Monday, January 24, 2011

cashmere blanket II

here's the full thing

this is the back fabric
you can see small rectangles of white thread
these are my quiltings
but they also secure the front rectangles in place

see here

front rectangle

love it.

the dress part II

here are real photos de la dress

the back

the front
up close buttons

hat and panties

my head is sooooo small :)
the hat for an infant ALMOST fits me...
the ribbons are to secure that sucker
down in high winds
everything all together :)

houston houston here we come

my awesome uncles invited us down to Houston
for a quick trip.
they flew us down to look at some furniture
they wanted us to have before they moved to SC.
we got to go to an art gallery showing too!

self portrait

he chose not to smile.
but see the painting in the back?
colorado aspens :)

their dogs
houston and buckey
(fyi: buckey broke his toe, so he's in a splint
wrapped with plastic and duct tape for durability
but the neck brace is just a variation on the e-collar so he won't lick it)
oh little cam
we had a great time and can't wait to visit them in Charleston, SC!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

super cute baby dress

what do you do when you have a $0.50 pattern from the thrift store
and some suer cheap fabric from joanne's
plus a bunch of free fabric at home?
*sorry for the bad battery's dead
and im using my phone.

50 cent pattern
never been used!
hat, dress, panties

fabric covered buttons!
my fav
and oh so easy
*the bodice fabric was on sale for $3.50/yd from like $20/yd
and i had the pink floral... it's a PB kids twin sheet from a garage sale

it was only my second time to do button holes
and my first time to baste and gather
and i've never really done elastic right.
AND it was my first time to use a pattern!!!
i think i succeeded!
i don't know who this is for, but i just like to look at it for now.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

cashmere blanket

don't you want to be friends with him?
since i can't cuddle him in real life...
i will make a blanket of his wool.
shouldn't all our clothes be made of this stuff?
i used this book

the instructions are super simple
but here's the low-down
get some cashmere sweaters at the thrift store
wash them in hot water
dry them
deconstruct them...
pretty much just cut them to yeild the largest amt of fabric
the blanket is going to be roughly 45"x60"
so, i think i had 4-5 womens sweaters
(pullovers yeild the most useable amt)
then cut them into 15" wide pieces of varying lengths
piece together
then pick a backing
i got 2 yards, and had lots leftover
mine was a sweatery material on sale at joanne's for like $2/yd
place the right sides together, and sew 3 sides
and part of the 4th side,
turn right side out,
the stitch the hole closed
and then "quilt" the areas desired.

this was without the back sewn on,
but i did it i promise.
oh i also added little rectangles of fabric
randomly, like in the first picture.
i did this after sewn together, and made it part of the quilting.
now i have a super soft, cuddly blanket!
and since we pre-washed it, it's totally machine washable!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


it's not very often you see a blog
love it
then can be friends with the blogger.
well, that's not exactly how it happened...
this new gal and her fam started coming to church.
i knew who she was, but didn't ever realllllly know her.
i heard great things,
knew she threw fabulous parties,
and knew she cloth diapered.
we were destined to become great friends.
but did i mention she is gorgeous?
so i was scared to talk to her.
until... i got invited to a baby shower she was throwing.
and we talked.
and she is so cool.
and i found out she has a blog.
i hope our busy lives can mesh more.
here are some of the amazing things from her blog!

tea wreath
had a lesson in making one of these
my friend lauren LOVED it
it was also featured on apt therapy
tote bag
reading nook for her son
made out of pallets



she and her sister actually do this blog
but i havent met her,
they were in a competition online called
so you think you're crafty.
and they won!!!
anyway, this was one of the weeks
the assignment was to use yarn
for her daughter's room

memory book
-made out of a placemat

such a cute dress!

some of you may have received one of these in the mail
i got a tutorial on how to make these!

amazing parties

hello, don't you want to go to this one?

or this one?

her sis made this for sytyc

how freaking cute are they?

i NEED to make this
made out of repurposed headed for the trash items

anthro inspired bedding...
saw this in real life...
must have some day.
i also would like this.

and look what her sis did for her 30th bday!
ps: i want this for mine!

visit their blog often!!!!!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

a list for 2011

1. have less clutter
2. sell stuff from house to make money
3. redo furniture and sell online
4. have a garage sale with our old stuff when we get the riggs/joyner stash!
5. make the basement room have a cohesive style.... do something with the mish mash of art
6. hang curtains in unfinished part of basment, and make an officey space
7. make art for bedroom
8. buy a jigsaw and sander
9 organize better
10. buy nothing for myself
11. cook a lot
12. be a better wife
13. complain and gossip less
14. be more encouraging
15. pray more
16. visit sus and chris
17. sew from a pattern
18. use fabric from stash
19. fix ma's quilt and use it!
20. bake bread from recipes de la sus
21. blog more more more