Thursday, May 31, 2012

our house is a very very very fine house

oldies but goodies

sus LOVED pigs when she was little

 this is one of my favs
 i think that's me
 guys, i promise we were so cool.
 dharma initiative dad
 mom and david in '97
 pooped out sisters
 i love that i finally look like the cute one
and sus is all weird
 don't you want to steal my momma's dress
 i may look cool
but what about the people next to me?
jail bird & mc hammer
 oh susy q
 what is sus wearing?
 this reminds me of this pic
 cool ski cat
 i look just like my momma
 momma and aunt judy
 momma and uncle haden
 the day i was born
doesnt mom look hot!

 so cool
 smoking gives you cancer?
 lots of makeup mom
 talking with her hands
 dont know
 dying about this pic-
seriously laughing so hard
 monkies arent dangerous
 oh sus....
 yup, i was the donkey
i know i have talked about this before
but do you see that string around my neck


congrats to these crazy kids :)
caleb asked Lauren to marry him on top of a mountain
she said yes :)
he's had the ring burning a hole in his pocket since Feb.
and was waiting for the first time they went to the cabin!!!
we had an engagement dinner at
with a champagne toast!!!!

hazel even got gussied up for the event
and stayed up WAYYYY past her bedtime :)
congrats Lo and Caleb!
We love you so much!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

8 months old

how are you so old????
i don't understand.
you are rolling like a little rolly poley.
you roll everywhere.
you love to eat, but if you don't like it, you turn your head and bat at the spoon.
you want to feed yourself, or play in the food...not good.
you love puffs and love the pick them up... 
you usually hold 4 at a time and then i find them stuck all over you.
you love standing all the time, but still need help.
you got a new bouncy exersaucer thing and you love it!!!
you have learned to hit an object on another one
and that it makes noise!
you still aren't saying mama, but pretty much everything else :(
you mimic what we do and it's so cute.
you love Hans and Schnooze so much and they make you laugh.
you are starting to hold your arms up to be held,
and although I am sure it's a bad habit, i don't care-it makes my heart swell.
your cheeks, arms rolls, legs rolls, and belly are my fav thing.
I love that you are so incredibly chunky.
Everyone says you are the cutest baby they have ever seen,
and it's true.
They also say you are so happy and content.
There are a few days you aren't, but 98% of the time,
you are so easy going and chill-laxed.
it's lovely.
those 2 bottom teeth are great, but i think you must be getting more...
they should hurry up and come all at once...
teething sucks.
i love you little bean pod.


some randoms.

 mom and david came to visit
and it so happened to fall on mothers day.
Saturday I woke up to being on call.
Cam and Hazel went to get me coffee and breakfast.
and cam and i hung out til mom and david arrived.
sunday (we skipped  church) cameron cooked us breakfast
then mom and i went to ikea and fancy tiger
(without hazel, and it was fabulous)
monday we went to say bye to kim, troy, and garrett
and we met with a realtor!!!!
(i will keep you posted on the house situation)
tuesday i had to work
then we looked at houses
and started to recover the chair
wednesday mom and david left.
we had good food, good company, and good laughs.
we can't wait for them to come back.
 they love their girl.
they babysat a lot
and although they were worn out,
i was refreshed!!!
 today cailly and lauren came over to hang out
and watch The Help
we all had read the book,
but only C had seen the movie.

It was a good day!

bye bye pattersons

kim, troy, and garrett moved this week.
to dallas :(
hazel is gonna miss her first true love
and i will miss friendship :(

the chair

i got this gem at the thrift store for $6.99
no lie.
yes it needed work... but it was perfect for a reading nook for H.


 on mothers day i took my mom to fancy tiger
and we picked this awesome fabric out
*thanks shellie for the gift card :)
at $16.50/yard and 2 yards
it was a steal!!


it matches her room perfectly
but i finished it after she was in bed...
so maybe pics later?