Friday, June 29, 2007


I will write more later b/c i have to shower and head to em's for sushi.... but boy was it fun and hard!!!

Sus posted a new post with pics and she and chris are so cute and travely!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mountain Biking!

This morning Cameron and I went mountain biking at Matthew Winters Park for my first lesson! It was really hard at first b/c there was a lot of "climbing" (that means going up hill). Once I got a hang of all my gears and all that jazz I was like a little pro! I even "climbed" a medium sized rock! Cameron said he was really proud of me too :). I didn't fall off ever, but I did have to jump off a lot before I was about to fall. It was fun and I will do it again next week!

Tomorrow I meet at Em's house for our trip to Boulder to rock climb! I can't wait!

I also have a little bone to pick with you all who read this. Just like my cousins Lauren and Lane have posted previously on their blogs.....

I notice people are reading this and not posting (to name a few: Laura Ann Haws Froese and Geneva Whitney....). They say they are just "not the message type" what ever that means. My mom and david even learned how to post a comment so they could show the love to their kids :). Thanks mom and david. My dad will leave an occasional post as well as my technilogically challenged aunt and uncle! So show the love people, let me know you read my blog! I have pretty much 3 faithful readers that I know of, and one I have never met.... (shout out to katie!!!).

Off to pay some dang bills. And maybe watch a movie! PS I went to the movies today with my friend punchface mcgee and we saw Waitress with Keri Russell (is it sad we only went b/c we are obsessed with Keri Russell aka Felicity)?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sunday I got a new bike!

This is cam's bike. He got it when we moved here, but I never posted a pic.
It's a Rocky Mountain.
This is my new bike!!!! It's a Specialized Rockhopper!
Isn't it cute?

We got it on Craig's list from a guy in boulder (lane we missed you :( )
He lived off of 9th and I forgot what street.

Anyway, my bike got stolen in Norman over thanksgiving a couple years ago, (while i was letting cam use it), so then we got him a new bike (i still didnt have one), then when we moved out here, we bartered with the old bike to scott for starbucks coffee every week. then cam got the rocky mountain. i still didnt have one. so cam had the mountain bike and a borrowed road bike from dad, and none for me. THEN i finally got one!!!! (PS then scott quit starbucks, and we don't even get free coffee anymore).

We have ridden some trails by our house. Today was national ride your bike to work day and there was free breakfast and juices and cool stuff all over town... but did i work today? NO. so i didnt ride my bike. I will later when it cools down.

So i have been sick since i went to Oklahoma 3.5 weeks ago. I finally went to the doctor today b/c I was never getting better, and she gave me some abx.

Friday I am going rockclimbing with emily and some other peeps! Then later that night we will be making some sushi!!!!

Tuesday I start my pottery class!!!! WOO HOO!

AND MY COUSIN IS HAVING A BOY!!!!!! His name will be Randy Schatzel.... jk Lo.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


ok, so I just tried to post...but I think I deleted everything...but I didn't write much so its ok. I know you're worried. I am Cameron, better known as Slamcake. I am gonna blog some things, so watch as follows. I changed liz's password, because I didn't know it. Don't tell her. It will be awesome for sure.

So I guess I should update everyone on our lives. Schnooze is on the couch being a dog. She pretty much sleeps and poops and barks at the occasional threat. Liz is at work, then we are gonna go hang out with the Extreme and Skull Mobley perhaps. I rode my bike to school today and got my sweaty back and butt all over the chairs in the clinic lounge while writing some notes...Man...blogging is a lot of work...I'm getting tired. I'm just gonna put up a picture that the Extreme took when I was trying to pee...its ok, its rated G. If you look closely you can see me, but like I nasticore. It turns out there is a toilet about 20 feet away that I guess no one thought to tell me about. I saw it the next morning.

Here is a picture of Skull trying to bend metal to get a key out of his car. He almost got it, but then the locksmith decided to help him. dang locksmith's always helping people and stuff.

Here is the Exterme's leave me alone face:

Here is my much cooler shaky face face: (that is when you shake your face to be awesome and your cheeks flop about):

oh dang...It says no more pics...oh well. I'm kind of bored blogging anyways. I have some Old Testament things to read about and a schnauzer to kiss. Just imagine my face flopping all around.
Later blog readers,
I am going to do non-blog things now.
Slamcake (Cameron)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Exciting Happeneings!!!!

There are many new exciting things going on!

1. My friend Genesis should be popping out her 2nd baby boy soon (due date June 20th)
Happy Birthday Judah Malechi Fellenstein

2. Sus and Chris depart for Madrid, Espana tomorrow. Chris's grandparents will drive them to Dallas at 0700, and their plane leaves for chicago at 1300, then they leave for madrid in the afternoon and arrive in madrid thirsday am!!!!

3. My pottery class starts sooo soon (first tuesday in July)

4. I am taking a trauma nursing class (required by icu) at the end of july!

5. My friend Geneva got to shadow my favorite Dr at deaconess (dr. wong) today and she loved him!

6. We got a Sam's club membership b/c we are poor!

7. Cam had clients that he actually counseled tonight!

8. I am reading a book about a crazy lady with 92 known different personalities (When Rabbit Howls). I totally reccomend it! It's about D. I. D. formally known as multiple personality!

9. I will miss my sis :(

Monday, June 18, 2007

One Year Aniiversery!!! Suckkkaaaas!

So my peeps! Cameron and I wanted to spend our one year anniversery backpacking and camping. So we decided to go to a beautiful little place in Vail, CO called Booth Falls and Lake. Friday morning we got up early and finished packing, loaded the car, and were on our way. We got a little confused by the directions once we were in Vail, but found our way shortly after that. We geared up and started up from 8,500 feet at 11:20am (a later start than we wanted). Our plan was to hike the 6 miles up to Booth Lake and camp overnight (keep in mind it was a 3,000 feet evelvation change and we were carrying over 30lb backpacks) (yuck). I am apparently way outa shape (even though i basically did this same thing on my snowshoe hut-to-hut trip in April). We had to take lots of breaks the first 2 miles for me.

These are the first little baby falls we came to.
We had to fill up with water (using the rad water pump David gave us!)
It was really hot, but the water was freezing....perfect!
Do we look like we are dying... well we were :)

Schnooze was having a blast!

David this pic is for you... see the water pump filter???

At Booth Falls! Some really sweet family from Lawerence, KS (rock chalk) took our pic! Everyone we met was excited for us that we were going all the way to the Lake!

The falls were stunning!

Crazy drop off. They were sooooo loud too!

View from where we were at the falls!

Around the bend then to the drop off! It was kinda scary where I was standing.

So.... the reason this hike was so difficult was that there was actually a lot of snow. We didn't bring snow shoes, b/c we honestly didn't think we needed them (and they woulda been super heavy to carry). We came to several spots where the snow was waist deep. I got stuck on one occasion, and Cam had to pull me out. Most of the time the snow we encountered was just calf/knee deep. There were some tracks we could follow from other hikers. BUT eventually we couldn't find any tracks. This pic is when we came to a spot on the trail where we could see the trail in front of us (about 30 yards ahead) but there was a stream covered in snow, and we didn't want to take the risk of falling in. So the pics will depict a little adventure Cam led us on to get to the trail!

We had to hit the rock or we'd be in the stream :).
Cam slid with both bags, then schnooze went, then I went!

Our bootay marks in the snow!

From across the stream safely!

We had been hiking for almost 7 hours, and we lost the trail in the snow. We were exhausted, so we set up camp and started cooking. Cam found some old dead wood and started a fire while I set up the tent. Schnooze was soooo cold and tired (well i guess I was too). This is me in the tent with all the clothews i brought on (a tank top, wool long underwear top, another wool long underwear top, and my fleece, a hat, wool long undies bottoms, and some other pants, with 2 pairs of socks and gloves! Brr! We ate some noodles and some freeze dried smores thing and headed to bed. It wasn't that great of a night, but we managed.

View from our tent before the sun went behind the mountain (about 6:30ish pm)

View from tent as sun sets (7:30ish pm)
(Getting way colder)

Cam cooking (wih fleece long undies on :))

cute us at sunset

Silly Cam
(if you zoom in, you can see the snot dripping out of my
So, we woke up at about 7am and ate breakfast and closed up camp. we hiked out in 3 hours (instead of the 7 it took up to get up). I didn't realize it, but my cell was on and i randomly (after I realized i was not hallucinating) got a call from sus, that said she got her passport!
We met a lot of people hikinh to the lake on our way down and we gave them lots of pointers!
We stopped in Frisco (near breckenridge) and ate some mexican food (with beers and margaritas)!!!!
Then we headed to our next camping site for some good ole car camping!

This is us pulling a Mom and David!!!! But mom, we did not have to cut cam out and paste him in... there are things called timers :)
Busting out with a fire, some burgers, and some beer!

What is cam's face doing? smoke from the fire in his eyes?

Our campsite at Kenosha Pass (off of S 285 about 1 1/2 hours from Denver)
See our new 2 man tent... it's so freaking awesome!

Cam starting the fire!
It was about 60ish degrees there! So nice!
We were at about 10,000 feet, but it didn't get as cold at night time.

We played cards in the tent 9cam kicked my butt at Gin), then went to sleep, a much better nights sleep than friday night. We woke up and cooked eggs and bacon and had a peach! Then we packed up and headed home. Poor schnooze was pooped out! She didn't move the whole way home. We unpacked, washed schnooze (she was a mess), washed the awesome Jeep, took showers, and went to eat, and to see Ocean's 13.
We ate at Bonefish and had some awesome Charr fish (it's like salmon) and some King Crab Legs! mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm! I also tried a pinapple Mojito! It was so good. We were stuffed full! But of course when we got to the theater I HAD to get buttered popcorn :).
It was a fabulous anniversery!
Oh ps:
I got cam a gun that shoots big marshmallows 40ft, a new camelback nalgene thing, and a lantern. He got me really pretty earrings, a cute bag, perfume, and some tulips!!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

good jorrrrrrbbbb!

Intensive Care Medicine or critical care medicine is a branch of medicine concerned with the provision of life support or organ support systems in patients who are critically ill and who usually require intensive monitoring.
Well folks, less than a week ago I made the final call for MTU at Swedish Medical Center. I came to my breaking point. I decided no more MTU for me... I am moving on to bigger and better things at Swedish. So Friday, I called the CCU (Critical Care Unit) and spoke to the Manager and got an interview for today.
I interviewed at 2pm, and by 2:45pm I had myself a job on CCU!!!
I will probably start mid-July, just to give MTU a chance to fill up a few more empty nursing spots. But I am pumped. My friend Michelle was really my inspiration. She will also be going to CCU in July (but she has about 5 years of CCU experience prior to coming here). Anyway, I am pumped.
I know it will be tough, but I also know I will love my job, and be more excited to go to work.
The only downfall is that it is a weird schedule. 3-3. So I will be working 3pm-3am. Nights, but better than getting up at 2am to go to work. I will at least be able to go to sleep when it's dark out, and wake up when it's light (prob around noon!).
I will post more about the job when I start!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I finally posted some good ones

Make sure you read all of the posts. There are a lot.

Aren't you proud of me.

The pic I have here is of cameron rock climbing. it was taken
awhile ago, but i think i forgot to post it!

My crazy family...

Me and Gabs at mom's house waiting to eat
some gourmet success by mom and david!
Me, Sus, and Momma

Chris, Cameron, and Gabs

My family is crazy I tell ya! David has these clothes that he wants
to start wearing to re-enactments. Isn't it great???
We were laughing so hard!
With knife and gun in hand!

This is my pregnant cousin from oklahoma... this is what we do there...

Don't worry the baby will be fine :)
*For all those who weren't there and read this blog
Lo did not drink the beer, and does not normally
wear the guns around town.
I miss oklahoma already. Sad.
We had so much fun just hanging out
with the people we never get to see.
We had great meals and great conversations.
Please come visit us in Colorado...
we have and extra bed!!!! And a cute dog!!!!

Cell group & wedding!

pictures at the mansion
me, cam, and chris with "the bag"

Cam all dressed up.... isn't he a hottie??

We kept yelling "dont' strain don't strain" :)

Someone's arm got in the way... too bad.

The wedding party!

Everyone looks so good!

I love her dress!

Cell group yearly picture
Gabriele, Jackie, Liz, Kristen, and Geneva
We ate breakfast saturday morning at Around the Corner in Edmond
It was so delish!
Seeing the girls and getting an update on their lives was great.
The wedding was gorgeous!
The reception was in the gardens behind the mansion and the church.
The skies were blue and no sign on rain!
They rode to the hotel in a carriage!