Friday, October 29, 2010

door to door organics

door to door organics

about d-t-d organics

even meet the farmers
my friend lauren is doing this, and convinced me to also.
we get our first box on monday, and i can't wait!
so now we will get our milk and eggs delivered by royal crest
our veggies and additional items if we so choose from d-t-d o
and lauren even gets her free range organic local meat delivered
(which we will also do later).
cameron hates to go to the store, and loves having fresh. so here we go!

i love that local items are available to add to my order like:
boulder chips
apples aplenty apple sauce
bobo bars
boulder hot sauce
chocolove choc bars
conscious coffee
justins peanut butter
madhava honey and agave nectar
organic india tea
rudi's breads
two moms in the raw granola
we can also buy: cereal, toilet paper, snacks, canned goods, soups, oils, and more (organic).
i will tell you how it goes!!!!


for my bday
i got to go visit bethany in bama!
i flew in on friday evening.
she picked me up and even had flowers :)
we decided to go out to eat, b/c she was pooped
from school and i was pooped from flying.
stephen joined us... poor guy!
we ate at this cute place, i forgot the name,
cortman's maybe?
we sat outside, and it was beautiful.
we shared a bottle of wine
and fried cheese grits with shrimp and pulled
pork sliders.
then had dessert next door
i had a carrot cake ball.
we stayed up late chatting
and hanging out.
the next morning we visited the farmers market
(b, send me my honey!!)
and got some honey, flowers, and bread.
we ate at an outdoor cafe
and had bananas foster french toast.
then we headed to the beach/outlet mall.
we found a few great deals,
including a sweater and cords for stephen!
then we headed to the beach.

isn't my friend pretty?

oh yes folks, we're in alabama

the beach wahoo!
it was sooooooo windy!

i made her do this

check out that lady's hair.

b and stephen

i tried to steal her skirt when i left,
but she wasn't having any of that.
skirt from tulle

i want to squeeze you bethany
then we met her mom and stepdad
for dinner.

the roll was bigger than my head
and yes, that is a mug FILLED with pop.
we thought we were gonna die we were so full.

sunday we went to church
i got to meet some of her friends
we went to a thrift store and the grocery store
and then made dinner at home
we made shrimp salad
and i made her get this pumpkin beer, so tastey!

poor ella.
we had a great time.
now she has to come here.
ps: she is kicking butt in med school, has only made 1 B on a test, the rest A's.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


when i was little @ halloween
liz and sus

what? you can't read that?

me either, b/c i'm that old today.

my vision is going, along with my hearing, and memory.

just think, in 1 more year... i'll be pretty much dead.





so far i have had an excellent birthday.


i spent the weekend in Mobile, AL (pix to come)

with my bff!


came home to a hot husband and

2 adorable dogs.


got some great finds at the thrift tuesday

and 2 great lamps!


had many calls, emails, fb's, texts, songs

from friends, family, and cool people

to make my day today


had a custom almond poppy seed with cream cheese frosting cake via lauren & some really cute fingerless gloves that i can't wait to wear!


didn't have to take my patient to MRI, trent did it for me :)


pulled the whole: "it's my birthday" card

and didn't have to fill up the jeep with gas

AND got panag curry for dinner!

thanks for making it special y'all!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

What's in my freezer

A play off katie's post:
Ice trays
Camel backs x2 (to keep from getting moldy)
Frozen strawberries
Frozen bananas
Steak from farmers market
Candy bars from costco
A burrito from when Bethany cleaned out her freezer and moved in July...
Freezer jam
I think that's it
At the airport or I'd add pics :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


here are some random q's i am answering b/c i like to fill in forms.

1. what's on your nightstand?
-i don't have room for a nightstand, so we are (still) using the headboard my aunt (lent or gave) me when i was a jr. in college. and it has a shelf.
so on that i have:
a lamp (it was 2, but cam knocked one off and broke it),
some books,
a pen,
some massage oil i use for lotion b/c denver is so dry,
some chapstick,
a magazine,
i think that's it.

2. where do you watch tv?
well, we don't have cable, or really any television, but we have a tv/monitor that dad gave us.
so we have it in the basement, which we recently started utilizing. and we watch hulu and netflix all the time. 24 season 3 is like our crack.

3. do you do a budget?
yes and no. we were amazing at a budget for the first 3 years. and then i don't know what happened. so we are re-vamping and using i will let you know. i have been working my butt off since july with a million extra shifts, but its like where's the money. so we are getting strict and crazy and gonna be billionaires soon.

4. when are you having babies?
soon i hope. cam has 2.5 years left of school, and we are talking seriously about it now. but want him to be a dr. so i don't have to work full time. we don't want to have to use daycare. plus sus and i have been talking about meeting up in morocco or egypt in sept 2011 and i don't want to be pregos there. so soon my friends soon. i promise, youll be some of the first to know.

5. what famous person would you be bff with?
michael cera, jennifer garner, reese witherspoon, ellen

6. what is something you wish you could do that doesn't really seem like a possibility?
i would love to be a vet or vet tech or an animal daycare person...already have a ft job
a painting artist... i just don't think my brain works that way
designing anthro windows...hello... how can i do this please
i want to be on project runway, but i don't even know how to sew a dress/pant/jacket
i want to wear high heels all the time... but i tend to fall and my legs feel like jello
travel ALL THE TIME. for some reason, cam HATES to travel. i mean hates. so it's like twisting his arm to even go to a wedding that he's in... i know bizarre.

7. coupons?
ummm, yes please. i went through a phase where i onlybought w/ coupons, then i went thru a phase (albeit a ridiculous one) that i only shopped at whole foods, and now i am back to a more normal phase of: use coupons when i can, but cook from scratch.
so these websites i have found useful : the do the dirty work for me, and then i just do what they say:

organic deals
springsbargains - only for colorado springs, but i find it works in denver too

for example:
they have a link for $1 off reach dental floss, then showed where it was on sale for $1, making it free. i got coffemate creamer on sale for $0.27 at king soopers. AND organic coconut milk from WF for $0.44 (usually $2). Anyway, it's fun to check out, and then you also don't have to hunt on your own, AND you only have to get the things you would use. AND they show lots of online freebies/cheap deals, and they always have a lot of baby things. So.... there ya go!!!

8. workout?
i like to, and it makes me feel good, but i am not motivated at all.
i likethe 30 day shred and jillian michaels trouble zones.

9. what's in you netflix cue?
bones season 5, fifteen and pregnant, the memory keepers daughter, glee season 1

10. what are 10 things you love?
-1. fall and everything about it
-2. crafting, seeing things and being able to copy them, or adapt them to what i can do
-3. not being afraid of the basement anymore
-4. having 2 dogs, 1 big, 1 small
-5. being a nurse and literally saving lives
-6. having a legacy from grandpa that we can carry on: like "rebuliding oklahoma"
-7. my husband. he loves me even when i am cranky and mean
-8. living in colorado, why live anwhere else?
-9. living in a house, as opposed to an apt.... it's like real life.
-10. frito chili pies.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

couldn't you just eat him up?

"I like to lean over the couch and watch my mom on the computer," hans.

blake & jenn cannon

we arrived in arkansas about 1200
we had a tuxedo mishap and had to stop in Rogers for the tux
... and blake's tie.
we made it to eureka springs around 1:30
we socialized with the fam at the cabins
and "watched" the OU vs TX game
then cam and i went to check in at the belladonna
it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!

for any of you wanting to take a calm weekend away
i totally recommend this place!
organic breakfast
close to town
great host!!!!!

then we went back for the rehearsal dinner
of awesome bbq (pulled pork i love you)
after that, we went to jenn's cabin
and had a little get-together
with the bridal party
and got to know jenn a little better
it was so much fun
we love jenn, she fits in perfectly with the fam
and we love her friends!!!!
she and blake are perfect together!

the brothers
blake and jenn got sweatshirts for the bridal party
with their nicknames on the back...
cam's was: slamcake

in the morning cam and i walked to the downtown area
on our street we saw all these little deer.
then we came back for the jacuzzi and coffee :)
after that we had a "brunch" at the cabins
more family was headed in!

Lea Ann, Austin (jenn's son), and Alec

cam and mima (isn't she soooo cute?)

after i got ready for the wedding, we headed back to the cabins.
can you see the hat i am wearing?
i loveeeeeeee it!
also, i curled my hair, but never got a back shot... let me just say
it was super cute!

me and cam

minus one groomsman getting his jacket on

alec, blake, cameron

all the boys getting ready to walk towards the chapel

can i just say
i love my outfit.
the plan was never to wear the cardigan and belt,
but it was just too chilly without it.

the chapel.


yes sir.e.bob.
austin walked his momma down the aisle.
we all teared up.

how much cuter can you get?

the bride and groom :)

the kiss!!!

the wedding party, with kids running away.


after this we headed back to the cabins for the reception.

let's just say there was mexican food, lots of dancing, and lots of good times!


congrats mr and mrs cannon!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Drinking coffee waiting for my hot stone massage, seems like I have the life :)