Thursday, October 31, 2013

halloweenin' it up

the weekend before halloween,
cam & hazel went to boo at the zoo.
hazel did not want to wear her costume,
she wanted to paint her face like
"a scary monster"
so cam let her paint her own face.
this is the text pic i get while at work :)

 then sunday the kids were able to dress up
for sunday school and play carnival games.
we got hazel in her secondary costume 
(from thrift store for $2)
 then on actual halloween
hazel had been saying over and over she wanted to be a
"shark, real scary"
so i procured a shark costume from pottery barn kids (from tabitha)
and made one for me and cam
she didn't want to wear it, but it was cold as balls
so i think that's the only reason she kept it on.
after the first house, she was like
"go get more candy?"
like she couldn't believe it...
and man, she loved it!
she kept the shark head on til the last couple houses
i call it a success!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

i turned 32

several good friends joined us for dinner
at the black pearl
it was delish
and the company was great
they were so fancy they had button holes in the napkins to attach to your shirt

 me and cam
 me and lo
 cam, me, bethany, autumn, lo, caleb, & stephen

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

we are too cool for clothes
we got our binocs
and that's all we need.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

rock creek farm - pumpkin patch

hazel and i headed out one october day to go to the pumpkin patch.
we had originally planned to go with axel,
but it was soooo rainy and cold.
it was pretty chilly in the morning, but it warmed up.
we drove to longmont and got some saws, and started picking.

 after we picked some pumpkins,
we headed to the "play area"
it had inflatable toys (like a slide and a jump house)
and farm animals
and wooden cutouts for pictures
and a tractor to sit on
 hazel climbed up this steep thing all by herself and slid down like a boss!
 then we had the obligatory hay bale pic

gosh this girl is cute and fun!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

bathroom reno for $500

we started out with this idea of redoing the bathroom downstairs
kinda on a whim.
we always knew we wanted to overhaul it... but that wouldn't be for awhile.
BUT... bethany and stephen would be staying with us for a month,
and we thought, hey, what a perfect time to do this!
i had painted it this pretty blue color (plumage by martha) when we moved in.
but the countertop was pink, and the toilet was made for a midget little person.

 i was just gonna swap out the counter top (for $2 i found one at habitat restore, but it didn't fit)
(then i was gonna just get a new faucet and paint the top, too expensive)

 once I (yes all by myself for the reals) got the vanity out
there was an obvious lack of linoleum on the footprint.
i had always wanted to try my hand at painting linoleum.
so that's what i did.
 i also had to paint the walls 

 so i primed with no voc primer

 then i painted with floor and concrete paint
it was a really light grey color, but i held up swatches of all the colors
and honestly lighter was better

 new toilet!
from home depot, i think $125?
we have the same one upstairs and love it
it has an elongated bowl
and it taller
and is water saving with a dual flush.
cam did this part
 new vanity!
cam did this part too
and had to finagle sink parts
so it would all fit.

 the vanity was around $225
and the faucet $90
both from homedepot
 etsy find $25
 urban outfitters $14
overall i think it looks great!
so far the floor has held up great, minus where we scooted the vanity and a small piece of painted ripped off... but honestly it is doing awesome!