Monday, January 28, 2008

new exciting things

Hello my blogging friends. Sorry no pics, but as a shout out to Lo, I will make a list!

1. filed my tax return today, and since we're poor now, we'll be rich(er) in February, and very very very much closer to getting out of cc debt!!!!
2. i started watching the 3rd season of Lost (i watched 1&2 religiously), my friend Julie pretty much forced me to :)
3. That very same friend Julie is prego!!!! She found out on Friday night, after she called me to see if I started my period (off birth control for the ole blood pressure). we stopped at the same time, but hers was for a baby. Anyways, she was worried, so i told her to take a test, and we both just KNEW she wasnt gonna be pregnant. But the next morning when we were having breakfast.... what do ya know.... SHE'S PREGGS! I think it musta taken her one time, b/c seriously, off bc for like 1 day.
4. my friend odette has to get a root canal wed (odette, julie, and i have a candy loving problem... kinda like my lovely friend laura)(but unlike laura we all paid our dues with 8 millions cavities).
5. My friend wes had surgery today (pray for him)... taking his whole colon out :(.
6. my sister & bro in law might come here in may!!!!!
7. cameron's sick, and he got me sick (but mine isn't as bad)... but he hasn't really slept in 4 days. he sounds like he smoked 30 packs per day for 30 years. gross.
8. i went to target to get some onsies (sp?) and so much baby stuff was on clearance... and i stocked up for babies coming soon. You should make a run to target... some outfits and blankets were $1-3, and there was complete bedding sets for $17 (normally $79). WOW!
9. today is my fourth day off out of 5... then i go back for three in a row.
10. i am really excited about that tax return.
11. we looked at houses (long story about us thinking we could buy a repo'd house for $150 b/c of some stupid info-mercial... then looked into it and thought it could still be way cheap at like $150,000)(then our dreams were crushed when friend/old real estate chick told us that wasn't really the real price) and houses in denver are soooooooo freaking $$$$$$$$$$$$$. A 2bd 1bath that isn't really soooo amazing was $375,000, with a monthly morg of $2600. Cameron and I almost crapped out pants. Soooooo, our new plan is to rent a house off craig's list this summer. so he can bike to DU (hopefully!!!) and i can still be under 3 miles away from work. Anyways, there are great houses for rent on craigs list and still in our price range (not $2600/month).
12. i got new glasses (i don't know if i wrote that in a previous post) but i should get them tomorrow and i cant wait!!!!! (purple and rectangular)(picture coming soon).
13. i am hanging out with my friend Erin tomorrow. She actually went on the same backpacking trip to CO as i did when i was a soph in HS with Dwight Mission. She's from Sallisaw. But anyways we have mutual friends here, and recognized each other but couldnt place it... and what do ya know... soooo weird!!!!!!!!!!
14. Sus is doing a craft show thingy, and hopefully she will post all of her amazing creations!!!!
15. sus needs to give me some of those creations.
16. i think i will do crafts tonight and tomorrow, since i am done with taxes... SUCKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS :)
17. hasta luego for awhile.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

new years - a bit late i know

A couple of things first:
If you haven't, view Leslie in sanfran's blog on the right:
She is so crafty!!!!
Second: cam got his first interview at University of Denver (set in mid feb)
It's a private fancy schmancy school in Denver, 5 minles away from our house,
the closest school he's applied to. This will be for his psyD, not phD, same thing though, but with more research based, i think.
Third: i like to organize.
This is new year's eve at our house, the second annual Cannon Ball?!?!?! that sounds cool right?

Julie, Liz, Odette, Sara
Liz and O

The boys doing car bombs
Andy, Tim, Cam, Steve

We had lots of food, but this pic is of lonely Buddy the Beagle...
I don't know what he was doing there, but it was funny :)

Liz and Bethany ( i stole her scarf)

Not drunk, just silly....
The bearded Trio
Cam, Andy, Steve

mean faces
So I like to organize as you can see below. i failed to take before pics, but it doesn't matter, but picture the closet in 27 Dresses (with katherine Heigl) or the classic overstuffed closet on tv. the after pictures are all that matter.

this is the "outdoors closet"
there is now space on the floor, since we hung the bike in the office, see below.
we've got: poles, 3 backpacks, camping stove, propane, raquetball stuff, tennis stuff, snowshoes, 2 tents, 2 sleeping bags, 2 sleeping pads, a sled, a shovel, and who knows what else.

Handy place for the shovel eh?
those hooks by the way were in the dollar bins at target
( i think 4 were $2.50 though), but so handy!
our snowshoes, and the hummingbird feeder mom and david got us :)

the $14 shelf thingy that i got at target, it's so awesome and holds 250lbs
yes in that red container there is gasoline, and there is a bottle of lighter fluid behind it, and 3 bottles of propane under it, dangerous i know, but where are we supposed to keep it?
the tents, sleeping bags, fuel, and stove

where we hung the road bike

in october we got this stand for the mountain bikes,
they were originally in our bedroom, so romantic i know.
seriously they were there since july 2006
They always say not to have a tv in your bedroom, and we didn't
we just had 2 mountain bikes?!?!?!?!

I also organized the cabinet under the sink and our bedroom closet.
I am giving away a lot of clothing and shoes.
I am proud of myself... i am like a crazy woman!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Sorry no pics.... we forgot to take them :(.

We went to Plano from the 3-7 to visit the Cannons.

We arrived thursday night at about 11pm. And cameron stayed up to play video games with alec and blake, but i went to bed, i was pooped.

Friday we grabbed some quick breakfast and headed to the place (forgot full name) where they make paper money (they only make it in Fort Worth, TX and Wash DC. That was cool... very strict, no cell phones or electronics, no water/food, you pretty much get frisked going in and go through these crazy fancy metal detectors.

Then we ate lunch at a great mexican place, we have terrible mexican places here, so it was a treat!!!

Then we headed home, and the boys hung out at home, and Lea Ann and I went shopping at the mall! We got some great stuff!!!!

After we got home, the boys and I went to eat a quick dinner at Chili's... we came home and went to bed.

Saturday we woke up and ate a late breakfast at Poor Richard's. It was so tasty!! Then we headed over to Burt and Joany's house (cameron's mom's parents) and visited for awhile, good times! Then we played cards and cranium at the cannon house.

After games, david and LeaAnn cooked us some awesome Italian food sent to them from Aunt Becky!!! It was so good and we were stuffed! We then played more games and ate icecream :).

Sunday we ate donuts and hung out for a bit, then went to the dog park with Scout and Briana. They had so much fun!!! Then we ate a late lunch at a fish place called Rock Fish and it was soooo soooo good!! I ate my very first piece of Key Lime Pie and now i am in love with it!!! After that we played Phase 10 and just kinda hung out....

Monday we woke up 15 min after we were supposed to LEAVE for the airport AHHHHHHHH! but we made it okay, thank goodness, b/c the security lines were sooo sooo long. And while we were in line, we were just getting to the point where we take our shoes off, and some old man in the other line passed out. I ran up to him and we layed him down (someone caught him and lowered him to a sitting position).... for all those nursing people out there (mainly susanne)... i felt like the ACLS video where the weird guy yells "sir sir are you okay... you call 911, you get the cart".... b/c i was doing the sternal rub yelling sir sir... what's your name.... I seriously did that sternal rub so hard.... thank goodness a police dude was there, and he called the emsa people. who by the way took like more than 5 min to get there. but the old man finally kinda woke up/ opened his eyes... and i asked him his name again, and he mumbled, and i am sitting there thinking... oh great he's having a stroke, so make him hold his hands out in front of him, but he didn't have a drift..... so then he tells me his name, and i ask about BP probs and meds, and he doesn't have any.... and he seems okay, so we move him out of the way (well the police crazy man drags him in a sitting position.... weird)... and thankfully i don't lose my place in line... that seriously what i was thinking the whole time.. how rude am i??? and as i go through the line, EMSA comes and takes care of him. We go off to get breakfast and sit down to eat it, and we see 2 police peeps escorting old man pass out to his gate, he looked in shock, but was okay and walking. Then someone in our terminal thanked me for helping, and that was nice ;). We ended up getting home alright and cam had to rush off to go to his internship. And I ran errands the rest of the day and did laundry and wifey type stuff.

Tuesday: took schnooze FINALLY to get her hair cut!!!! She's cute! and went to Doc.

Update on Bloodpressure: she took me off the bp meds, but my PTH was high (really rare... so they are drawing it again) (look up parathyroid hormone if you are curious... regulate Calcium levels....)and also getting a kidney ultrasound to make sure there's nothing wrong with them. Sus Kramer said she would give me her kidney if i needed it... what a good sis. But i don't think I will need it though :).

We're glad to be back!!!!