Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i love me some cheetahs

wild african cat
very mean


we came at feeding time and they were about to feed them raw chicken
they had us aim our cameras up and take the pic when they threw the meat.
caracal can jump like 3-5 meters high.

this one is my fav!
then on to the baby cheetahs!!!!
there are 2 brothers that are orphaned.
they have been tamed to be around people while they grow up.
then they will be run through a program on how to be
released back into the wild.

then, animal whisperer as i am...
they started sucking my thumbs, then licking my arms up and down.
it was so freaking awesome!!!!!


purring soooo loud!

just a joke folks

this was the most awesome thing EVER!
i loved every minute being in there with those cheetahs
i want one.

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