Tuesday, August 24, 2010


hans had surgery on his right arm yesterday
it was successful
they removed a tumor
we are awaiting the pathology
his leg was deformed when he was born
but they tried to surgically repair it, messed it up even more
he is missing 1/2 is ulna b/c they took it out
and then he got this tumor.
so now, he has the tumor out, and we will see how he does :)
he is so energetic,
and it is hard to keep him
"low impact"
i mean, the dog ALWAYS wants to play.
so he has a bandage on it, that we will change ever 3-4 days
and then he'll get his staples out in 14 days.

they made a cover for his foot when we goes outside
it's made from an empty IV bag :)
when you blow on a bottle,
he cocks his head soooo far to the side
it makes us laugh EVERY time :)
see our make shift bandage until he got surgery?
it's a sock and some gauze...

he is so freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!


Leslie said...

heart breaking to have such a sweet face have to go through surgery!!

lauren and brad said...

he is cute!