Tuesday, January 27, 2009


my friends friend caroline cuts hair.
she's good.
i like her.

i think we are silly

i think we are so silly in this pic.
mexico 6.08
cannon fam reunion
just organizing my pics while i lay on the couch...
i think i lost some from this summer... so i am getting them back from blogs
and kodakgallery.com
i think it will be fine.
then i have to force myself to get off the couch at 11 to get my hair cut.
peace out.

Monday, January 26, 2009

it's freezing here!

-it was 8* wen we walked to get coffee a couple blocks away.
i have a cold and it's a good day for it.
i am obsessed with Lost; i am on the season 4 finale....
i was watching all the episodes with cameron, but when i woke up at 4 this morning and
couldnt go back to sleep, i got like 5 episodes ahead of him...
it sucks when yu go to work at 3am, and thn come home and fall asleep at 6pm...then wake up at 4am naturally... boo....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dr. Bolton

at work today it was crazy, and i was calm, which was great.
dr bolton (no relation to michael, although they look like the could be).
he is RUDE.
he called me arrogant,
and said i did not have the capacity to understand how to manage a patient.
i say to him "NI"(monty python).
take your bad day out on someone else poopface.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Full Squish

new bike
(see below)

rocky mountain fanatik
(handmade canadian bike)
front and rear shock = full squish

see the pretty maple leaves??
sad day, we have to sell my old bike,
and cam is selling his cyclocross bike
and that will pay for this bike and we will
have money left over.
i am so cool.


holy cow.
note the date, and the temp.

Monday, January 19, 2009

the finished napkins

the finished napkins
oh so cute!

doesn't the one on the right remind you of sus k?
this especially reminds me of sus.
it's a tea towel!
i think i might make coord. napkins out of the top of te fabric!

thanks uncle dd

thanks kim and derek for the awesome new trashcan!
we got a gift card to the container store for christmas.
i had had the same trashcan since my soph year of college, and no matter how much you wash a white plastic trashcan, it still seems gross. this is one of our better investments!
the lid doesn't even slam, it closes quietly on its own :)

adios papel (bye bye paper)

most of you will think i am crazy, but most of you also know that i already am crazy.
you all know (and if you don't, then you obviously don't know me at all) that i am a little on the green side, okay, okay, my blood runs green.
i was randomly blogstalking people, when i came upon this new idea:
reusable toilet paper.
yes, at first my very first thought was "GROSS".
but then i started to think about how not gross it was, and how amazing it would be for: my body, the environment, for when we have kids (reusable wipes) and a million more reasons.
it was kinda crazy, but here is one website
but you can also google: cloth toilet paper.
yes everyone that i talk to (besides sus) is totally grossed out beyond belief, and almost every person has som story to try and deter me from doing it... little do they know, wipe by wipe i am saving their earth too.
so here i how i made some cute napkins and toilet paper.
1. buy cute 100% cotton cloth for napkins
100% cloth (i used flannel) for toilet paper
2. iron said fabric

3. cut said fabric into whatever size you want for napkins
-i just got 1/3yard for each print of fabric, then
cut that into 3 pieces... big enough for us.
-for the tp, i ct them into 6x6in squares (that's what google said)

4. sew a border around the tp, or it will really ravel away... i tried my hand at all the different stitches my machine can do, and it was fun to see them :) i used brown thread.
you can sew 2 tp's together inside out then flip them and sew around the edges again to make a border and have no raveling at all, but i was too anxious to get them done.

see the borders below

with the napkins, i actually hemmed them,
they are too cute to look ravely.
we use cloth napkins all the time, but i had a giftcard to the fancy tiger
and it has such cute fabric, i couldnt resist making napkins!!!


i love the napkins so much!
i will take pics of the other fabric later!
care of the toilet paper:
1. wipe
2. place in an aluminum trash bin labeled
"cloth toilet paper only"
3. once that fills up,
wash in washer on medium heat with regular detergent
(i use all clear)
4. dry (in dryer or on line) too cold out now :)
at some point soon i will make some wet wipes with
Dr Bronners soap
essential oils
but i dont have a container/wipe warmer...
so until then, just dry ones.
i love them so much so far.
*note: since i didn't hem them, i have to FOR SURE wash them separately, b/c strings get everywhere, even though i did sew around the edges.

i came home form work on saturday to find these:
just because

and thursda in the mail from mr. UPS man,
i got this:
my very own (working) computer!!!!
thanks to cam for letting me use his computer while he should be studying or something.
now i can get back into the blogging world.
so it has face recognition, so i don't type in the user-name, it's my face..
and when i took out my contacts and had my glasses on, it wouldnt let me sign in.... tricky-mctrickersons people.


Cam and I were on our way back from lunch at Pei Wei
and we saw a sign for a garage sale...
seeing as it is monday, i fel like the sale might be over.
but i just knew that there would be a sale, b/c
it is soooo nice outside (63*).
we got there, and it was over... bummer right?
but not, b/c there was a slew of stuff with a FREE sign on it!
and we found this awesome table.
we couldnt take much b/c we were in the honda..
but this was enough!

the legs were off when we got it,
and totally didnt think about it on the way home,
but there were no wingnuts with it.

ace (support smaller places people) only had 3 that would fit,
so i got a regular nut for the 4th leg :)
perfect sewing table!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a list

here is a list of things:

1. i just found out just now i. love. jasmine. tea.
sedating and relaxing qualities in it....
2. steepandcheap.com & chainlove.com
they will be addictions, and it's bad.
just check them out.
3. evangeline = good news in Greek
don't be a-stealing it people.
i am saving that name.
4. blog stalking people can lead to some old friends
(shout out to jake and christy)
-was blog stalking them from Lo's blog, and realized i knew Jake!
5. i made cam a homemade hot pocket! hopefully it will freeze and he can heat it up tomorrow, but i lost the real hot pocket heater upper thingys, and so i dont know what he's gonna do.
6. homemade pizza is now my specialty.
7. i almost bit it while riding my bike to yoga today (bike & snow = not always the best combo)
8. i have been to yoga for 3 times in a row, and my goal is to go every tues and thursday
that i my work schedule can allow... i really like this teacher and her name is lauren.
i think she thinks i am a student (going to DU for classes, b/c i get a crazy cheap disocunt since
cam is a student there), but oh well. and some guy's shoulder popped out of socket in class
today and i did NOT say anything about being a nurse. A: i was in crow position for 12 seconds
B: he wasnt gonna die.
9. addicted to Lost. i re-watched seasons 1&2, and am starting 3&4 and can hopefully watch
them all before the 21st, doubtful, but i will try.
10. i don't want to go to work tomorrow, but i am ready for it, after 5 days off.
11. i made some baby presents today!
12. i highly reccommend: The Walmart Effect, and I am sending it to my mother in law!
13. okay, must eat pizza and watch Lost and wait for cam to get home.

Monday, January 12, 2009


I received my very first award from Cousin Lo at Brad, Lo, and Ben. Woo hoo, thanks Lo!!
Once you've been awarded, the rules are:
1. Thank the person who was so thoughtful for giving you this award by linking their blog to this post.
2. Put the logo on your blog or post.
3. Nominate 10 (or so) blogs which show great attitude/gratitude.
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5. Comment them to tell them about the award they've won.

And the awards go to...
Laura and Andy
Gabs and Andy
Julie, Steve, and Will
Katie aka punchy
Brian, Odette, Sara, Brett

snowy day, organizing, dog, broken computer

It snowed today!
i think about 6 inches!

taken from the front door
schnooze eating a bone after her bath :)

taken from the kitchen, looking into backyard

new organizer thingy!
i copied Odette...
i put gift bags, paper, and tissue in it!

this was the best use of a target gift card EVER!
my closet is like miniature... well
just really long and narrow, with no light source...
so i moved 3/4 of the clothes from the cloest into the
basement into THIS!
seriously, i had forgotten about a lot of my clothes,
b/c I couldn't see them.
I seriously have to use a flashlight to see my clothes in the closet... no lie.

woo hoo!

another giftcard purchase... the lazy susan white thing.
from michaels.. thanks cannons!
love it!

also from michaels giftcard... the white hanging shelf!
love it!

today is a day to myself.
i am just lounging!
catching up on emails, blogs, pictures, laundry.
i will probably do some crafts later :)
on a side note: i have been so bad about the blog b/c our main computer crashed, and it hasnt really been working all of dec/jan... so we finally decided to use loan money and get a new one. Since cam has to take his to class, we rarely have a computer at home. He was nice to leave it for me today though! Other wise i was going to trek to the library :). Anyways, this new computer has "face recognition" instead of a password i am pretty sre it just uses the camera to look at my face! cool huh???
okay peeps... have a great snowy day!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cannons, Christmas, New Years Eve, and more!

This is a very long post, condensed into one!
December 20-23 the Cannons came:
Daivd, Lea Ann, Blake, and Alec!
When they got here, we ate at BeauJos Pizza (so good)
then came home and opened presents!!!!


that night we went to Chipotle for a late night snack.
This chipotle (2 blocks from our house) is the very first Chipotle ever!
The "Evans" chipotle.
The manager gave us a tour and free t-shirts!

alec got cameron this remote controlled helicoptor,
and he hasn't stopped playing with it yet :)
good job alec!
The next day we went to church, Mona's for lunch, the REI flagship, and a movie.
the next day alec, blake, and david went to Loveland to ski, and Lea Ann, Cam, and I met up with them and picked alec up, went to eat, and walk around georgetown, see snow, and drive up Kenosha Pass... it was beautiful.
we kept seeing these frozen waterfalls, and Lea Ann, bless her heart, wanted to get out of the car and see them, but this is what happened:
she was okay, and laughing :)
but her lovely d-in-law had to snap this pic...

once the boys got her up there!

we had gone to this hoomemade candy store in georgetown, and got horeberry (sp?) candy, ppl used to use it as medicine, but for some reason we wanted to try it. i thought it taksted like poo.
but the man that was helping me at the store was so cute, funny, and old. they also made their own ice cream. So i said to him "i have to know one thing, do you make all this ice cream yourself?" and he said he did, besides the sugar free one. i cant describe how funny he was but he just was. and he even made fun of me for eating and liking braums ice cream :)

alec's frozen non-gloved hands.
these people from TX, what are they thinking?

alec and cam sledding

alec pushing lea ann down the mountain!

getting a tour of cameron's internship/practicum

he's so smart!
after they left, we went to a movie, then opened our presents :)
the 24th we hung out at home,
then went to church, all dressed up!
it was where we used to meet when we were smaller
in an art gallery downtown!

laughing at something?

cool artwork huh?
i think this one was like $3500

close up
then cameron and kimel went snowshoeing/
adventure whatevers...
they built a fire from what was going to be flint
but turned out to be matches.
that took so long they didn't have time to
built their snow cave and catch a rabbit or something?



cam and kimel

then last night we went to stephen and lindsay's house
to play rockband and have appetizers

98% on medium suckas.
some war game
stephen and cameron

lo and brad got schnooze this for christmas!
she loves it, thanks cousins!
isn't she yoga and hip?
strutting her stuff in her new shirt!

me with my double chin,
and bethany with food in her teeth...
we never got another pic... sad day.
i was scared, until i sang Lump by The Presidents of the USA...

he looks like an old man

12/31/08 11:58pm so close!


the end.
Happy 2009.