Monday, March 29, 2010

art art art!!!!

best day ever.
i love love love getting mail.
and especially mail from my little cousin ben.
especially art!!!!!
i have been asking for it,
so when i heard schnooze barking at the mailman
i was suprised to not just get some random advertisement
from ben!

i loveeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!
thanks ben!!!!
I love you!!!!!!


very very bad....
so, ya know how the back of the staple gun comes off and you can reload staples?
and you know how it's on a spring?
well... i was reloading and the back didn't quite click in
and it popped out and hit my eyeball and broke my contact.
yes folks, broke it into 3 pieces...
(i have hard contacts)
luckily it didn't
a: break into my eye
b: i had the contact to protect my cornea
c: i didn't go blind
d: i didn't get a black eye.
i called the eye dr right away,
they ordered me a new contact and rush delivered it
and said i could come see them in 2 days.
i was fine, minus wearing my glasses to work
and having people make fun of me...

the table

so my friend Kate gave me this table
in barter for my sewing/reupholstery services
it's from freaking Anthropologie
her roommate worked there and got a discount
and the table was on sale, so it ended up being
anyway, kate was moving, and gave it to me!
i re-did the office and knew it would be perfect in there.
the table is like 48"x48"
well, much to my dismay, i got it in there...
and it was ridiculous...
i mean i tried to make it work,
but if cameron had been typing, the monitors would be too far
for even him (with 20/20) to see...
so we argued, then came up with a solution.
it was hard for me at first, then i realized
it was honestly the only way we could keep... AND use the table.
he had always wanted and L shaped desk, and they are
usually really $$$$ in real life.
so we made this great table into one!
(sorry no great pics before...)

the top leaning up, me taking off wood stabilizers from back,
all the better to cut you my dear...
me and power tools...

had to buy legs x8
primed them, then sprayed them heirloom white
(these aren't really legs, they are banister do-dads)
cameron sawing the baby.
(note the protective eye wear... that's another post)

isn't he strong and handsome?

our layout of the desks...
now we just had to do the legs

we drilled a pilot hole for the leg
screwing from top of table
(there were already knicks and holes.. and you couldn't really tell anyway)
then put L brackets to make it stronger.
then we even put some gorilla glue to make it stronger.
this whole process took while.
the legs are still wobbly.
and i think we will have to put some kind of bracing for the back 2 legs
b/c it just doesn't seem as sturdy as it could.
but they look awesome!!!!!

dont you loveeeeeee the top?
reminds me of cousin Lauren's guest bed

the office redo

I was sick sick sick of the all white office.
for some reason it made me hate going in there
(and the fact that i could never see the floor).
so i decided to redo it.
there are still some things to do like,
paint another coat on the closet doors, make curtains, hang art.
but this is for you all to see!!!!

i realized after i started cleaning stuff out, i needed to take pics.
so i have the lamp & computer stuff covered with a sheet
oogly 70's wood doors


i used a lot of elbow grease and cleaned the place from head to toe.
i used: Seal Gray in Eggshell finish.
2 coats.
i painted the closet doors with heirloom white by rustoleum
i painted the bookshelves heirloom white
(spray paint, primed with white, them heirloom, then a poly coat)
the chair looks even better in there!!!
we got a desk from a friend who got it on clearance with employee discount
we did have to make some adjustments, you will read about later...
but all in all, i think it looks amazing.
oh there are some roman shades in one window, i got for
$5 at the thrift store.


there is even a place for schnooze on the flo.

i think the orange looks awesome
(that's cam's clementine plant)

the desk...
using post-its for stability...

didnt paint the door, b/c it's real, old, pretty wood.

painted closet doors... awesome!!!
and there ya go!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

a little taste of what's cooking in the basement

thirft store purchases

sprayed them

fabric for them

(on sale for 75% off at joanne's fabric)

(this was not on sale, but only $7 for 3/4 yard)

random art like thingys i got and bargained for $5 for both
(only $1 off, but it was awesome)
i don't know if i will paint the frames or what, but i loved the art.
now you have to wait to see what the chairs will look like,
since it's snowy today i will cont to recover them.
the small chair is done, and i will post that later.
the large chair, the cushion is sewn,
but i have the rest of the fabric to go.
ohhhhhh can you wait to see??
they look FABULOUS!!!

two lips or four lips?

i dont know what the striped leaves mean, but i bet they will be pretty!!
i hope this stupid snow doesn't kill them.
but there are a lot
(i planted like 80 or something from a bag from costco in the fall)
ohhh i can't wait!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

new chairs

went to the thirft store
hunting for some good stuff
want to make our house more cohesive
and more "ours"
ran into these babies for $15 each.
i dont think i will recover them
i love them so.
great condition
may just re-stain the legs, they are a bit beat up.

instead of one ugly brown arm chair
don't you love the new seating arrangement?
pillows from couch turned over to match

tell me what you think
i personally love love love it!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

kitchen before and after

we all remember what my kitchen looked like before.
not bad.
but not amazing.
everything was white.
except some tiles above the sink
they were/are yellow, so i played off that
and added yellow accents.

note all the dishes...
we are real people, with real dishes.

clutter clutter everywhere

then i decided that i needed some color on the wall.
something to take away from the dang white.
i played around with colors last summer while my mom was here.
we held up greys and yellows.
greys totally won.
but it just took time... a lot of time...
to get the motivation and stop bleeding from my finger ...
so this is the after.
left some dishes in the sink for effect :)
*where there once was yellow polka dot art
will be something cool... just hold your horses

i think it looks more expensive and richer!
*going to paint the wine rack mustardy yellow

*if you zoom in on the owl napkin holder
(courtesy of laura froese) you can see the
ikea napkins that match the room!!!
the freaking floor even looks better!
love love love the yellow tile with the grey!

with flowers and blank canvas
(soon to be art)
i love love love it all so much.
now i want to redo every room.
check out this blog of amazing normal people inspiration

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


so i painted the kitchen and it looks amazing...
but i think i got poisoned from the cut on my finger.
i have had a serious stomach flu like thing going on.
and i hate it.
so pics to come maybe tomorrow.
(of the kitchen, not the barf)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

what did you do friday...

well, i decided i was going to paint the kitchen
seal gray, so i went to the store and got my supplies.
i came home and had to prep, by
cleaning, moving the fridge, oven, stuff off counters, etc...
well, when i moved the oven i was scared... i found a
TATER TOT... ewwwwww how long has that been there?
so i was cleaning and cleaning.
i moved the fridge, and ya know how they say you need to dust the coils off all the time, i was nervous... but we didn't have any coils, they are covered up, but i found lots of dust and random gross things... then there was this pile of goo.
i had sorta seen the goo before i moved the fridge, but wasn't really thrilled to clean it, so i pretended it wasnt there.
until friday.
dun dun dun....
i couldnt just leave it there, no no... not liz cannon..
so i sprayed it with my method all purpose cleaner, and took a paper towel to that crap (i wasnt risking using a rag eveb, i wanted this to be in the trash)... so i sprayed with my left hand, and was about to wipe with my right, i drug my hand toward me... and OUCHHHH!!!!
ahhhh!!! f***!!!!!! i'm bleeding.... probably to death!!!!! wait liz, youre a nurse, what do you do... run to the sink and rinse it out, you're probably gonna get a disease from what, a hard piece of dried food?? leave a blood trail, and while youre rinsing out your finger, make sure you clean the blood spots that are dripping in the sink with your good hand... oh yeah, put soap in it.... s*** that burns... can you see how deep it is? nooooo it's bleeding too much... okay, youve washed it, hold pressure.....
do you need to go to the hospital? probably not, theyll just tell you to hold pressure... okay check it again... AHHH still gushing blood.. okay call lauren, she's at work...
"CCU this is Kristina"
"hey kristina, it's liz, is lauren there?"
"yeah she's here somewhere, let me find her"
"well.... i cut my finger, and it wont stop bleeding.... do you think i should come in?"
"have you seen how deep it is?"
"no, b/c everytime i do, it's bleeding too much"
"yeah you should come in and we can look at it"
"okay if im not there in 10 min call 9-1-1 b/c i died on the way in"
i get to work... have a CCU dr. check it out, still bleeding, but he's able to see that it's pretty deep. he sends me to the ER so they can do a nerve block (numb my whole finger). and stitch it up.
Lauren goes with me to the ER.
fills out my paper work.
sits with me through triage.
they take me to a little room.
lauren sits with me as they poke and prod my little finger...
ouch ouch ouch...
then she says i need stitches...
it kinda hurt up until then...
then i thought i was gonna die...
1 million shot of bupivicaine (like lidocaine), some crying, squeezing lauren's hand, and wincing later... i was numb. Lauren had to go back to her patients
and i got 3 stitches.
needless to say, i havent finished painting.
pics of finger below.

so once i got home i decided to see if there was a piece of metal or glass in the goo... sure enough.. it was glass. and you're like ewwwww blood on the glass... nope that's goo.

have to wear a splint so stitches dont bend.

friend cailly gave me some bling!!!
i'm so cool!