Tuesday, July 26, 2011


this is where we are gonna go for our
or our first (and probably last) camping trip of the summer

yes, we are taking the dogs
yes, we are camping
yes, the weather will be oh so much cooler than in denver
yes, there will not be fancy hotels or massages
yes, i will be hiking my big fat butt 3.6 miles one day
yes, i can go slow
yes, it is the most beautiful place i have ever heard about in CO
yes, i have always wanted to go
yes, last night hans ate 2/4 of our chicken skewers pre-grill, skewer and all, and then barfed up a skewer at 4:30 this morning and i had to clean it up
and yes, we still love him.
so i think this will actually be an awesome trip, little stress, not a long crazy hike.
we will hike 1.8 miles and eat lunch and hang out and let hans swim, and then hike back 1.8 miles, and go back to our campsite. it's near Aspen, so we can always go into town if need be. but i can't wait.
we are going the weekend after Lane & Jess's wedding
and i can't wait for that either,
it's gonna be hot, but with really awesome people!!!!

29 weeks!!!!

holy cow!
(that's how i feel :))

don't get me wrong, i love being pregnant, but here are the weird not likey so much things going on:
i can barely get my socks and shoes on
i can't see my feet anymore
my feet seem to be sore and painful
hard to get in/out of the honda
boobs are sore again
can't walk as fast
get out of breath walking anywhere :)
but things i LOVE:
feeling her move ALL THE TIME
how cute i actually feel
people really are nicer to you (at times)
people can tell i am pregnant, not just fat
my skin is really good right now
i can go to prenatal yoga (i guess i could when i wasn't preg, but that's weird)
i feel empowered
i am gonna be a momma (scary but oh so cool)
i feel like i am not the normal pregnant lady and people can do with that what they want, but i think it gives some people a peace of mind knowing you don't have to be perfect, IE:
i drink caffeine (not a ton, but whatever i feel like)
i ate sushi (really just roe on top of non raw rolls, oh man kill me now)
i eat lunch meat (albeit organic, but still)
i drink alcohol, little sips here and there, but some ppl balk at that
i'm not a worry wort AT ALL
and as many books that i read PRE-PREGNANCY,
i've barely read any during pregnancy
i still haven't picked a pediatrician
i think i am more laid back than i was before.
all that to say:
hazel is growing strong and healthy and measuring 1.5 weeks ahead.
she moves all the time
and i think she likes that I AM HER MOM.
so there.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Indigo Girls 7.16.11 Chautauqua- Boulder

this was a great concert with a great gal
we knew every song
and they played songs off their new album (oct 2011)
it was a great evening
and great seats.

Indigo Girls 7.16.11 Chautauqua- Boulder

baby shower de la hazel

i don't know how to even describe this shower.
except for that it was the most amazing shower i have ever been to...
and it was all for me (and hazel) (mainly hazel)
a group of gals from church (also that are my really good friends)
got together and planned this.
so thanks to: Shellie, Jill, Kirstin, Erin, & Katie

 table for favors (little fabric flower pins)
and the polaroid camera guestbook
 gift table
 i didn't even want to unwrap them.

(ps: cameron left with his bro and the dogs right before real people started arriving)
 where people took pics for the guestbook
my door, kirstins fabric curtain thing
 mason jar glasses
and a vintage cooler that i want to steal from shellie
 paper straws with fabric tied at the tops
 yes sir, we had iced hazelnut lattes :)
 are you kidding me?
 the girl knew i wanted a quilt of some sort
so they had people cut out letters and iron them on
to the pre-cut fabric squares
and then i will sew all the squares together
to make the quilt!
 it will say:
she could
so she did
and the small letters are embroidered on
and the BELIEVED is in fabric cut out letters
 the picture area

           that is the most delicious cake ever in the world. hazelnut icing, are you kidding, thank you katie!
                        totally kept that wrapping paper, and the ribbon/bow is actually a headband :)
      what a cute wrapping idea... pull out the clothes line and see what you got! oh yeah pink baby uggs!

                                           i love the watermelon jacket... sus got that for me :)
i am crying b/c her card,
and then saw this amazing quilt.
of course, no pattern.
way to go aunt su su

hazel avery cannon
*mom closes her eyes in every picture :)

and last but not least, a stroller from lauren & the finger monkey
these pics don't do it justice, and i am forgetting a million things i am sure.
but it was awesome and unbelievable.

dresses for hazel

yeah i went a little crazy.
but she'll be cute!

28 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

holy moly.... (is that how you spell moly)?
i am getting so big!
it's like a love-hate relationship
mostly love with a little dis-likeness
i am randomly getting what they call sacral pain or posterior pelvic pain
i just feels like you bruised your coccyx reallllllllly bad.
but it kinda sucks a lot.
i get charlie horses a lot at night too.
but honestly i am feeling really good.
still doing yoga once a week.
trying to be outside a lot, except it's been SOOOO hot here (i know i know, not like OKLA/KS/TX)
but it's been above 90* with a little humidity, and remember people we don't have central air here.
and this past weekend my friends from church threw me THE BEST BABY SHOWER ever!!!!
I will post the pics i have, but i will put a link to Kirstin's blog
when she posts the good pics.

she is moving all the time
until someone wants to feel her, then she gets shy.
this morning i had my Glucose Tolerance Test
that sucked.
basically 1 hour before you get yourblood drawn,
you drink 5oz of this sugary nasty orange stuff
and you may think, oh 5oz, that's not a lot...
oh man, but by the 5th oz, you feel like youre gonna puke.
then you have to sit there without water or anything
with this sugar crap gurgling in your belly.
anyway, i guess we'll find out soon if i passed.
and then we go for another u/s thursday b/c they couldn't
measure some things b/c hazel wouldn't move for them.
who knows.
oh yeah, and i have gained 17lbs so far!
so i will keep you updated!!!!

27 weeks!!!!

This was really 27.5 weeks
ad i had sus take it!!!
then she wanted to put her belly pic in

(NOT PREGNANT- just weird)

on the way to pick up bethany and momma!!!!

26 weeks

i know i am behind..
at least i remembered to take the picture :)

holy cow i am getting big!!!