Wednesday, December 31, 2008


one of my best (and oldest-as in known her the longest) friends told me a secret mid december, but it's finally out in the open!
She's fat! or soon to be!
Cheers laura and andy!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

take that katie

and they are... but in her post her sister talks about a
closet full of collars.... oh boy.

lane, liz, sus, and lauren
and of course i would be posing.
check out sus's size 300 undies...

Playing catch up

Tons and tons of things have happened since I posted last!

this is the before pic: odette still pregnant, brian not pregnant.
*taken 12.18.08 about 3pm-ish
me and ody before
*i was the fake doula... I helped count, and take pics!
It was so amazing! just incredible! thanks ellises.
I will let them post the after picture,
but Brett Andrew Ellis was born:
12.18.08 1643
7lbs 5oz 20inches long

Then Steve, cam's bff, and my little brother, had to go and fall in love with a girl from Dallas,
so this was his going away dinner at Spicy Basil Wednesday night. He is in Texas now, and we will miss him. I will miss him being my annoying but sweet brother.
patrick and katie

patrick, katie, steve, becky

me and aspen,
for some reason she just doesn't really love steve,
but i think she realized he was moving, and got sad.
me, cam, and steve, no wonder Laura Beth loves him so much,
who can resist those dimples....

Team Cobra

Steve and Erin

aspen DOES love steve!
she's giving kisses :)
watch out LB!


Cam's shoulder

staples, and smaller scar!

this was at steve's going away party, got misplaced..
wes (doing really well), matt, kimel, erin, and cam

I went home from the 10th-14th

sus and ben!!!

matt and courtney
(step-bro and his gf)

me and lo

saturday night at mom's for david's bday!
matt and court

david and momma

brad giving ben some coffee.... maybe it will calm him down?!?!?!?

david dancing around b/c he blew all his candles out in one breath!

there he goes!
the cake was a "fake eclaire" made by courtney

saturday lunch with laura and andy
ate with sus at Saturn Grill
we're so cute

don't know?
but this reminds me of this one pics when we were in college and we went to walmart in the sunglasses section and put on the craziest sunglasses and took pics, i will try to find it later :)
miss you LAHF.
saturday at dad's work, checking out his new equiptment
*check out the danger signs...
sus pretending to get her hair caught in the machine!


dad explaning the machines

again over and over, i think you might want to use caution!

Maggie and Dad

me, dad, and sus!

in his puma track suit

brad hates this hat for ben, but I LOVE IT!

sus and gram
i dont know if you can see her hat, but it's the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life its kinda newsy like. Sus got it for her at Collective Thread in OKC, made by NoraIvy!

I am like a GIANT!

No pics of this but Thursday I ate lunch with sus, josh, and lindsay at The Wedge, soooo good! Thanks Josh and Lindsay for your house to stay in 2 nights!!!!!!

Then me and sus shopped with grandpa, then ate at the melting pot! Thanks grandpa for a great day and awesome company and for your house one night!

Friday we hung out with susanne, sophie, and elsie view pictures here. we ate at Ted's... YUMMY!!!!!

then hung out with lo and ben,

then went to gram's for dinner!

It was a great trip home!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm bacccckkkkkk...

-i am home from okla
-it was fun
-i came back to -17* weather, fun.
-that was cold
-i worked the past 3 days
-steve is moving to ft worth tomorrow :(
-dinner at thai place for him tonight
-odette is having a baby boy tomorrow
-taking pics for that
-work christmas party tomorrow
-cameron's familia comes saturday
-so busy
-almost christmas
-posts and pics about okla to follow

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

cameron's bling

He has been resting all day,
which is really hard for him to do.
So, cameron, we are all proud of you!
no sling this time,
but restriction on weight for 10 days,
he can only lift the equivilent of
a coffee cup.

he can shower and take off the bandage tomorrow!
hey look at me, i am drugged and playing
video games :)
he borrowed stephen's Xbox :)
thanks stephen!
and some of brian's games!
thanks brian!

the plate and 4 screws.
they sterilized them for him, and put
them in this handy dandy package.
cam wants to wear them as a necklace.
that's weird.
on a side note:
wes our friend who had all the bowel probs before,
had to have emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction. his small bowel got twisted up, and he had surgery sunday, he is doing well, and should be out of the hospital late this week. thanks to becky, his girlfriend, he has not been in such a bad mood. last time he was in the hospital, i asked if he wanted to walk or had that day, and he told me he wouldnt be my friend when he got out of the hospital. i had ot remind him of that when he was out and better, he didn't remember :).
anyways, throw some prayers out for him as well as cam for a quick recovery!
oklahoma tomorrow!!!!!!

odette's shower!

Odette's shower at:
it was so cool!

bethany and liz
with our fancy drinks.
don't worry... mine had a fly in it.
julie and macy with will

brian (the dad), cameron, stephen

stephen, lily-kate, mary, osette, sara, dara, jacob

steve bowling

brian bowling

getting a high five from sara

or a fist bump!

she was being soooo silly!

little crocheted socks made by mary
and there is a little elephant button on them :)

home depot gift cards! score!
they want to redo his room :)
his = brett andrew (unborn)

This is what i made odette:
an embroidered onesie

a kangaroo

turn your head to the left
it's the back of the onesie

up close and personal with the onesie.

she loved them!!!

i was planning on making more, but they kinda took too long... and i ran out of time. and before i know it, brett will be like 15 years old and i would still owe him a couple more onesies.