Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 months

Oh my goodness baby girl! You are so big!!! You seem to not be a baby anymore, which makes me sad, but excited for our next adventures!!! Things you did:
-met lots of extended family in NC
-took 4 plane rides
- saw kim and derek
-moved into the second and hopefully last home you will ever know!!!
-started drinking thru a straw
- talked a lot lot more
- wanted to eat big girl food even more- like fruit and meat and anything we are eating
- you didn't really want baby food at all this month
- you really just wanted a bottle
- you were pretty sick this month when we went to nc- you were snotty and hoarse and just didn't feel good- you woke up a lot and didn't really nap- but now you are feeling so much better!!!
- I took you to the pool a couple says ago and you loved it!!!
- you are really good and turning the lights on and off
- you like to eat cords and wrap them around your neck...
-You have taken some steps when we are holding onto you
- you kinda pull yourself up!
- I just love you so much
- you make dad and my day so mug brighter!
- you have started a little separation anxiety thing- but dad has you working on it with a transitional object (mr bear).
- ahhh 2 month til your bday!!!
I love you, mama


Hazel eating a plum like a champ!!
Also throwing it like a champ :)

Coming home

We left nc loving family, but ready to be home!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Asheville, nc

We headed to Asheville for cams family reunion!! Hazel was pretty good on the flight, and we were glad to be o vacay. Even if it was 100% humidity- we had a blast!!

My little monster

What in the world!?!?

Home again home again

New roof, closed on house, painted over wallpaper. Super pumped to be a home owner!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Chilling like a villain

Oh ya know- just hanging in the pool with my dog :)