Monday, December 20, 2010


the cannon fridge

pineapple (for ham)
OSU cup with celery in it
home canned pickles and pickled green beans
4 creamers really?
well, we reallllllly like coffee
sour cream-ranch dip
tuna salad
carrot and brocc
pommegranite seeds
cooking wine
red bull (won as a dirty santa gift)
Rudi's local organic bread
st croix sparkling water cran-raspberry
eggs (local-organic-free range)
shelf 1:
homemade blueberry syrup (jill :))
freezer jam
dill relish
shelf 2:
mayo (2 almost empty)
lemon juice
shelf 3:
chocolate syrup
apple cider vinegar

lots o ice
steak -local/organic/free range
ground beef (same)
puff pastry
dough for cookies (homemade, just frozen for later)
1 coconut popcicle
2 camelback water deals.... so no mold.

assorted fruit for smoothies
freezer jam
coffee beans
chicken (organic)
all our fruit and veggies are from door-to-door organics
and now some of our meat is too!!!!
so i hope you feel like you know the cannons better :)

dying fabric

the combo of hans, schnooze, and cam =
muy mal for my awesome
PB comforter
the one we got for our wedding
*from laura haws's momma and daddy
is discontinued
it was cream colored and so lovely.
but now there are stains all over
and rips
and it's shredding on the edges.
so cam and i decided with christmas money
we will pick a new one out.
but to make it last a little longer... i decided to dye it!!!
dying with RIT dye goes by poundage of fabric.
i had about 9lbs
but i knew i wanted grey.
but the grey they had was too light.
so i went with 1 bottle of black (for 2lbs)
and 1 box of pearl grey (for 1lb)
i followed the directions
for the washer
and it came out perfect.
the fabric is velvet on one side
and silky on the other...
the velvety side looks slightly purple, but i like it :)

the little white places are where there are holes :)


Friday, December 17, 2010


hans totally clocked me when he decided he was a lap dog
i had to clean it up
and then put steri-strips on it

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

shellie's shower

my beautiful friend shellie had her baby shower saturday
she's having a girl, Tori

look how adorable she is!
of course the shower was amazing
even down to the ribbon and felt napkin rings

ummm, yes that would be a little deer on a cupcake
i just loveddddd these little guys!

loved the center pieces
all the tall things are stuck in sugar in glass containers

by far my favorite thing:
homemade mini poptarts on a stick.
yes, that's right, poptarts ON A FREAKING STICK!
they were sooooo good!



okay, this is ridiculous... i have a food baby in this picture...
no i am not pregnant.
great shower for a great friend!

christmas time in the city

i finally got pics up of our decorations...
i wanted a way to display the cards we get
but not just on the table
but we don't have a mantle
so i got an idea from ballard design
and then copied it, but added cards

sticks from backyard
stuffed into a thrift store vasey thing

vintage snowman in background
got him for $4.99 at thrift
and he just needed a new bulb!

i could have chosen better things to attach with
but i had these paper clip doo-dads on hand

our tree
with the mustard yellow theme

paper circles cut out
then sewn together
to make a garland!
i used scrapbook paper and old book pages

our yearly ornament
from swaziland
the lid comes off
and the man that sold it to us said
"you can hide your jewels in there"
hmmmm...what jewels does he think i have?
angel made by liz in like 1985
on top of the tree

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


studying for this today....

my re-cert is next week... and i have to take the pre-test... i don't ever use this though...

Friday, December 03, 2010

work christmas party, at the bar :)

we had our work Christmas party
at Governor's Park
on 7th & Logan
(it's a tradition, not christmas, but at Gov's)
one of our charge nurses has the hookup there
we got free wings

my hubub
see that shirt i am wearing?
he picked it out for my bday
all by himself
at anthro!
what a good man!
most of us had worked all day
jacob looks drugged
and emily... well, i don't know.

far left, bruce, is totally australian
deb, in the glasses, is totally crazy but awesome!

yes, that is liz doing the boob grab...
deb and i have a thing ;)

some of the greats

i love these people
people that don't even work with us anymore come
to our christmas party, b/c it's fun, they're fun, we're fun!
aaron and lauren
this would be a typical christmas photo for them.
they like to hunt :)
aren't my friends so pretty?
it was the second day of hannukah
so tovah and i made up a drink
called the: Hannukah Bomb
clementine vodka, soda water, orange
pretty tastey!
great party!

playing with Hans

It's like 65* in Denver today
So, after Hans ate another one of my books (thankfully not a library one)
I took him to Observatory Park

where's waldo, errr uhhh Hans
the actual observatory

look how gross and grassy his tongue is

he LOVES to play ball
and is sooo good :)

thanksgiving at Mary's

we spent thanksgiving at our friend Mary's house
with a house of family, friends, and food!
see the chocolate ball?
it was made into a turkey via shannon and her mom and g-ma
a hilarious group!

daisy the dog, she has crohns :(