Saturday, March 29, 2008

cameron & steve bombing down the mountain

Cameron has the flu - started wed night :(
yesterday he couldn't even get off the couch
today he says he feels medium well
But, when he doesn't feel so bad,
this is what he does:
Some of these pics are from:
Dakota Ridge/Matthew Winters
Somewhere Near Boulder
& Pueblo
*also, look at the faces they make, they are
very distinct :)

cameron doing a "wheelie drop"
I don't know if you can tell, but his front tire
is like 2ish feet off the ground
coming off that boulder that his
back tire is still on

you can see it better here
Yes, my husband is a nut


steve (look at the mouth/this is his sig. face)

cameron looking constipated

steve and his face
this is called "climbing"

steve doing his wheelie drop and his face

steve "wheelie drop"
also he learned how to do this
cool this with his camera... neat huh?

cam wheelie drop



That is all folks.
UPDATE on our friend Wes: wes has no large intestine
he is at home after having his ileostomy take down
( re-connecting his small intestines back together
and not having the ileostomy bag anymore).
and he is eating real food, just not a lot of it.
Pray he conts to feel better and gain weight!
ALSO! Genesis and Caleb are coming tomorrow!
They are headed skiing in Crested Butte,
but staying Sunday night with us on their way!!!!
I worked at Deaconess with Genesis
and she is super cool and I love her!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


God Knows.

He knows how bored I would have been at
the county court house all day.
FROM JURY DUTY for 2008!
Jury members #183-5302 have to report
I was #5459
*read post below as well :)


I was at Sam's Club today, getting ready to pull out
and I saw this guy pushing a cart full of eggs to his car
I said out loud (in my car)
then i decided I needed to take a pic
but I had to do it sooooo discreetly so he didn't see me.
I think he did see me, but I tried to play it off.
Monday we went MTB (mountain biking)
and I had my first wreck. I am totally fine, but got scraped up.
Cameron, however endo'd and also hit his chest on his handlebars.
as i was trying to take a pic of his chest,
i was chasing him around the house
trying to take other pics of him.
this is with his new haircut (so cute isn't he?)
(but angry face b/c I was chasing him)

chest wound.
He was calling himself Harry Potter, and I said
"cam, that's on his head" and he said
"well then call me John Potter"

my leg. but let me say, under the grease is a scratch.

mud, blood, and grease

my awesome beat up legs.

I had to work Sunday, so I couldn't go to church.
But we had fellowship group that evening, and went
bowling. Although hardly anyone came:
me, cam, steve, LB, tim, and andy,
we still had a lot of fun!

L to R: andy, tim, steve, LB, cameron

me. how lucky that an 11lb ball is green.
11 is my favorite number, and green is my fav color!
also, 11# is the perfect weight for me :)
me getting a strike (which i got like 5 that night!)

I don't know if you can tell but:
cam= 83
liz= 107
steve= 101
LB= hadn't finished
I totally beat TEAM COBRA! Even though they tried to play
it off that i kicked their butts!!!! WOO HOO!

The boys playing some retardo video game. They loved it.
Cam is sporting his "easter" shirt :)

PIG ROAST 3.15.08
our friends dad drove from SC with this in his truck.
It's not an above ground coffine thing, it's
a pig roaster. seriously.
the fire pit. it was a cool CO night
and this was perfect!

me & cam bundled up :)
Afterwards I did what I do at every party:
walked around and got peoples glass bottles/cans
to take home to recycle... i know i know,
i am a dork,
but a dork that wants to save the planet.
Now I am off to talk about all my life
problems at the psychologist.
And tomorrow JURY DUTY, BOO!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

4 parts

I decided to get this tub out for storing bike stuff we are gonna sell.
when i heard the dryer buzz telling me to put the
dry sheets on the futon, I had to
kick schnooze out of her normal napping place
So i put some pillows in the bin, and put her in it.
She stayed for awhile, and i began to call her:

she loves it

then today as i was uploading pics, i look over and...
BAM, she's in the bucket on her own :)
i proceed to laugh out loud.
my little bucket dog, i am so proud.



Sunday Night AHHHHH
cameron's not a yeller. but as i was checking my
email I heard him in the kitchen
making weird noises like he was dropping something.
Did he call out for help, no; did he yell, no; did he scream FIRE, no.
But our oven caught on fire...
and not that i cared our oven was on fire, but
i wanted to see it on fire. i mean it's not like we'd have to pay for it.
anyway, he had to use the fire extinguisher, and that crap's messy.
I didn't think you could tell in the pic, but ya, you can...
Super smoke filled house... at least it wasn't balls-cold outside,
we opened every window/door to our house, to de-smokify the place.

cam = firefighter

*shout out to mom, who made me keep a fire ext
in my college dorm
which i took to my next 3 college apts,
and my next house alone x 2 yrs,
and my move out to CO
so mom, thanks for making me dorky, but saving my life :)


cute/old picture cards

1. buy these blank cards
(cream woulda been cuter, but white = 50 for the same price of 40 creams)

2. scan some old photos you steal from your
grandma's house or your mom's house
(be smart when picking pics, look for ones that
have good themes for cards)

3. upload them onto
and get several prints of each
At the end when you are checking

your order before paying,
you can add a white border to all pics for free.
Do that to make them look old

4. get those pics in the mail
and finally say "yesssssss" when the mailman brings them

5. Buy some of this (always handy... more projects later): craft spray

6. *Forgot, but when getting ready to start spraying, do it outside,
or line your whole house with newspaper,
otherwise there will be glue spray EVRYWHERE,
even if you think you are covering the whole house really well,
you'll find it on your channel changer)

7. Spray this stuff onto back of pic

8. press pic onto card

9. let dry for about 10-15 min

10. send to people to make them laugh/cry/wish happy bday/love/miss

this was me when i was a wee tyke

(inside might say.... AWWW NUTS... i forgot)

that pic in the top is of: me, lo, and lane sitting on a couch
on the left is my dad with a guitar and a cane
(that might say "on the road again")

uncle lance and his wife???
"congrats on the wedding"



i'm not a student or a doctor or some famous person
i can't get out of it.
march 26
i'll keep you posted.
i am sure they won't let me take pics for the blog.... suckers.

P.S. don't get the flu (or whatever i had) unless you don't want to
eat for 24 hrs and puke a lot. Boo. I got better (monty python ehh ehh??).

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random In The Life Of Liz

Schnooze being a cutey
This is where she is most of the day,
on the futon in the office
The pizza I made a week ago (delay in posting)
I used leftovers for the next day in cooking
it's a take on the previous post yumm-o pizza
But the night before i made naan and hummus and eggplant/onions
so i re-used the eggplant mixture and put oregano (fresh) on top!

This was not really what I had in mind making a scone
but i kinda winged it with sus's help
but instead of lightly spreading jam in the middle
i doused it, chalk full of blackberry jam
which made it more like a cobbler
which wasn't bad, just not what i had in mind

still v. tastey (v.= shout out to lo & leslie)

new keens!
We got our dividend back from REI
and i was able to get these and new mtb gloves
(those are for our mtb trip in july)
AND Cam still gets to use the other 1/2 of the dividend!
rei is so cool.

so cute huh? comfortable, yet stylish!

schnooze looks dead, but she's not. look at
her little paw over her nose :)

1. sorry it's taken me so long to post, comp sounds like it's about to die
and was going soooo slow
2. go to this blog, about a girl my same age who has CF
and was going in to get all the testing done to be on the double lung transplant list
and then found out she was pregnant
and this is her story thru her journey, told by her husband
3. cameron is stressed about getting enough counseling hours (90+) before he grads
and 27 more hours in culteral immersion (buddhism). so if you need counseling or not, pls go visit and request cameron at Lost & Found
or if you are a buddhist
call or email or comment so he can interview you!!!!
4. 2 months and 6 days til he graduates and we can call him
5. it is like 60 degrees outside!
6. movies i have watched in the past 2 days:
The Perfect Witness: SUCKED scary but made me feel gross
a story about a college film student who stalks this serial killer and then ends up
doing a documentary about his serial killings.... sounds good, but nope.
Becoming Jane: Okay, but really hard to get into
A story about Jane Austen and her life growing up (really about from 20-60 years old)
Across the Universe: just really bad minus how great the Beatles songs were re-done
A musical using all Beatles songs. Story line: some English kid comes to NY and makes
random friends and they all live together and he (Jude) falls in love with (Lucy) and
blah blah blah. I just couldn't get into this either.
Michael Clayton: weird weird weird... don't really know why why why George Cloony picked
this script. It was about a lawyer that ends up stumbling upon this 16 year old lawsuit
pertinant piece of info and was gonna be the hero (kinda reminded me of Erin
Brockovich) but he gets followed by the other side of the lawsuit people. Sounds good,
just a bad execution of the story.
Five People You Meet in Heaven: first off, didn't read the book, may have been my first
mistake. But it was weird and boring.
Story of old man carnival maitenence man that dies and his life in heaven. He meets 5
people that were significant in his life and comes to peace with them.
Tuesdays with Morrie: love love love love it!!!! Did read the book.
Story of a very busy sports writer that sees his old buddy college prof on the news, and
he is dying. He ends up spending every Tuesday with his until he dies, learning very
valuable lessons about life, love, and death. LOVED IT!
I know it looks like a lot of movies, but I had to turn off Across the Univ and 5 people you meet
in heaven, b/c they were sooooo boring.
7. I am planning some crafts this afternoon.
8. I am still doing my bi-weekly workout and even got some 8lb weights to lift so my awesomely huge muscles!
That's all for now, enjoy the day!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday, March 03, 2008

Videos of the weekend

home from the sooner state

I flew out to Oklahoma Friday at about 10:00am
Susanne met me at the airport with Sophie.
It was pretty crazy b/c I get a call from the cousin lauren, as i am waiting for sus
she is yelling into the phone that she can see me, and she in under the SW sign!
She was picing up her friend katie, and we happened to be there at the same time!
it was cool, b/c then i got to see baby ben!!!!
anyways, susanne, lo, ben, sophie, and i hung out for about 10 minutes!

friday 2.29.08
we all went to 501 cafe: susanne, sophie, sister sus, and me
sophie had pulled her pony tail thing out and had a crazy mohawk!!!!

drooling up a storm!

sus and soph, aren't they the cutest?

seriously, don't you just want to eat her?

we went to the park afterwards, and she was just having a blast.
i musta brought the warm CO air with me, b/c it was about 70 degrees!

it looks as though my dear friend is pushing her
first born daughter into the duck pond... hmmmmm
"here ya go sophie, just a little bit closer"

me, sus, and soph
(i guess sus decided it would be too much trouble to push soph in, that's why she's not wet)
i am holding my socks, b/c i had to take them off, too hot

looking for ducks

me making sure she does not touch goose poop

sus's 16-week belly
sophie's 15 month old belly!

sus & chris's house dog: ninnah

chris (sus's hubby) & ninnah

me and susy sitting on the porch listen to the boys
play bob dylan. we then headed to Braum's...
a classic "sus" face :)

she claims she is not a hippie, b/c hippies live in vans,
don't drive anywhere
(wait how do they live in vans, but not drive, sus... hmmm?),
and they don't eat out. Those are the only criteria that make up
a hippie, according to sus. But she lives in one room (like a van),
only drives b/c she lives in Okla, and doesn't hardly ever eat out.
she is a total hippie.
I mean c'mon, we made homemade hummus and pitas for dinner.

saturday 3.1.08
Gram reading her letter to OSU to get financial aide
after she was accepted to the
OSU PhD Clinical Pschycology Program in 1973
in honor of Cam getting into school

liz & sus after a pancake breakfast made by grammy fre-fre
(she hates that name, but deuce made it stick)

sus, liz, and dad

dad and maggs

dad, liz, gram

then we went to lauren and brad's house

sus kissing benny boop

baby yawn

note the first clothing change.... he just got a diaper
change, and changed from his jammies

katie and ben
(lo's friend from college in town for a wedding)

note the second clothing change,
he pooped out on the oregon clothes
and sus changed his clothes and diaper
sunday 3.2.08
at gram's after church, Lo and ben

ben LOVES all sports, watching with his papa brad

at 4pm sus and i headed out to the airport
but first we stopped at the froese's
to see laura (it's her bday today, she's old), andy, tucker, and yoda
see their blog for the Goodle tucker (it's really a golden doodle, but
it just makes more sense to shorten it to Goodle)
and yoda is a white mini schnauzer
tucker is the funiiest dog that you ever did see
i could stare at him for hours
and yoda hates me.
we did not take any pics, b/c we left our stuff in the car
as to not contaminate anything (laura has the flu)
then we stopped by Sauced in OKC
it is a cute pizza/coffee/alcohol/artist place
sus holding a vase

it looks like an add for odwalla, but nope,
just sitting in front of the fridge

cool atmosphere (pic without flash, which suits the coffee shop)

Then we look, and there is massive amts of lightning
and we had been talking to cameron all day
about my flight being delayed (there was about 3in of snow in denver)
and it had been delayed from 7:30 to 9:40
and then when sus dropped me off
delayed until 10:18, but they swore it was still gonna come.
then it got delayed til 11:30
then 12:00am
then 12:30am
then 1:18am
and the plane got in to okc about 12:50am and
we boarded and left about 1:30am
poor cam had to wait up for me so he oculd pick me up.
we got into bed at 3am, and he woke up for class at 7am.
but i am back and it feels good to be home.
susanne r: i sat next to a guy that went to UNC and knew Reed!