like the salt water
but it said it was water resistant to 100m???
c. mail father's day cards
d. blog about mexico
e. clean carpet with new $5 bissel
carpet cleaner thing from a
garage sale (lady only used it once)
3.) Snacks I enjoy
a. chips, salsa, queso, guac with
black bean chips kettle brand
b. ice cream (pistachio or cinnamon buns)
c. hummus (shout out to Lo)
d. popcorn
e. beef jerky
4.) Things I'd do if I was a millionaire?
a. tithe
b. save a lot for retirement/kids college
c. pay off school debt
d. buy a house in a cute area
e. fix that house up and buy cool stuff for it
f. take family on cool trips
g. give some away to people to pay off their debt
h. buy a subaru and a wrangler
5.) Places I've lived?
Oklahoma: Broken Arrow, Lawton, Edmond, Norman
Texas: Ft. Worth, Houston
Colorado: Denver
Okay, girls, your turn. I'll look forward to
reading your answers so get on it. I tag:
everyone who reads this

rental house suckas

*more posts below*
we got the cute rental house today!!!
I didn't take pics inside, but here is the outside

1. big porch

2. 1 car garage

3. hardwood floors throughout (minus basement)

4. basement 50% finished

5. so since the basement isn't fully finished they can't call the finished part a bedroom,

but there is a huge one down there, so we get a 3br for the price of 2!!!!

6. tons tons tons of storage

7. fenced in yard with a doggy door :)

8. hooks on porch ceiling for swing

9. 1 block away from DU

10. we can ride our bikes to many places including Stella's

11. out of the ghetto

12. close to lots of shops (and target)

13. built in 1925

14. bathroom being re-done

15. really cute cabinets, some of which are those really cute old timey metal ones

16. porcelain one piece sink with the dish dryer type thing on the side... i don't know how to explain it, but it's cute! with yellow tile backsplash :)

17. washer/dryer hookups

18. did i mention SO MUCH STORAGE

19. big living room (for fellowship groups??)

20. big driveway for our many cars :) jk, but at least we dont have to fight for parking spots

21. recycling!!

22. i can have a compost!!!!

23. probably more things, but i am too excited to think!

24. yeah!

we move in july 8th (but really, we will move in after we get back from OKLA... july 11th

but we don't have to be out of this apt unti lthe 26th, so we will take our time!

Mexico or Bust

Mexico June 2008
We woke up at 3am 5/31/08
headed to the airport
cam was super super sick
(barfy and in a lot of pain)
but we made it thru security
got some breakfast (cam ate 2 bites of a biscuit)
and then he got some drugs in him
we landed in Dallas, and had a wheelchair waiting for us.
we rode those little golf cart type things
to our next gate.
cam was feeling a bit better
we got some food, and then asked if there was
any chance we could pay to be moved to first class
the guy said there was no seats available.
then our name gets called overhead
the guy asks for our boarding passes
and says: here are your new ones
without thinking i walked away, then looked down at them:
3E and 3F FIRST CLASS!!!
I went to tip the guy, and he was GONE.
So here is our first class experience

tons of spacious room
(i could cross my legs in the seat)
his cranberry juice in a GLASS
warm towels to clean our hands

WARMed mixed nuts

us in first class

my little bitty glass of wine :)

my poasched salmon on a bed of greek salad

with brie and crackers

we landed in cancun
and waited for the rest of our party
we then took a bus to the ferry
and the ferry to the island
then taxis to the hotel
we were SICK of traveling
this is the ferry

then we brought our bags to the room

very cute

and walked down to the beach

where there was a huge long table set up for our 21 person party

and we didnt even have to order, it was all brought to us

avacado soup (sooo good)

fish wrapped in banana leaves

and coconut ice cream (yummo)

then the cousins headed to the bar

and toasted the island with a shot of tequila

the bartender Jesus

poured the tequila with a scorpion in it

then ATE it!!!!!!!!!!!

DAY 2 (camera was getting condensation)

view from our balcony

alec drinking the coconut milk
he extracted from a coconut on the beach

the coconut meat and nilk
anna (12) and carly beth (6)

carly beth buried as a mermaid

leigh michael (4)
before dinner that night

on Mima's porch

cameron (24), liz (26), alec (12)

anna (12), leight michael (4), carly beth (6)

earlier that day LM and i were playing dora
the explorer and there was a baby goat on the game.
L: "what do goats eat?"
LM:" grass"
L:"they also eat trash and clothes and tin cans"
at dinner:
frederick (her dad):"look what you taught my child"
see above pic
L:"what are you doing?!?!?!"
LM:"i'm a baby goat and I eaat trash"
with a napkin hanging out of her mouth

kristin (26), cameron

kristin is cameron's uncle (bill's) daughter

bill and david (cam's dad) are bros

the hugest shrimp i have ever seen

gangsta cousins


carla and chris

taking a tour of the island on golf carts

golf cart gang

cam and alec
mari (25), becky (her mom and david's sister), mima
we saw a cage with a shark
and you could get in and pet it
cameron has a HUGE FEAR of sharks
but he put his toe in the water

the shark
fred (david's youngest brother), his wife kaye,
aunt becky
(5 people rode bikes instead of carts)

PRETENDING to ride a bike

kristin (26), her hubby chad (30)

view from my "bed" on the beach
kristin, emi (29), carla
(carla and kristin are sisters)
mima and cameron
leigh michael with choc ALL over
pizza and game night

3 bros:
cameron, blake, alec

we played dirty santa
and casey (17, carla's son, carly beth's bro)
won this elephant purse
we lounged around all day
cameron was too sick to leave the room

italian dinner


fett. alfredo
only 98% say it's amazing... why not 100%?
blake and i shared pizza and lasagna
then went out with the cousins to a bar

emi, mari (emi and mari are sisters), kristin
they all went to a soccer camp
but couldn't remember the name of it for like 30 minutes
then all of a sudden Mari yells out:
we all laugh then she immediately yells:
it was sooooooo funny

me and emi
mari, liz, emi, kristin

with our to-go cups of margaritas

(these cups were in mimas room for breakfast

and we had our names on them so we could re-use them)

(we used them as to-go cups to and from dinner)

what were we doing?


a dog in a bikini at the hotel

cam was feeling much better
dinner day 5

david, Lea Ann, cameron, liz

alec, blake

lea ann and david

leigh michael and liz

before dinner we got together to watch the sunset

and carla gave cards with

massage gift certificates to

Mima and Becky for doing all this!

mima already crying :)
mari to accupuncture of kaye for her wrist pain
at dinner: 2 for 1 margaritas
aren't they pretty?
kaye and fred
cam and lea ann

the fire spinner guy


snorkeling without cam :(
david and brother fred
(david's cheesy smile is just for me)

lea ann's sunglasses broke (earpiece fell off)

and i caught her sleeping

but as soon as i was about to take the pic, she woke up

no the boat heading to snorkle
on our way to dinner
liz and mari
in the hammock

dinner at sunset

wearing the dress dad bought me

(me and sus have the same one)

carly beth listening to her

ipod: hannah montana

after the group family pic
in one pic mima is holding her brookhaven, ms newspaper
and if you take a pic like that
you get to be in the paper ;)


mari and i were laughing about
this little bitty bottle of olive oil juice or something
it was just soooo small

being liz

(do you love the jones family double chin)

(the sprite spilled right after this)


cute little injured couple
our hugeeeeee mojitos
studly blake
squid stewed in their own ink

cameron nicknamed mari


mari=from california


calimari= squid


  • we had so much fun despite the heat and humidity and sand
  • but we were def. glad to be back home
  • in the 70* weather with a nice mountain breeze.
  • monday we looked for rental houses,
  • and i think o have a hit off a cute yellow one
  • with a big porch and garage
  • we go see it at 2pm (wish me luck)
  • 2219 Williams Street, Denver, CO
  • 3 blocks from DU's campus (SWEET SASSY)
  • i worked yesterday and then this whole weekend
  • TUESDAY= our 2 years anniv :)

to see more pics (all)