Thursday, July 31, 2008


sha·lom [shah-lawm; Eng. shuh-lohm]
–interjection Hebrew.
peace (used as a word of greeting or farewell).
Also, sholom. Unabridged (v 1.1)Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.
Shalom to sus & chris as they start their journey to India.
From Denver it is a 12 hour time dif.
good morning sus & chris, hope you love it!
Shalom to Dad: happy 57th birthday tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


you can't kill spiders with spray starch or windex,
but you can slow them down with it,
them smoosh them.
oh the wonders of old houses with
nooks and crannies.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

annual camping trip extravaganza

Here are pics from our annual camping trip.
We started it last year for our anniversary.
This year we're a bit late,
(only by a month and 10 days)
but it was great time, great food, great scenery!

we live here suckas
our first campsite
It was at Summit Lake north of
Steamboat Springs, CO

our campsite

can you see the black cloud enveloping our site?

Oh, no?

well, in case you were wondering,

it's massive swarms of mosquitos.

not like oklahoma/tx swarms,

but like swarms from the movie BIRDS swarms.

it was awful.

but we made the most of it.

we had some all natual lemon bugspray and

our handy citronella candle to ward off bugs.

Shoot at this point i woulda drank DEET.

it wasn't like oh, a bug here bug there,

it was like constant swarms.

but look how pretty.

damn summit lake.

eww scary bug. so i took a pic.

summit lake = cold

a bit chilly, but mainly long sleeves and
pants for mosquito protection!

we couldn't handle it anymore,
we got in the tent and read until
it was time to cook dinner.
these are our sad faces.
we wanted to play frisbee.

even schnooze was dissappointed

at least we had some beer

these (on the outside of the tent don't worry)
were just a FEW of them. I mean few.
it was hilarious though, when we were setting up
the tent and putting stuff in it, we were
so determined to not get bugs in, we were
like crazy people zipping and unzipping,
throwing stuff in, zipping back up.
If you woulda seen us, you woulda laughed.

as it got cooler and breezier and

smokier from the fire, there were fewer.

like still oklahoma bad, but at this point it was

nice :). this is the classic "mom & david pose".

but mom would take a pic then david, and cut one

of the people out and glue it in. b/c the didnt have a

tripod. they have one now.

jeep commercial.

eat that Lane and Jess.

hobo dinners in the fire.

i also made this thing sus made.

biscuits/cinnamon/sugar/butter in foil.

hmmmm yummy?!!!?

here schnooze, catch...

good girl!!!!!!
okay, biscuits need to be
BY the fire, not IN it :)
they were pretty much charcoal.
but i dug deeper, and on the inside
they were pretty good :)
we went to bed after seeing the stars for a minute
(beautiful, i felt like i could touch
the big dipper).
it got into the upper 40's. brrrr.
we ate b/f, then headed to our next dest.

leaving our mosquito ridden site.

even while taking this pic on the side of the road,

they were getting in our car. i pretty much

jumped in as cameron was driving away.

right after i took this i almost lost the camera

b/c a mosq. landed on me and i was

flinging my arms all over the place.

again, stopped to take this, rolled the

windows down, and got attacked...

i yelled... GO GO GO and

we sped off :(

cute falls though

just chilling on the dirt road



next dest: strawberry springs

natural hot springs made cute :)

we're so cool
(ps this was like a free bath :))

the first pool off the water fall was

so freaking hot, they say it's 102*

but i think it's like 140*

there were about 6-7 pools, but

my pics don't show them very well.

a few were cooler and cold once

they got further away from the falls.

to the right behind us, those rocks

are the hotspring falls.

us leaving
weird cloud
then to our next stop:
Then we went to hike at Fish Creek Falls

post card pic
cam made that hiking stick himself

on the bridge across the river

schnooze got in the water
then into town to gas up
get dip 'n' dots
100% pure DEET
(just in case)
we had to settle for 25%
then off to our next campsite:
south of steamboat

1-5 mosquitos MAYBE


(but next to our campsite was a PIT BULL...

who's worried about bears when THAT

is next to you???)

a "pre-party" as i called it


we made these ALL by ourselves, and cooked

the beef all by ourselves.

but for some reason, cameron pounded it flat,

then wrapped it in foil to cook,

and when it came out, it looked like a bigger

version of each square.

so i just thought the easiest thing to do was to

cut it in smaller squares.

either way, it was tasty!

schnooze gets stuff stuck in her beard

ALL the time, but this is the best yet.

blow this pic up and above cameron's mouth you will see a small green squiggle.

it is a catapiller dangling from a tread or something.

anyway, it was some darn good entertainment.

we ate our nachos, drank some beer, made some awesome desserts (see below)

played Phase 10, watched the stars

saw 2 shooting stars, went to bed.

we woke up, ate b/f, and headed home to shower!!!!

Apple dessert: cut up a green apple, add cut up

refridgerated biscuits, place butter pats all over,

sprinkle cinnamon and sugar, wrap in foil

cook to side of fire:

end up with an apple pie like item!!

and tonight we get to end our trip with
dinner at The Fort
The Fort, an award-winning restaurant located in Southwest Denver,
is one of the nation's most recognized establishments and sells more buffalo steaks
than any other independently owned restaurant in the country.
Featuring fine beef, buffalo, game and seafood,
The Fort's menu offers a tantalizing selection
of old and new foods from the Great West.
One of the ladies cameron tutored in Stats
gave us a gift card here :) woohoo!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

okla. colorado. stuff.

Beware, lots of pictures,
but you could be in some of them
so you have to look at them all :)
We will start with the trip to OKC
We landed Thursday July 10th
Sus Kramer picked us up
at the a/p
and we met susanne and sophie
at Ted's mmmmm
best mexican food ever!
then we went to Sus's house

sophie took this picture of her mom
but i promise her mom isn't crazy
just really pregnant
(so sorta crazy)
sorry sus

me with a fake pregnant belly

and susanne with an 8 mo pregnant belly

oh this could mean trouble

me and sus

seriously, sophie can count to 10, no lie

got it on video

me and soph
"here, let me take your picture"
she took my camera, and changed all
the settings, how did she do that?

rascal (schnooze's bf) with his legs crossed

and his underbite

sus playing with sophie

talking to the belly!

how cute is she?
then off to sus and chris's house before dinner

ninnah getting ready for a plane ride

i love this pic so much

liz and nins


off to dad's for a rib fest

maggie went to Pop's (a gas station with

a million different kinds of pop)

and got like 18 kinds! mmm!

maggie, cameron, sus, chris

cam and sus


met sus at her house for her garage sale.

went to lunch with dad and maggie and sus and chris and cam

at Cafe 501 YUMM!!!!!!

then to Lowe's to pick out a porch swing

and a/c that dad got us via gift card!

then to hang with mom and david

then getting ready for gab's wedding

then the wedding!

it was on 7.11.08 her grandparents 60th wedding anniv.

but her g-ma died awhile ago,

but g-pa was there :)

gabriele and liz
(we have known each other since 7th grade!)
(this is my face trying to to bawl my eyes out)

the cell group minus gabs.

liz, jackie, geneva, kristen

we have known each other since 7th grade and

started doing a bible stufy in highschool

and see each other about once a yr

now that everyone is all spread out

Liz-denver, Geneva-DC, Gabs-TX

jackie-OK, Kris- OK

walking down the aisle with good old ray (her dad)

she got a flower from each significant person

in the audience... soooo sweet

here's her momma tying them all together

gabs and andy

ps: wedding outside, oklahoma, july

not usually a good combo, but honestly

it wasn't bad at all

reception = inside!
gabs and liz

cake cutting...

she made the M

cake cutters!

her 2 old roomies!

geneva and liz

talking about food probably

dancing with grandpa woods
the cell group!!!!
geneva, jackie, gabs, kris, liz
beautiful dress and bride
the "wall o bubbles" they ran through
me and cambot!

jackie's 8 week old baby!
after the wedding we went to get pizza with
sus and chris at this awesome place i forgot what
it's called, across from sushi neko.
then saturday morning
breakfast with laura/andy/luke
i forgot to take pics
but they were also there at dad's for ribs
then to lo, brad, and ben's house to hang!

aunt lizzie is BAD at feeding peaches to benny boop
"liz you suck at feeding"
"but i don't care!"
cute bum!

"aunt lizzie let me gnaw on a
fresh tomato and i love her for it"

ben does NOT like greek food
okay maybe a little
yeah! i love greek food, and THE CANNONS!!
ben's fat roll tan lines

thanks for coming to visit me liz and cameron
then off to g-pa's for a cookout with mom and david

liz and grandpa
in his NEW house!


you can't really see, but it's awesome!

just one of the many closets

this one is just clothes for g-pa

see that spout on the ceiling? it pours water out

and fills the infinity tub, without splashing!?!?!?!?

who woulda known.

it's the 7th wonder of the world.

the screens that come down on the porch
to block those crazy oklahoman mosquitos!
g-pa also has a hookup for his gas grill to make it
cook with natural gas... spiffy!

don't you need a flat screen in the garage?

he has like 9 throughout the house

can't miss an OU bball game?!?!?!

david (acting silly), mom, liz, gpa

cam, liz, g-pa


then off to blake's house

(forgot to take many pics)

where we met up with chris and emily

(cam was in their wedding last year)

and had a cookout with blake, them,

us, and some of blake's friends.

we hungout in blake's a/c'd garage,

played pool

and drank at his awesome bar!

chris and emily

(they will be here to visit soon)!

then we were sooooo tired, we left at about 1:30am

and woke up super early to eat b/f with:

mom, david, sus, chris, lo, brad, ben

at the Red Cup in OKC.

super cute and yummy!

across the street we saw this very giant chia pet
then it was off to the airport to come back home
and start moving in to the new house!
thanks everyone who made out trip special!
sunday afternoon we went to Lowe's
and thanks to dad got:
a porch swing, a/c for bedroom, fire extinguisher,
propane tank for grilling, and batteries.
we also purchased a grill later
all week i moved things over to the new house.
i even got to be on call 2 days (which meant
i was off work, but they could call me at any time
to come back in). one day i did have to go back in.
thursday i went to target and bought some
super sale (75% off) patio furn.
2 metal chairs, 2 wicker barstools,
2 side tables.... AWESOME!
Friday night Lane and Jess
came into town and came over to cookout
and they stayed the night.
we ate awesome food, and played apples to apples
with Ben, Jess's cousin from the
Springs, and our new neighbors
Lauren and Brian
(it got confusing talking about lauren phelps
stories, with new neighbor lauren).

friday night was our first sleep in the new house.

we made a pallet in the bedroom :)

we saw this on the way to get burgers to grill out.

schnooze.... you can't do that, the

screen isn't THAT strong.

but it was sooooo funny i couldnt be mad.

liz and lane

(neighbors thought we were twins... how sweet!)

cousins jess and ben



saturday we rented a truck and moved all the big stuff in.

we were pooped, so we went to a movie that night

and i fell asleep during it :).

things are coming along.

still boxes everywhere.

but we broke down and got 2 more a/c's from our friends.

one in the living room and one in the office.

it's much better!!!


the next post will be of us camping this weekend!