Saturday, December 29, 2007

schnooze on christmas day

this is schnooze hating her boots. she's awesome.

Lot's o Things

This was 12/21 and it was snowing (well i think it was the 21st, coulda been the 20th??)!!!!

So, then on the 19th i had a really bad headache, super bad, but then it got a little better, so i went to work on the 20th. and the HA came back, and my nurse friends asked me to take my blood pressure... so i did and it was 164/115 which is really really bad. anyway, they prompted me to go to the ER. So i did, but they didnt do anything. So i went to work the next day and got a Dr.'s appt and they let me leave work at 11:00. Then she put me on BP meds til she could figure out what was wrong with me. She is amazing. So I missed work friday to get some blood work done. then she did an EKG (heart test) and that was okay, my pee was okay, and my neuro exam was okay. So i had an appt the 28th. So i went to get my meds filled and had to get a BP cuff to monitor my BP. I went to the Dr yesterday afternoon and so far so good, but she is gonna take me off my Birth Control meds to see if that is the culprit. Then if that doesnt help, kidney ultrasound, then i don't know what else. but my blood work came back great and my cholesterol is awesome. so we'll see.

Then i was off about 7.5 days (b/c i was sick 1.5 of them) around christmas which was great!

Christmas eve after church we went to Brian and Odette's house for a
little intimate party! I made pesto/cream cheese dip!!! yummo!!!


this was without the shrimp and bacon wrapped scallops...

brian and cam always look like a couple when
one of them holds sara and they are talking....

liz and o

this IS NOT our baby, but she's cute enough to be :)

uno attack, cam kept trying to cheat, what's new

brian getting "attacked"
the face thing was posed though :)
long giraffe neck liz

broken wrist odie getting "attacked"


tim, cam, brian, and dan playing some video game

tim and dan (his bro) came over for breakfast and we stayed in our pj's all day it was awesome.
I looked outside at 7:30 and it was pouring snow!!!!

presents with tim and dan's stockings

schnooze in her snow gear (she hates those boots) and her vest says naughty

after we opened presents, we made breakfast and started making the turkey.
this is cameron with the "throat" SICKOUT

hand in turkey

tim making something, cam carving turkey

Buddy (tims dog), yes he looks high
cam carving turkey

place setting
place setting, check in the napkin ring, i am so martha
we had wine and cider
scary turkey leg cam
look how much snow now!

making the darned apple pie i cored my wrist, doesnt it look like a bird?

So we went sledding after we ate and hung out and played guitar hero (which i love and am addicted to). we had a lot of fun and then cam tied a rope behind the jeep and we sleddig (knee boarded) behind the jeep, it was fun. i slipped on an icy part and bruised and bloodied up my knee. boo. it was a lot of fun but tiring.
gifts we got that we loved the most:
Cameron: frame and fork for his bike from his parents/bro
bash ring for his bike from me
money and giftcards from many peeps
Liz: aveda spa and salon gift card from David and LeaAnn and Alec
Cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld from Susanne
Real Simple subscription from Laura and Andy
giftcards and money from many peeps
actually i loved everything i got and so did cameron, but there are too many things to list
thanks friends and family!
Then we woke up at 6:15am to go skiing at Keystone
Liz, Tim, and Dan at the Lodge waiting for cam.
I was the only one skiing, and it was cam's first time snowboarding.
tim and dan

liz and cam
look how pretty the background is. i love colorado.
We were so tired. And tim had to take dan to the airport (flying home to alaska) right after we skiied. but after he took him all the way to the a/p and was heading back, dan's flight was canceled, and tim had to go pick him up. anyways, it was a long day and we (me and cam) hurt so bad. cam fell a lot and felt like he fractured his rib, and i felt like my knees were 80 years old.
Needless to say, this was one of the best christmas's we have ever had. even though we were away from our family, we had a home away from home with tim and dan and brian and odette!
Merry christmas everyone!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

tattoos & babies

So, I had planned this for awhile, but I was pumped it finally happened.
I was getting my second tattoo... Liz was getting inkd :)
I was going with my friend Tim, and he was getting my old tattoo on his wrist.
And I was getting a dove on my left foot.
Tim goes to school with cam, and during the break, he is working as a limo driver...
His new nickname is Lloyd Christmas... he kinda looks like him.
So Tim says he is gonna be a little late., but it's totally gonna be worth it.
And he pulls up in a limo!!!!!!!!!! Crazy huh?
The first pic was taken later after the tattoo.
We went to Celebrity Tattoo in Lodo on Market Street!!
Tim driving the limo :)
Tim aka Llyod Christmas after he got to our house

before shot of my foot... so clean and fresh

Mark mark my tat artist cleaning my foot and putting the design on it

Actually doing the tattoo with the very sharp needle. Boy did it hurt.... 45 min of
pretty excrutiating pain, nothing like Lo's childbirth, but I was seriously
wondering if it was as painful as childbirth.... it was so much worse than my
other tattoo. No pain no gain right? Some dude told me pain was just weakness leaving the body...

the after!!!! Isn't it awesome!

new and old tats

Then at our christmas party for our fellowship group, sara, brian and Odette's baby was there, and we made her hold up this book and it totally looked like she was for reals reading it!!!!

Sara Ellis reading the Cognitive Behavior Book :)
So cute isn't she. She's even sitting up on her own!
At our party we did a Dirty Santa, and I got candy, cameron got an easter mug, and there were some pretty crazy gifts such as: super girls steering wheel cover, carmal popcorn, 3 grass covered easter bunnies, a sewing kit.... and much much more ;)
That's all for now.... 8 days til christmas!!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

snow snow snow!!!!

I woke up to the snow! The weather man said it was snowing at about 2 inches an hour!!!
It has slowed down, but is still snowing!!!
Cameron took the jeep this morn, but was able to drive the Honda safely to internship.
The lightrail & a train derailed, but everyone was okay.
Here is a pic of my legs as i was walking schnooze this morn.

my legs while walking dog
schnooze belly deep in the snow

out the back door

looking at the balcony... see all that snow piled up!

more snow

this morning at about 7:15am cameron scraping
off the jeep to go to school
isn't he manly?

more scraping
Here are the recipes for the doggie treats for Leslie:
Soft Doggie Cookies
3 (2.5oz each) jars of baby food (beef, chicken, lamb...)
1/4 cup dry milk powder
1/4 cup wheat germ or cream of wheat
Combine all ingredients in bowl and mix well. roll into small balls and place on well greased cookie sheet (mine didnt roll into balls... i just used a spoon and dropped them on). Bake in a preheated 350F oven for 15 min until brown. cool on wire rack. refrigerate to keep fresh or freeze. Schnooze loved these!
Pumpkin Dog Treats
1 15oz can mashed pure pumpkin (not the spiced filling)
3/4 cup of cream of wheat (or rice cereal if wheat sensitive)
you can mix this dry, no need to cook first
1/2 cup dry powdered milk
Directions: preheat oven to 300F
Mix all ingred together. drop small spoonfuls onto a lightly greased cookie sheet and bake at 300F for 15-20 min. If you'd like to make bite size cookies for small dogs, training rewards ot just small treats, use a pastry bag and squeeze out rosettes about the size of a dime for tasty bite sized cookies. Schnooze also loved these :). (i wonder if you do baby food carrots instead of pumpkins if it would work... b/c she loves carrots ???)

Monday, December 10, 2007

hello all!

Cold as Crap!!!!
I didn't take any pics, but friday-sunday it snowed and we got about 4 inches or so.
Thank goodness the mountains got some, or nobody would ever get to ski.
So: apparently it's crazy iced over in Okla and most people didn't have school!
Sus said some people didn't have power :(.
Today I : mailed Lane & Jess's Present!
took the recycling to the 'brary
went to the bank
got some more kombucha tea that i am obsessed with, sus told me it gets addicting
went to the grocery (brought my own paper sacks too) and got lots of good stuff
made 2 kinds of doggie treats for my baby (she likes them) (one kind required 3 jars of chicken baby food,
and the other kind req 1 can of pumpkin???)
made 2 kinds of cookies (choc no bake & oatmeal/walnut/cran-orange)
finished jenny mcarthy's book on her son with autism (it's good read it!)
am gonna make dinner for cam (he's in his finals week!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I feel like a hippy dippy now, and I think it's b/c i have to try and convince all my friends they should recycle. and also since reading that jenny mcarthy book, i dont want my kids to get vaccines. and b/c i though about it and lauren taught me, i now want to use cloth diapers. and my friend kimiko used cloth wipes, so i wanna do that too, b/c it makes more sense (just get some kinda cloth don't know what kind... and put it in a tupperware with soap, water, and baby oil or something like that and then throw then in the same bin you throw your cloth diapers into....wash them the same). But i am going all organic and wanting to just be so green. and i know it's not a bad thing, but i just never thought i would be so darn hippish. For goodness sakes... it's my sister that's the hippy. (no offence sus)
CONGRATS to my friends gabs and andy... they got engaged! Check out her website on the righthand side!!!!
That's all i know for now... oh no it's not!!!!!
I am officially getting my tattoo at 5pm on saturday with my friends tim and shellie!!!!
Also we get to go see cam's fam jan 3-7!!!!
saw august rush with keri russell... it's okay.
peace out fools!