Friday, April 27, 2007

I miss this girl

This is sus, in between me and cameron.
This was about midnight on the night she got back from Honduras 2 summers ago.
We are wearing shirts that proclaim how much she loves veggies (they didn't eat them down there, and once sus even cooked gram's amazing green bean recipe for her household, and only one lady ate them just to be nice).
I miss this girl so terribly mucho.
I keep trying to convince her that living in CO would be the best thing of her life, but somehow she has other plans... like living with her husband or something. I mean geesh, he could live in CO too. What's the big deal?
I love my sister, she's so cool.

po po

I got pulled front of the seminary....

It was embarassing.

I didn't make the illegal turn I usually do off the highway into the school to pick up cameron.
But I did go the correct way, but ran the stop sign in the parking lot (which is stupid anyhow, noone ever is in the Hudson Garden P-lot esp in cold weather).
But that is besides the point, he pulled me over, wouldn't let cameron get in the car, but was very nice, and did not give me a ticket.
But i have to live with all of cam's friends making fun of me for getting stopped with flashing light in front of the freakin seminary.

Way to go Liz.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fellowship Group

Me being silly (liz aka slambitch/slambiotch/slam's biotch)
some guy, steve (aka the eXtreme), Kevin, and Wes

JD (john david hortel aka the incinerator), katie (aka punch face), andy (lives next door to us), cam (aka slamcake), patrick (aka spiritual chocolate)

So, we have this fellowship group from church (fellowship denver)(it's the first church i've ever felt at home at)(people i guess are done being fake, and they are real and normal...well if you count me normal)
We drink beer and make vulgar remarks, but we love God!
We meet every other sunday evening at our house, but we changed it up a little b/c it was supposed to be super nice sunday, so we went to Wash Park at 4pm. well, the weathermen lie, and it was cloudy and coldish.

Anyway, Cam and Steve came up with these nicknames. One time (in an old post) they ran a 10K. They said at one point they needed to make shirts and on the back they needed nicknames. Steve came up with the Extreme, and Cameron came up with Pancake.... well at some point he decided that was not manly enough, so he changed it to Slamcake. Then JD wanted to be in on this... but cam and steve were wary of letting anyone in team cobra (by the way, they ARE team cobra... and yes they have a handshake... it's like making your hand like a cobra and the other person does an upside down cobra, and they touch and make a hissing sound), since they were so nervous about letting anyone in Team Cobra, they made JD their intern...and called him The Incinerator.
Well, then nicknames were all the rage in fellowship group, and katie wanted one, but cam named her punchface.... i don't know why bc she's probably the nicest person in our group. But then people thought i should be slam's bitch, but i just shortened it to slambiotch. names started rolling off people's tongues like: spiritual chocolate... and i don't know.
It's all very crazy.

Wes: leader of the group; goes to denver seminary; starbucks employee; grad of OU; brother-in-law pastor and 1 of 3 founders of fellowship denver; very southern...from hobert
Spencer: pilot, leads the group a lot
Cam(slamcake): student at denver seminary; fellowship at our house
Liz (slambiotch): Nurse; fellowship at our house
Patrick (spiritual chocolate): student at denver seminary; starbucks employee; from wash dc
Katie(punchface): graduating from DU in less than a month with some type of social work thingy; cooks like emeril; went to John Brown in AK
Lauren(larrrrren): Goes to DU for social work; went to JB in AK
Steve (the eXtreme): Grad of OU; from tulsa; sells software to insurance agencies
JD (the incinerator): rides his bike everywhere; works at REI flagship; works at a coffee shop; is gonna work in the city as a bike peddler... biking people around on carts; from Ohio
Jenna: works at some rich chinese dude's ranch with their horses; nanny for chinese family
Ashley: about to grad nursing school CU, from AK, got a job on days at a hospital there
Lisa: in a band with her hubby; from OK went to ORU for a bit; has habib the dog
Michael: in a band with his wifey; from Tulsa; went to north texas for a while; went to michigan for a while; led worship at Mars-Hill for awhile with wifey; has habib the dog
Kevin: runs this prostate freezing company in CO
Our group is unique!
And cool!
sorry if i missed anyone.

Beaver Brook

A lowly purple flower in the side of the mountain of dead leaves
I'm a poet and didn't know it ;)
This doesn't look steep, but let me tell ya... wooo eee

Cam and Schnoozeberry

Where we took a wine and cheese and cracker picnic by the babbling brook (to the right). It was actually really cold and I wish I had worn gloves and a hat. Then it started raining :(.

THE babbling brook. We will go again in the summer, b/c then we could play in the brook.

Me. That jacket is a $200 jacket Cam found for me at the REI garage sale for $30. So REI has this amazing return policy no questions asked, no matter how long you have had the prodcut. what they do with all those returns is 4 times a year they have a garage sale and mark things down extremely low. this jacket's zipper hsd been getting a little hard to go up and so the chick returned it (and probably got herself a new one) and I saved $170 on a #1 rated jacket. It's waterproof and windproof! Sometimes at the sale there are things people merely tried on and bought then decided they didn't want anymore. Cam got a brand new pair of hiking boots for $15 that are normally $150. We got snowshoes for $80 that are normally $160 that had been worn once. The only catch, you have to be a member (a one time $15 fee). You also get dividends back at the end of the year... 1% of everything you've bought. That's cool too! We love REI!
Anyway, back to the babbling brook. We decided to go on a whim, and left saturday afternoon, drove 20 minutes, saw a buffalo, hiked on this trail (which blind people can go on... they have signs in braille and a cable that leads them down), had a picnic, came home, showered, and ate dinner at OLIVE GARDEN. man i love that dang place. and i love italian margaritas!!!!
I forgot to say we have been searching for a recycle cener forevers, and we finally found a can bank... we had 2 1/2 trash bags full of cans, and made $1.75!!!!!
We also cleaned out the closet, and had 15 walmart bags plus a trash bag (i ran out of trash bags) and 2 pairs of shoes and some coats!!! we donated it in one of those clothing donation boxes by the grocery store. (they have those in norman in case you okies need one). it felt good to purge!
Also a bummer of a deal: May 15th I have to start wearing stupid carribean blue scrubs that the crotch go down to my knees at work. Boo.
Also, my pt's family member bought me a snickers... that was really sweet!

Monday, April 16, 2007


cameron's cousin mari (say it like martyr not mary) is in a chinese medicine degree thingy at berkley and is studying accupunture. so, she did it on us!!! it was so cool. she is also very cool!
in cam's foot

for cam's sinuses, and one in his left ear area to pop his ear from the flight and for his sinuses.

(keep in mind we had flown for 27+ hours and then got to jackson and then took a shower and was up all day and this was 1:30 on sunday, this is why i look like a druggy)
in between my eyes (for a headache) and behind my left ear, and on top of my head


this is mari with all her needles... she is crazy but oh so cool.

hard at work.

Kristin and Chad

Cameron and his cousin (the bride) Kristin. She is sooooo awesome and hilarious!
Kristin and Chad Hatten... aren't they cute!

Kristin being Kristin (that was just after they were announced husband and wife!

the back of her dress. also, her dad was under terrible circumstances and they have been working for years for him to be able to get to this wedding, but he couldn't, so uncle frederick walked her down the aisle, and when asked who gives this woman... he says: her mother, father, and i do. ohhhh it was soooooo sweet!

leigh michael, i just want to squeeze this kid!

Lea Ann and David at the wedding (cameron's rents)

the chapel (it was supposed to be an outdoor wedding, but crazy storms were blowing through jackson, ms

me and cambot. look he has on new clothes!!!
So, the saga of getting to jackson was pretty much hell. We left friday morning at 0800 expecting tons of snow (6-12''), but there was none, so we thought we were home free. Yeah right. We had delays (instead of leaving at 1120) probably about 3ish hours of them (we left dia at 3:45ish). We missed out original flight to dallas, the dia lady put us on a different one, we missed that one, and when we got off in dallas the dallas lady put us on another flight to leave at 5:50 (our flight we had missed by like 5 min). So we think we are doing great, we'll just miss the rehearsal dinner (a good ole southern fish fry), but we'll make it in time to hang out with everyone. NOPE.... we sit on the runway for about an hour waiting to take off... finally we are next in line and the pilot who had just taken off ahead of us calls and says there is hail at the end of the runway... so we think fine it will go away in a minute... NOPE... the sky to the west is seriously torano black. Yup that's right folks... we sit through a tornado on the runway in the plane. i think the plane is just gonna take off on it's own b/c all the crazy wind. 4-5 tornados touched down around the airport, so they canceled our flight and we had to de-plane. about an hour later we finally make it to the front of the line to get a room in dallas (a pretty ghetto one) and some food. we have already been traveling over 12 hours too. boo. so we get a flight for the next morning at 0745. don't worry, ill make this short and sweet... it was delayed in the end about 3 hours too. so we finally make it to jackson at 1130 and have 24 hours before we have to get back on a plane back to denver. Just so you know... it's AMERICAN AIRLINES... DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT FLY WITH THEM EVER. they screwed up our honeymoon too. anyway, the wedding was fabulous and gorgeous. all of the family was great to see, especially mima!!! She read a passage from the new testament at the wedding, and it was so sweet!
we love that family!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Peter Estin Hut Suckkkaaaas

matt and jon melting snow on the wood burning stove in a huge pot so we could have water. behind that are 4 twin beds against the windows we used for lounging! in front of the girl taking the pic (miranda) are stairs leading down to the basement full of wood for burning.
mirands and anastasia upstairs on the beds we slept in. there were three in front of me, and i was sitting on another bank of three. there were also 2 rooms with 2 double beds in them.

christopher and erica at the table we ate many a good meal at (and made up more verses to the diarrhea song) (when you're sliding down a hill and you feel the need to dil diarrhea diarrhea)

the view from the hut

that really low cloud is not a cloud, it's snow!!!! suckkkaaa!

erica brought in eggs for us to dye! this was a fancy hut to hut trip!

liz and emilyat the false summit (we had about 200 feet to go). we snowshoed up this on the second day (after staying the first night in the hut). We were beat man. You can't see my feet/snowshoes b/c we had to make the trail right there.

liz at the flase summit! i could barely breath if you couldnt tell :).

emo resting while we were sledding

christopher waist deep in snow after crashing sledding down his favorite run (he was a little stuck at this point)...

sunrise from the hut second morning

sunset first night april 1st. gorgeous.

emily, her fiance matt, anastasia, and miranda.

liz and erica trekking up the hill. erica was pulling a sled with 4 liters of wine and 12 hard boiled eggs :).
It was amazing. Woo woo for Colorado. It took us 5.5 hours to get up and 2 hours to get down. The first thing we did after was stop and get french fries and milk shakes :).
These were all people I work with.
Christopher: RN traveler from connecticut
Erica: Rn from Denver/Iceland...
Emily: RN from Pittsburg, PA
Matt: her fiance
Anastasia: in nursing school, but works as a tech, from russia
Miranda: just got accepted to CU for BSN, works as a tech now, from CO
Jon: Matt and Emo's friend from PA