Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yeah yeah

1. leaving for okla tomorrow, yippee!!!
2. unlike my usual self, i still have to pack
3. i got 2 new rugs today at target for $3.99 each (for the kitchen)
one of the old rugs in the kitchen was in cameron's entry way
in his college garage apt.... eww
4. i love giving stuff to people, and i have a few presents for my peeps in okla
5. it's mid 50's here, got the doors and windows open!
6. at target i brought my own paper and re-usable whole foods bags
and unlike whole foods & king soopers, they do not re-imburse you for
bringing in your own bags.... deuches
hello, i could have saved about $1
AND saved the earth. suckers.
I saw this on someone's blog from Lo's blog that I blog stalked once and thought it was cute
In honor of me not seeing cameron for 2.5 days & missing him:
Things about Cameron:
1. i love it when he says something and makes himself laugh
(it's the cutest laugh that you ever did hear)
2. he hates cilantro b/c it tastes like soap
3. he is so funny when he gets on a kick about something and WILL NOT stop talking about it
ie: mountain bike parts, his palm pilot, this program where you can type/ download a paper
onto it and it speaks it for you, nutritional things, garlic, cayenne pepper pills, moutain
biking, snow shoeing, shorts, hating snow.......... and the list goes on and on
4. he uses about 50,000 post its a day
5. he uses about 5-10 glasses a day
6. he is a really good cook (bananas fosters is a specialty)
7. he loves coffee but cant drink it past about noonish, b/c he can't sleep
8. he love japanese animation cartoons...
9. he does not know where i hid his oscar meyer weiner pj pants... muhahahaha
10. he says schnooze is his #1 bff
11. he will have his bachelors, masters, and doctorite all before he turns 30... geesh
12. he loves to make up phrases and one ended up in the urban dictionary added by andy
Knowledge Bomb and it was also in an article
13. his nickname is Slamcake & his accomplice is the eXtreme, and together with their
forces they are: Team Cobra (look about 3 pics up from bottom)
14. he loves raquetball
15. he was the r-ball vice pres in college
16. he is irish
18. he loves getting beat up moutain biking so he can show off his cool wounds
19. he will be a graduate of the masters program in 2.5 months
20. he chose me :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Glasses Suckas

I FINALLY got my new glasses!
here they are:

you can't really see my glasses here, but this is my
$8 shirt from target
here they are, nice and purple and hip

side view (not trying to show off the brand, that's just how they are)

blurry shot sorry, but aren't they cute?
the little black and white dogs in the background
are salt and pepper shakers :)

schnooze needed some reading glasses
So, today is my one day off in between 7 days of work, blah.
so dr. cameron and I went for lunch at a thai place,
then i am running errands while he does some work at school,
then we are relaxing at stella's coffee shop
hope all is well.
i will see some of you lovely people in 7 days!!!!
especially: ben
mom, david, dad, maggie, gram, g-pa, maybe the froeses
and anyone else that wants to see me :)

PS: a new 8mm video camera came 2 days ago in the mail, so now
i can transfer old home vids of me and sus onto DVDs :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

University of Denver

(keep in mind that his interview was friday)
AND HE GOT IN!!!!!!!!
it's the PhD program for Counseling Psychology
it's 4-5 years long
it's in quarters not semesters
he starts After Labor Day
it should almost completely be funded (paid for)
He loves this school
it has raquetball courts and an awesome gym with a pool
they have a hockey team, bball team, and other teams that i dont know
if we move closer there, it's still only 5 miles away from our house now
it's a fancy schmancy private school
he interviewed with 25 (that was narrowed down from 100)
and they picked 6 :)
he's smart!!!!
that's all i know so far.
today i got my glasses (pics to come soon)
and it was my 1st out of 7 days in a row :(

Monday, February 18, 2008


Can't talk long, after today, I work the next 7 out of 8 days. Bummer.

1. interview went extremely well. We should find out hopefully by friday!!! they pick 6-7 out of
25 people interviewed!
2. i get to go home to see family for 2.5 days feb 29- march 2.... so if you want to see my, ask
3. stitches are out and head is doing well. head broke
4. sus had her first day of Head Start, and I got a text 1/2 way thru her day and it was
going well so far
5. sus has some super cute stuff on sale for a craft show this weekend, look her up on facebook
to see the pics: (sus jones kramer)
6. new fellowship groups are starting next week, so hopefully we can get ours down to a
managable # (under 15 from 25???)
7. mom paid for my plane ticket!!!
8. i worked a bonus shift saturday (time and 1/2 PLUS a $250 bonus suckkkkkaaaaaas)!
that's all, later!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

DU mixer + Interview

1. Tonight is cameron's "get to know you" thing at the bar
it's for the interviewees (is that a word?) for the interview tomorrow
also current phd students will be there
2. cameron's for the reals (shout out to susanne for that phrase) interview
is tomorrow, we don't really know what it will be like
but he might find out tonight, but i will already
be asleep when he gets home
3. i ironed his suit. did i mention the weird crotch triangle in his pants?
well the tailor kind of made it go away, but not 100%
so i tried to iron it out.... it got a little better
let's just hope no one is staring at his crotch.
or maybe that's a good thing, and it will be some dorky lady professor that
lets him in b/c she is crushing on him???
4. i might get to come to okla feb29-march2
i have 8 days off in a row and that is balltastic.
hopefully someone will buy me a ticket
5. last night at old navy they were having a sale only at my store 9the one by
my house anyways) that everything (x new stuff) was 90% off
i got 8 shirts (button up and polo) for cam, 2 sweater cardigans for me, and
3 baby sweatshirts FOR...................
i saved over $160!!!!!
i am awesome!
6. what am i doing up this late, i have to work tomorrow.
good night

Monday, February 11, 2008

"my friend liz has head surgery" and other various things

if you are grossed out easily, skip the bloody pics (first 5 pics)

this was the first pic i came to that would suffice as a CAUTION pic, preceeding the gross
pics below... but it is in south carolina, when cam and i went in 2006,
it is called the Angel Tree, and it is very large!
that is me.
I had a cyst removed from my head today. i didn't feel anything except the "bee sting" of the lidocaine and one sharp pain as she was cutting it out. But i did tell people i was getting my head sliced open. odette & sara were my moral support, seeing as cameron was in school and everone else was at work. Anyways it wasn't so bad, just really really bloody!!!!
there was a point in time i thought ody and i could go to starbucks after this. boy was i wrong. really wrong. so wrong the dr asked if i was gonna wear a hat. anyways, it looked like i was in a car wreck. so i came home and rinsed my hair before i went to work for some ethics and compliance crap. anyways.... long story... see the pics.
they didn't have to shave my hair off. it's held back with a bobby pin.
there are 3 sutures. but you can't really see anything. this was before the shower.
see my bloody hair??? not highlighted.

you can see the sutures better here.

after the shower. you can really see that i cannot shower well, but also you can distinctively see the sutures... they are the 3 black hair like things sticking up, tied in a knot.
i know i look bald in that spot, but she didn't pull but 3-4 hairs out.
and yes i know, i really didn't shower well.

more pics

oh yeah, and i forgot, i talked so much about how mad i was that i forgot my camera, that eventually, the doc asked if i wanted to take the cyst home. OF COURSE I DID!!!! i know it's soooo gross, but it's sitting on our counter in the kitchen (even more gross i know). it's the size of a large pea (or 2 small ones)... kinda oblong.

the camera case and kleenex box are a
reference of how small the
container is.

close up of cyst... see that tail.. i think that is what was holding
it into place in my head. gross huh?

with lid off. it's in a formaldehyde soln... so it won't deteriorate.
i can keep it forever.... nah probably not.
and to show how much of a nurse i am....
pics below of what i made for dinner.
pls don't barf.
sus gave me this recipe for chicken alfredo pizza... all homemade, even the crust!!!

with tomatoes, spinich, and chicken

a funny pic of schnooze
looking out the window

a before pic of cam (before his interview at DU)

after pic (still before the interview... it's friday)
(before the suit was altered)
handsom huh?????
you;d accept him into the phd program right?

fellowship group last night was bring food that is: white, pink, or red
laura beth and steve made these amazing treats (2 trays worth)

look at all the goodies, esp the cupcakes in the back
there was also this dip for apples that was:
cream cheese, brown sugar, and vanilla
it was delish!
left to right:
Heather, Katie (she is not weird looking usually, just in this pic), Whitney, and Laura Beth

Friday, February 08, 2008




this was my attempt to try and do a hyper link thingy...
i did it in a very complicated way... so if you have an
easier way, let me know.
today we went to pick up our vacuum from the vac-fixer-sleezeball-man
very long story, but this is the part i wanted to share with you.
he was trying to get us to buy many things, including a vac with a bag (instead of the awesome bagless kind) (which he was pretty ghetto about selling) and a $2000 vacuum.
This was his tactic:
with calculator in hand:
okay so you have
24 months in a year
mult that by
20 years
at say: $60 a pop ("and that's low-balling it")
and you get
(first off i just did the math, and it does not come out to $3500)
but did you notice that there AREN'T 24 months in a year.
I was laughing so hard inside.....
Anyways that comes to like $28,800 for one stinking vacuum bucko...
he did NOT know what he was doing. Needless to say,
we went to walmart and got a $150 vac. Even though i wanted a Dyson.

Monday, February 04, 2008

More posts below

Okay, as said below, check out the 3 posts after this, they are all new!
I am on a roll!!!!

This is from march 2006, but it was a cute one :)
We were in Charleston, SC at Kim and Derek's beach house
Random, almost 4 years ago
A nursing school awards thingy

the blueberry pancakes i made yesterday morning
and yes i know, they look like choc chip cookies

as said in the post a couple below this one...
this is slightly melted dip 'n dot snow

Saturday cam was mountain biking in Pueblo, CO
These are his pics

you don't have to go far away to see stonehenge ;)

John: "bombing down the mountain"


cameron "endo'd" onto his face and cut his little eye
he was hoping to get a black eye, but he didn't
and the red mark on his nose, now looks like a zit

blood on the rock. at first i didn't see the sunglasses next to it,
so i thought it was this crazy amount of blood
it was not, just 1-2 drops
john "climbing"

crazy bridge, but yet, they did not use it,
they went down the rocks

Now it is 4:30pm and we are getting crazy snow.
someplace in the mountains got 31" in 2 days. AHH!
Also, Cameron got a suit yesterday for his DU interview feb 15th.
It is charcoal gray, and super sweet. He also got a blue shirt to go underneath
and a blue and silver diag. striped tie. he looks hot.
If he doesn't get in, I will call those guys losers.
pray for me, i am taking a test to be on the
Neuro-Trauma Team tomorrow at 10:00am.
that is all.

Hey, I have been good about posting

Hey people, I have been so good about posting, don't forget to look below at some other posts.

Just when I think my sister has had no influence on me, and I am a hippy on my own, I realize I am crazy. I was looking around on itunes (i got 2 gift cards, thanks to the Froeses and the Cannons). Anyways, I decided to listen to a couple Sigur Ros songs.... I mean there's no harm in listening right? But i really liked him (them?). Even though you can't understand him at all, it's just nice and soothing. So being the hypocrit I am (claiming not to be a hippy, when I know there is no doubt in my mind I am a granola head 100%), i purchased 4 songs! I like them.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

got tagged by katie- see next blog also

Just when I thought I had run out of things to blog about, I got tagged. I'll cut the rules short and I'll do two items listed:Share 5 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog or Share the 5 top places on your “want to see or want to see again” list.
1. to every persons in the world astonishment, caffeine does NOT affect me
2. i took calculus in highschool for fun as an elective, along with AP stats (elective also)
(also in college i took these for electives: personal fitness, raquetball, and guitar)
3. when i am stressed i clean
4. i am more excited about SOMEDAY being pregnant than actually having a baby
5. if i could have one whole entire room to myself, i would fill it to the brim with crafting supplies
1. Ireland (want to see)
2. Patagonia (want to see)
3. Alaska (want to see)
4. Italy (want to see again... 1998 summer)
5. Maine (want to see)(almost went in Sept for a wedding but didn't)

snow flavored dip 'n dots!

last night it snowed
it started out flurry like, then blizzard like, then...
this is what happened last night while we were at the
coffee shop, Stella's.
we were playing games with: bethany, stephen, julie, and steve.
balderdash is the funnest game ever!
anyways, i saw a flash of light and immediately asked...
"was that a camera flash or lightning?"
but of course people laughed at me and said "i don't see a camera"
I guess people thought i was crazy until.....
we heard thunder.
I swear, why do people always think i am nuts-o?
Anyways, it started thundering and lightning...
then while it was snowing, the snow became like hail, but snow-hail "shail" (cam made that up)
So, last night it shailed duing a thundersnow.
and the best part (cam went to get some shail from outside)
and it was the consistancy of dip 'n dots.
i didn't have the camera, sorry, what was i thinking.
but it was so cool.
so, i say to you, all you NASA readers :),
You're not so great after all "inventing" dip n dots.
we all know your secret, losers.
Anyway, on another note, cameron went mountain biking with his boyfriend, John in Pueblo
he will be gone for awhile.
Update on westopher gent-bomb (our friend wes):
Doing well, had to have an NGT to LIWS (okay okay, naso-gastric tube to low inermittant wall suction) b/c (heard this thru dave thru cam, "his stomach wasnt working") so he probably had an ileus which is a twist of the bowels. The ngt decompressed his stomach, and the ileus just resolves on it's own after awhile, and for wes this was 1 day. Thank the Lord! He had an epidural and that was helping a lot! He said his ileostomy (poop bag for 6 weeks) was making farting noises, nice wes. And i think he can start to eat real food now! We were going to bring him a bag of hot dogs. he has eaten fat free, gluten free, dairy free, no fruits, veggies, meat, caffiene, alcohol, of taste free food for about 1.5 years (gotten worse over the last 6months). anyways, i think anything will be amazing, like an apple! So, cont to pray for him. he is hopefully ready for visitors today after a week in the hospital with only family. PS: his mom and dad bought him a Wii for recovery purposes only :). ROCK ON GUITAR HERO!!!!!
i will be doing cool stuff with schnooze today, i just dont know what yet :)