Tuesday, August 24, 2010

dont remember which day part 2

this was on our way driving out of Mkhaya

wow!! a rhino!!!
the guide said we could walk up to the fence.
what is the use of the fence?
i have no idea.
i knowwww it's not keeping me safe.
these guys were just meandering.

oh ya know, just taking a few pics with rhinos... no biggie.

as sus was taking my pic, she said that the rhino
that was farthest away in the last pic was walking towards me.
this face was "what do i do?"
the guide said to just stay still.

"oh crap"

i think she just wants her picture taken.
i am from Colorado you know.

holy moly!!!!

she's so sweet.
not allowed to pet her though.


is she trying to see if i can fit in her mouth,
or is she kissing me?

close up!
aren't they like dinosaures?


it really just wanted a picture next to sis!
awesome huh?
this is the point when i said, i think i feel like i am in Africa now.

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Leslie said...

these are some AMAZING adventures!!