Monday, December 31, 2012

lauren and caleb getting hitched

 lauren and her daddy
with the man of the hour
lauren and caleb sitting in a tree
never wear makeup/do my hair/get dressed up
this was a big deal!
caleb, hans, savanna (sister), and jordan (s's bf)

so beautiful and happy
me and lo
the table numbers/center pieces i did!
spoons stamped into the metal table 1, table 2...
the printed table number had the reason why each number was significant

caleb's dad, john, playing the guitar as they walked in
lauren and hans

cailly and liz

me and that cute boy

neuro ICU girls :)

i didn't take any more pics,
but let me say, it was a blast!!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

more christmas

in the morning we opened more presents!

 poor ninnah, hazel kept putting stickers on her

 sus was real excited to take this pic
 after sus and chris left to go back to KS,
we made chicken and dumplings (a mom specialty)
and hazel just kept eating the batter

 don't know what the pic below was all about..
but she still had food all over
 after lauren and caleb's wedding, 
grandma and grandpa headed back to OK

hazel had a blast with everyone here
til next time!!!!