Sunday, March 31, 2013

easter 2013

the saturday before easter, cameron took H to easter egg hunt at the local park.
they were having a neighborhood easter egg hunt.
it just so happened that Lili and Poppy were in town for Poppy's work.
So, they got to go too!!!
How is it that we have no pics of them?
I promise they were here!
Lili made sure H looked super cute!

 on actual easter, bethany took a lot of pics in the morning,
so i will have to post those when i get them.
after church, a picnic in the park, and a nap,
H and I colored on the sidewalk with chalk from her basket
then we dyed eggs while waiting for S, B, and C to get home for dinner!
then we headed to park burger for a delish supper!

 waving at the cars

 climbing over the rocks to smell the flowers

 she kept cracking the eggs like she sees me do when we cook :)
 self portraits

 i actually loveeee this one, boogers and all

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

yogurt face

this is what breakfast is like at the cannon house

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

autumn's bday

a quick lunch at Kaos Pizza during a super nice day
for a good friend's bday lunch!
what were those kiddos doing?

Saturday, March 09, 2013

lawrence, ks

we headed to Lawrence, hoping H would sleep most of the time,
and she did!!! We only had 1 melt down, and it was easily remedied!
we made it there, and unloaded.
we then went to alyson's house to chill out,
then headed to eat sushi for dinner.
we rented a movie, only to remember once we were home,
that chris had the computer... BOO!
In the morning we headed to the grocery store,
then to brenda's house for a midwife appt
then to anna's house to see the animals and get more milk for sus!
just as we walked back there, we noticed
the mama sheep had just given birth to 3 baby lambs!!!!
one that was a week old was having to be bottle fed.

Friday we made mozzarella

 Candace and Arthur came over to help!

 eating my fav. olive bread

 this pic was taken at the grocery store :)

 then, candace helped sus make the cake for the shower.

 the shower was saturday.
it was fabulous!
minus the thunderstorm/torrential downpour.

 the food was amazing!

 ABC book

 Ali came all the way from Iowa
 cute mama's (soon to be mama)

 lindsay drove in the rain from OK
she and sus didn't plan their outfit...

 Terry & Mom

 Anna's baby girl, Zoe.

 it was a really really good shower.
thanks for having a baby sus, so i could do this!