Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a drive through game park

this was on our way to the beach
we drove our own car through the game park!

"a bobcat, cool"



so at some point, i'm not sure why,
but we started talking in a Brittish accent...
that lasted for about 4 hours, and kept popping
in and out of the rest of the trip.
I was Florence/Jeffries
Sus was Matilda
it was probably the hardest we have both laughed in our entire lives.
then as sus was driving, she SLAMS on the brakes
then reverses
i still don't know what is going on.
yup, an elephant about 15 feet away.
we turn off the car and just watch him eat.
there are all these signs that say not to get out of the car.
so we are just kinda hanging out of it, to get a better view.

then i get the great idea to get on top of the car.
to get better pics of course.
later sus tells me, if it started chasing us, she was just gonna go.
but i said, well i woulda just held onto the roof and made her go.
danger zone

we decided to take our picture, and
we both didn't know the other was making this face
it's a brittish face


see the moon?

at this point we were kinda freaking out to get out of the park before it closed.
for some reason, we just knew we would get locked in.
we were on our way to a hostel with a kitchen
and were so excited to be able to cook later.
we ended up making it, after it being sooo dark, lots of traffic, no batteries or airtime on sus's phone, and scary people at the gas station.
out hostal had a full bar that you just wrote down what you got and they added it onto your bill. the couple was super nice. the room was great, with a shower and TUB!

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