Saturday, April 26, 2008


Friday evening Cameron and I went out to eat.
I decided to get a coffee drink while I was running errands earlier in the day.
Usually Schnooze doesn't eat anything we leave around.
But when we got home, this is was we saw.

The empty cup completely empty
(it was about 1/4 full of ice and a vanilla latte)
the lid chewed and strewn to the side
and the straw.

we were laughing to hard and couldn't punish her at all.

the worst/most hilarious part is

that she was buzzing on her coffee high.

Seriously she was running around the house like

a mad woman.

hmmm, anything else in there?

trying to get a pic for the blog

we even set the cup up with a treat in it
to get her to look guilty for a pic.


Now, below, I am not trying to model by any means,
but i was excited about my purchase,
and wanted everyone to see it.
But it doesn't look the same just laying on my bed
not being worn. So, check out the bathing suit.
Also i was pumped b/c my butt does not hang
out of this one, unlike every other suit i have tried on.
Also, the hands on the hips are pulling back my love handles :)
(the b.suit, not me)

Gardening time.
It was hot the other day, and I felt like snazzing up the balcony.
So, i got 2 tomato plants, a sweet pepper plant,
some mint, lavander, basil, and sage.
They smell good, and look pretty.
2 hours ago it was blizzarding. So twice since
i have gotten the plants i have had to bring them inside :(.
I am determined to get some awesome fruit!
Dad have me this plant about 6-7 yrs ago.
i think you are supposed to re-pot plants every year
or something like that, but i never have.
But this one was looking sad.
it's been through a lot, college, lots of moves,
heat waves where we thought it was a goner, and more.
So anyways little planty, I hope you like your new home.
the balcony.
L to R:
tomato (cherry), sage, basil, lavander,
peppers, tomato (some quick growing kind?), mint.
I love mint!
the cages are already on the tomatoes b/c where else do i put them
and it makes me think they will get big soon!
I also cleaned up the balcony and
threw away some stuff, and
put the folding chairs in the closet.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

wes is home!

Wes is home from the hospital!!!
Praise the Lord!!!
I got a report from Allison
(his sister who normally lives in OKC, but pretty much moved her life here to take care of wes)
and she said he was eatng a lot, and had a better attitude.
A few days ago he was requesting all seasons of some show, and that is a HUGE improvement.
Anyways, I think I was stop by Garfield Street and visit him Thursday.
On a sad note, friday was a tough day at work for me.
I haven't really really had one of my patients die in a Code situation, they are usually DNR's.
And when I was on my last day of orientation in CCU (in october) I had my first,
but i didn't really count it b/c I was on orientation.
Friday I had my first (she was a limited DNR, but the only thing she didn't want was
chest compressions).
Anyway, it was super sucky. Boo.
It made me think like my dear friend Susanne, I may open my own coffee shop
instead of being a nurse.
On another note again.
Someone put a note on our car that said she was trying to move a rock out of the way of our tire so it wouldn't pop, and she threw it and crazked our sideview mirror. what in the heck. how does that happen? how fraeking hard do you throw a rock out of that way. anyways, long story short, she wrote that she has no money, but will do what she can. oh dear.
GREEN DAY (not the band).
I will list things like Lo, b/c I too like lists.
Things I do to stay Green:
~bring reusable bags to all stores/don't take a bag if not needed (king soopers and whole foods
gives you money back for each bag)
~recycle EVERYTHING, even take it out of other people's trash to recycle
~drive old ghetto cars to get good gas-milage
~ride our bikes when possible
~bring reusable cups/mugs/bottles everywhere i can
~buy local
~buy organic
~buy fresh
~buy bamboo (renewable resource)
~never use heat/cool unless i am about to die
~def don't shower everyday... who does that?
~live close to work/school for less commuting
~grow own herbs/veggies
~shut off water when brushing teeth
~cam doesn't shave so we save water that way
~use hardle any lights b/c our apt just doesn't have them (one in kitchen and one in bathroom)
~ un-plug stuff that is not in use (toaster/stereo/fans/computer...)
~someday will use cloth diapers (when i have a kid)
~re-use glasses at home (and not wash them til they are gross)
~re-use as much paper as possible before recycling it
okay just face it I AM GREEN
and it's my fav color
pray for cameron, not only are the next 4 weeks gonna be terror,
but he just found out that the next 2 will be the worst of his 2 years at denver seminary.
Just getting things finished and turned in and studied for and researched.
it sucks, on top of having ADHD and being super sleep deprived and not ever hearing his 3 alarms to wake up. Just pray for his sanity (and mine :)).
I asked him what I could do for him, and I said OH I KNOW
Liz:"i will stop taking to you for the next 2 weeks"
Cam "Or i will just get a hotel for the next 2 weeks and just shoot you an email every few days to catch up with you"
Liz :that just might work :)"
Plus it's like 70 degrees here and all he wants to do is MTB.
PS:::::::: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TO THE DAVID CANNON FAMILY:they got cam a new computer and a lot of other awesome things!! The comp will be here tomorrow!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

crazy weather

I thought I was escaping crazy changing
weather when I left Oklahoma...
but pretty sure it's just as crazy here.
I mean c'mon, I was wearing a skirt and t-shirt
yesterday and was HOT, today I have my
water-proof ski jacket, a hat, a scarf, mittens,
and my uggs on just to take Schnooze out.
PS: schnooze had a physical at the vet today
and got her bordatella thing. But the vet gave
her an A++, he loves her so much!
But, she needs her teeth deep cleaned,
and that costs like $300, geesh!
So we will see about that later.
Also, FYI, I got a cool hamper-like
thing to store all my yarn in. Unlike the
pic; it's green :). Anyway, now all the yarn
is in one place! With a cool matching tupperware
thing for the needles and accessories.
Off to cook supper, then get ready for
work tomorrow :(

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Froeses

Laura & Andy (my friends from college)
came to visit! They are on their way to the Springs now.
They went to the Broncos Mile High Stadium, RedRocks
ampitheater, and just kinda drove around
while i was at work yesterday. But saturday
night they came into town and we ate
burgers at the cherry cricket. Then last night we ate
at an English Pub, and today we ate
at my fav rest. Mona's!
they are off now, but we had good times
and we will get to see them this summer in OK!

laura, andy, schnooze (with new haircut), me
Random!!!! water was making a bubble in the sheet rock
and the water was about to bust thru the wall, so
cameron went to turn off the water valve to the apt,
and the broke the valve off (he's really strong).
so the emergency guy came and had to shut the water
off to the whole building. anyways, it's
fixed now (the water part), but there is a hole in our wall.
It's bigger now and goes all the way to the floor
b/c they had to check it??!?!?!?

the yellow thing is the NEW valve :)
me and laura at the English Pub!
cam and i went friday night.
he was much more coherant (sp?).
talking more, looked better, sounded better.
steve told us he ate 1/2 a sandwich for dinner.
wes also told us (after is asked if he had done
his breathing exercises)
that he wouldn't be our friends after
he got out of the hospital, and "i'm not joking,
you won't be my friends".
Anyway, he still was drugged up and in
lots of pain. but seems like he
wants to get better now.
Yeah for prayers!
now i'm off to nap or something.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

wes = treading water

wes and cameron sept 2007
september 2007
lauren, wes, and cameron sept 2007

I went to visit Wes today.

He is really sick.

Yesterday the Dr. told Renee he was "treading water".

What does that mean? It cannot be good.

He is being threatened with an NG Tube.

He won't eat, and is getting TPN to feed him,

but it is really hard on your liver, and they really need him

to gain some weight (he probably weighs like 100-105#).

So they are telling him to eat, or get an NG Tube

(which he calls his snuffulufagus).

He still has 2 JP drains in places where he has

2 abscess. But Allison says they are hardly putting out anything

like infected drainage (a good thing).

He got his chest tube out yesterday (another good thing).

He can have a regular diet, but just doesn't want to eat.

He really doesn't have any motivation despite

visitors/friends/family coming and staying with him.

Please please pray he gets that spark to want to be/get better,

that he will want to walk, do his IS, eat, etc; that he will fight this crap.



Thank you for your prayers, he desperately needs them.

Wes is really sick.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


This is long overdue, but well i'm here now :)
Last weekend I went to a Women's Retreat with ladies from church.
We stayed at one of the couple's from church house
it's in Evergreen, CO and it's awesome
*shout out to Kim & Rhonda for being rich!
We talked, ate, and played Taboo

Taboo Madness
This is my friend katie, who in an earlier post I said
it seems to keep happening...hmm

clockwise with Katie:

Carrie, Becky, Erin

LONG LONG story, but t-shirts I made that

involve a haridresser names James Morrison and

me saying he was DEAD.


Anyway, these shirts were really funny,

to us.

(liz, shellie, katie)

Cameron's nickname is Slamcake, so, I am slam's biotch
(name made up by our pastor, Hunter)


Shellie's husband is a fireman.


Katie just got stuck with punchface/punchy somehow???


Also there is a quote by the indigo girls that i liked.

it was bethany's birthday, and her hubby sent
her flowers, TO THE RETREAT.
how cute is he, and how pretty are the flowers??

Erin, Bethany, and Renee

the 3 April birthdays

Odette (barista) making awesome lattes and coffee drinks

with Renee's kickass coffee maker

(after ian was born present from dave)

singing happy birthday???

the cakes,

yes the white one was featured in

rachael ray's april magazine!

view from back deck
some of the gals during lunch
Jess got her hair cut by Taylor
another backyard view

Erin J. cut my hair and it was like 1230am ahh!
trying to stay awake
looks okay, but probably need a
trim up at the real haircutters
the back was kinda boy-like?!?!?!

after the real haircutter cut
(super short in the back, but apparently erin kinda
isn't a professional, bless her heart)
(her hair is super cute, and she cuts it on her own though?!?)
(and my new purchase from forever 21)
This is long overdue as well, but Genesis and Caleb
came to visit from Okla, on their way to Crested Butte
March 30-April 1

We went to Boulder Monday and
ate at Mountain Sun
* shout out to Lane

Left: seth and right caleb, brothers.
as you can tell, seth lives in boulder
he goes to law school there.

we got the 6-beer sampler


it's a micro-brewery

and oh so tasty.

I still love the raspberry wheat.

seth, caleb, and genesis


genesis on pearl street

this is how i found schnooze the other day.
i laughed out loud, then
proceeded to get my camera :)
the latest thing was sunday morning
he got a chest tube to drain the
extra fluid around his lungs.
they gave him so much fluid, that
it had nowhere else to go.
that is the last thing i heard.
more updates later.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

wes update

From Steve (aka the eXtreme):

fyi - I was up at the hospital last night bringing something
to LB and I saw Wes and talked with him for about 5 minutes.
he's definitely not looking his best, but he was eating on some
ice chips and he was talking a little. it was obvious he was on
a lot of pain meds and kind of loopy, but he said he was glad
he was out of the ICU becuase it was "cold and too serious".
id say having visitors probably isnt the best thing for him
although he didnt seem to mind that I was there. after less
than 5 minutes, I felt like I was keeping him up so I left.
I'd definitely wait for the go-ahead from Dave/Allison/Renee
before going to see him.
so theres my first-hand update.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

wes #2

Title above (Wes #2) seems appropriate since all of this is about wes's pooping
but it was very unintentional....
it was the title of hunter's email, so I stole it :)
This is from Hunter (one of our pastors):
Hey again to everyone.
I was just up at the ICU waiting room. I did not see Wes, but I did see Dave,
who looks like a trucker at the end ofa cross-country trip.
Anyway, Wes is doing much better.
He's been eating ice and even walked around a bit.
Whatever pain medicine they concocted has done great,
and since it's non-narcotic they're able togive him a steady stream of it.
It has lifted his spirits quite a bit and his
heart rate has been coming down,
which indicates that it was probably stress-related.
He still has a long road ahead to being released,
but the situation is much more encouraging today than it was24 hours ago.
Thanks for praying! HB
Some of you already got this via Facebook,
but in case you didn't,
here's an update on Wes from Allison, his sister...
So My mom flew home yesterday and will follow up with a cardiologist in oklahoma city to figure out what is causing her fast heart rate.
(this is liz: if I forgot to mention, during all this his momma
had a freaking stroke but then they ruled that out,
but her heart is all screwy) She seems to be doing better.
Wes is getting moved to the 5th floor, a regular med/surg floor this
afternoon. He got the NG tube pulled out, due to the fact that he didn't
have very much residual sucked out after the tube was clamped.
They did say his ileostomy (poo bag) wasn't putting much out so
he might still have and ileus (a twisting of the small intestine
that blocks the bowels from moving), but they told him he can start
with water, ice chips and clear liquids today, but I think wes is wanting
to take it really slow. His heart rate is still in the 120s but they think
that it will normalize on its own.
His Dr. Said he would be here at least another week to make sure
he is as healthy as he can be before he goes home.
BIG PICTURE: He is most likely going to have an ileostomy
for 6months to a year and allow that pouch to completely heal.
Prayer Requests:
-Wes's Heart Rate will continue to normalize
-His stomach will continue to function normallly and he will be able to
progress to clear liquids and eventually solid diet.
(Wes despises NG> Tubes)
-Pain Management, his pain is better but I think he still is hurting quite a bit.
Once again thanks for the prayers and, I don't think he is up for
visitors yet, but I will keep everyone posted.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

wes is tha gent-bomb

Hey guys, i have plenty of funny postings,
but this is all i can get out before i head to bed.
Saturday night our friend Wes had to have emergency surgery.
The docs perforated his bowel
(poked a hole in his small intestine).
So once he started eating, all the food went
into his abdominal cavity, which is not good.
Then he was getting some really intense pain
so they took him to the ER
and they had to put his ileostomy back (bag he poops in)
and he has to have that for AT LEAST 6-12 months.
which is a total bummer.
Anyways, he is in ICU now, and very very sick.
New update today, is he has 2 abscesses.
I don't know much, b/c the person who
gave me the update thru email isn't a medical person.
So please please please keep him in your prayers
this April Fools day.
Pray for strength to fight off the infection,
and mentally to be strong.
To seek God and trust Him thru all of this.
To not give up.
For the nurses and doctors to be proactive
and advocate for everything he needs,
even if it's just a hunch.
Pray for him to feel loved.