Friday, November 29, 2013

one fish two fish ... shark!!!!

i didn't have to work the day after thanksgiving...
so we went to the aquarium.
we have been wanting to take hazel for awhile,
so we jumped on that boat (hehe)
we thought it would be cool to eat lunch there, and you can sit next to these huge aquariums
and see mermaids doing shows...
the food was meh.... but it was fun.

 i made them pose by the sharks :)

it was great to just be as a family.
something we rarely get to do.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

susu and fefe came

hazel made a fort with the fireplace screen as a door
and of course hazel needed her susu in there ;)

 we went to sus's favorite place ever
the zoo!
it was really nice out
we had a picnic near the giraffes

 doctor felix
 crazy hazel
 i love them in the wagon so much
 we went to the mall to get sus yoga pants
and i was a super mom/aunt
holding both babies at once!
 we did a photo shoot at platt park
and seriously...i took like a gajillion pics
and just editing down to these was dumb. there were so many cute ones.

 sus said felix was laughing hysterically while hazel was running
hazel's face kills me

 i love this one
how felix is like ahhhh get me away form this crazy person
and hazel is like huh?

 what a ham.
 this is how we roll

 on the way to the airport we stopped at pbc for bf
it was snowing like crazy and they had a 2 hour delay.
it took us forever to get there
and i was so sad to see them go
the only reason i could do it is that i will see them for christmas.

 our christmas card!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

jenny's shower me shower

 this was 99.9% kirstin
but i will take some credit :)
i made like 1 thing!
i made these cute little rain drop bunting things
 and i love them on the umbrella

 homemade marshmallows for favors
 i made and hung these guys
 we gave the momma to be freezer meals
love it!

 i made these clouds for hazels bday
but then kirst added the rain drops

 on the front door
 the giant paper mache and fluff cloud
love love love love
there are tear drop ornaments hanging off
love love love love

 and a mimosa bar
yes please
at every party.