Friday, June 18, 2010

4 years!!!!!!!!!!

i married this hunk 4 years ago yesterday!

we ate at rioja last week for an early present
but last night we had thai and ben & jerry's ice cream
walked through cameron's new building for class
and had a nice relaxing night.
yeah for marriage!!!!!

May 19th

So May 19th...
Sus, Chris, & I drove to the Cape of Good Hope
it's in a National Park
It was a beautiful day, windy, but pretty!

Cape Point is actually more of an attraction than CoGH
We hiked to the lightouse!

look how pretty the water is!!!
we could see old shipwrecks in the distance.

touching both sides of the cape ;)

at the lighthouse.
this sign you can see says things like NYC 950 miles (or however many)

our picnic at the CoGH

it was very very windy

sus and i got in the water
this counts as swimming right????

swimming at the cape of good hope
for dinner sus and i went to sushi, while chris saw a movie!
perfect day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

May 18th

Sus & I walked around the market near Long Street during the morning.
Then we headed to Boulder Beach after a nap.
Boulder Beach is the home of like 3000 pengiuns.
You can pay (like a sucker) to get on the beach,
OR walk along the boardwalk FOR FREE!!!

umm, i wanted to smuggle this little guy back home with me,
but the sign says no.... whatever fools.
"mom, my neck is so fat, i can't move"

"taking a rest"

hence the name, boulder beach

not fake, i swear

just coming back from a swim

There were lots of BEWARE OF BABOON signs
"baboons are dangerous, DO NOT feed baboons"
but while we were driving back, this is what we saw...

Just contemplating when he was gonna just on our car and beat us up.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

May 17

learned about apartheid & mandela

on the ferry
(there = not so bad, back= all 3 sea sick)

sus and chris by the water, it got so cold and windy and foggy... scary!

an actual man who was prisoner on this island.
he was so cute!

mandela's cell.

bucket to pee in, table with plate, a couple blankets.

shortie smalls and longy longs

toasting for Gram :)
(if you think these look fun, keep checking,
there will be the most amazing pics of your life)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

May 14-16

click to enlarge the pic... sus is showing her "hooters"

sus driving!!!!

unwrapping the plastic off our checked bag from
jo-burg to capetown
May 14th:
had breakfast with cameron at pete's before I left
Bethany took me to airport

rushed to get connection in DC... was able to get sus and chris an ipod charger before flight, a new book, and some dinner.

watched on plane: it's complicated, movie with matthew brod and keri russell, and 27 dresses.

took 2 benadryl to fall asleep.
May 15th:
slept mostly
landed at 4:15pm

finally got to sus and chris about 5:15!!!!
soooo excited!!!
had the hostel pick us up.
stayed at ShoeString Backackers in Jo-burg.
ate sandwiches and avocados for dinner.
May 16th: to airport for flight to Cape Town.

rented car
poor sus... was the first driver.
chris navagating, and i was the looker outer (to see if we were clear to change lanes).

drove to hostel: Long Street Backpackers.

got lunch.

Picked up some dinner for a picnic on Table Mountain

Took the cable car up Table Mountain, hiked around a bit, watched sunset.

Came back down and got drinks and nachos on Long Street!!!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

not avoiding posting, just working a lot.
will post monday!!!!