Tuesday, February 22, 2011

inspiration door

so I copied it!

it was too cold for awhile to go outside
so i did inside stuff first
i covered cork tiles with fabric
using spray adhesive
used an old door i found in the alley

painted it antique white
but first sprayed chalkboard paint where i wanted it
then painted the white... so i could cover the overspray

i thought it would be cool to have a spot for magnets
so i had this sheet metal in the basement
from when i made earring holders
so i cut it to size

and cut my dang thumb.
but i'm updated on my tetanus shot
don't worry

not glued in
but what it was going to look like
i used gorilla glue and held the metal down
overnight with bricks

more coats

tape free

with all the dec's.
i made bunting from paint chip samples
and then sewed them together!
cool fabric on clearance at joannes
also the magnetic clothes pins i got
at michaels for $1

i also screwed in some cup hooks
along the sides for whatevs

i made a chalk holder
i just wrapped a small piece of fabric around the chalk,
then used a double stick piece of tape to hold it down,
then wrapped string around it...
inspired yet?

Friday, February 11, 2011

under the sink redo

our faucet was dripping and wouldn't quit
and apparently the pipes were leaking.
the maintenance guy put in a new faucet
and fixed the pipes.
but it was gross and all rusty.


more tools

after 1 coat!

with stuff back in.
how sad that this makes me so happy!
(fyi, most of the stuff in spray bottles is just vinegar/water/essential oils)


if you didn't watch
then you need to netflix it stat.
i am in love with mondo
(it's okay, cameron knows)
so are a couple of my friends.
autumn below :)
i got an email from goodwill
there was a fashion show/meet and greet with mondo
food provided
if you bring 10 clothing items,
you can do a clothing swap and go home with 10+

liz & autumn
i was literally 3 feet from mondo

how cute is he?!?!?

the outfit he designed
to be silent auctioned!

it's like i am in a pic with him

he's totally checking me out!!!!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

baby dogs

look at this baby
and these two

and i love that his leg and head are hanging
through the futon :)