Monday, September 24, 2007

my friend Emo

Saturday Sept 15th my friends Matt and Emily got married!!! In Maine!!!!
Cam and I couldn't go b/c we are too poor....
but emily sent me these pics to pretend like I was there.
They are very outsoorsy and went hiking before the wedding (i think fri or thurs)

Dude, check this old lady out!!! Below her is the groom, matt!
The freaking awesome view!

Phil, Apryle, and John z9the faithful coloradian friends that made it out to maine

john being weird


Emo in her gorgeous dress, being carried away???

jammin out with one of her friends! check the chacos out!!!!

Story behind the ring....
Matt and Em got engaged on their several month trip to New Zealand on the top of a mountain (the pics are amazing) but matt could only get a small band-like ring with a few small diamonds. So for her bday this year, he suprised her with this ring, a huge chunk of a diamond, and it was the best present ever!!!! PS: i have never seen emily's nails done...EVER!

Isn't her dress amazing? Also never seen her wear makeup before!!! EVER!

not so good of a pic of their faces.... but you get a better idea of their garb!

em and apryle
(they went to univ of pitt together and were in the outdoors club together... dorks)

So I am sitting here eating hummus, and it is 55 degrees outside!!!!
Also, since we got rid of cable, i got netflix, but sometimes i can go thru 3-4 movies/documentaries in a day....
so.... i started today renting movies from the library!!! It's so awesome!
I have to watch movies right now, and not read, b/c i am in the middle of a project for my new second cousin!!!!
We are going hiking next weekend and getting to see out second season of leaves changing!!
I love this state!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Saturday, we met dad, maggie, and gram at 501 Cafe
for breakfast/lunch/dessert
It was fun, and very yummy!
love the 501 salad! I am craving it right now!

liz, maggie, sus, gram, dad
sus, liz, dad

while i was burning cd's they were sleeping, and it was funny

our 600lb cat Rocky with mom.
Mom has this metal goose she dresses up for holidays, and she put
those clothes on Rocky :)
We ate dinner with mom and david and they had just gotten back from their
2 week camping trip!!! They went thru the smoky mountains to SC
then to GA FL then back home!


Friday morning we woke up and met grandpa at the mall.
Every year he takes us shopping for birthday/christmas (oct 27/nov 13/christmas).
We get to pratty much go crazy and get whatever, and maybe we are spoiled,
but we have the time of our life...
in addition to getting to spend alone time with grandpa.
Sus and g-pa picked some trendy cute stuff out for me that i would never pick
out and it was cute!
Then we went to eat at Irma's burger shack!!!
Then grandpa is building a new house for himself, and we got to see
how it was coming along!
pics dont' describe it, but i will try!

His company Clyde Riggs Construction
My pretty little skinny sister

The Tuscan looking house!

The soon to be kitchen (no appliances in it yet!)

2 Of these balconies look over into the living room

His kick bootay shower... the wondows go arounf the semi-circle
of the shower... there are no doors on either side of the semi-circle entrances
the center is the dark thing on the right, it has 2 different shower heads on it,
and a rain shower head coming from the ceiling!
ONE of the staircases!

G-pa and sus at the elevator :) Aren't they cute!

The screens that go up and down by remote
to keep out those pesky oklahoman mosquitos!
Great time grandpa!

Then we met up with Susanne and Sophie and headed to Starbucks to use sus's discount!
Sophie hates starbucks for some reason, she always gets mad at us when we go there.
She does like whipped cream though :)
I don't remember why i am laughing....

Sophie smoking a baby cheese puff... with lasagna all over her face ;)

rascal looking all under-bitey
This is schnoozeberry's boyfriend
our posed picture ;)
Liz and Susanne
(ps: new outfit from g-pa on)
real pic :)
isn't sus so cute!
sophie with her fangs coming in.... and she's gonna be a cat for halloween, perfect!

oh i love when she's happy, she makes me happy!
Susanne called when we were on our way, and said that sophie had called 9-1-1!!!
I guess sophie had sus's cell phone and was eating the keys. but before she gave her the phone, she locked the keys and said: "sophie.... don't call 9-1-1"
Then sus got a call on her cell "this is the okc police and we just got a call from this number...."
Holy cow! Sophie, you're grounded!
Then we went to Lauren and Brad's house for dinner!
Gram was there for a bit. Lo is so prego, she's so cute!!!
She couldn't believe she was this big from the pics i took!
Lauren, sus, brad, chris, andi hung for awhile.
Then I finally got to meet the infamous katie and ryan!!! I blog stalk them!
She's so cute, but i forgot to take a pic of her.
We stayed up til 1am talking, then we were too pooped, and had to go home!
It was good times!

I love it!!! She's 30 weeks!

awwww !
chris, sus, me, lo (b is taking pic)
Lo doesn't even look prego in this pic!
I got to see the nursery and all of axle's clothes
(some are brad's old clothes from when he was a wee lad)
Their house is all decorated for fall, so cute!


So Thursday I got to OKC about 1230, and Sister Bear picked me up!
She got me a necklace and earring and a bag of coffee
(1st 2 from moracco and third from sb's). We went back to her place
and i saw this scary spider on her neighbors house!
it was the size of my palm, it was so scary, but sus says it's non-poisonous!

Then we left for Tulsa for the Indigo Girls concert!!! It was at Cain's ballroom and
you have to stand the whole time... ahh! we're too old to stand that long!
We got some sushi beforehand, and it was tastey!
My new necklace! and us in front of the concert place!

In the concert!

Amy and Emily rocking out... Amy Left, Emily Right!

Amy jammin with her harmonica

Emily jammin

both jamming out

Then after we drove home, and it was a long 1 1/2 hour drive for a
couple of tired gals. We got home about 1am. Boo. But it was totally worth it!
I swear Emily made eye-contact with me and smiled!

(i guess this is nothing in comparison what
happened with Lane (see her blog)
she met tom freakin hanks at her freaking school)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

no cable?!?!?!?!?!?

I am taking the bold step to save a ton of cash, and getting rid of my life long friend: cable.

It is a sad day, but we will reap the benefits of more money and our $9 netflix.

We will also be getting rid of my security blanket: the house phone (with the oh so great caller ID)(this way I can screen my calls).

It is scary and sad, and I know we can always get it again.

On a lighter note.... I LEAVE TOMORROW FOR OKLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sus and I will be seeing the ever so awesome Amy Ray and Emily Sailors!! (Indigo Girls)

Hopefully we will get some pics with them, like in 2004 (i got to put my arm around AMY!)

G-pa is also hooking up with us and taking us shopping (our yearly christmas/birthday shopping since we were oh like 10). We will never outgrow it!!!

Momma and David celebrated their 1 year anniversary on Thursday, and Momma celebrated her 52nd bday on 9/9!!!! We will get to see them their first day back from their 2 week camping excursion, and eat dinner with them!!!!

Can't wait to see everybody, esp my prego cousin LO (1/4 of my reader population), and my friend with an almost famous baby, susanne (she is entering her baby in a contest for her pic to be on some baby food (not gerber)). Please read their blog on the right of my screen!

oklahoma returning Liz

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cameron's 24th Birthday!

Cam's 24th bday was on Sunday, but as usual I am really bad at
waiting for him to open his presents (well, he usually asks 100
times to open them early) and so we celebrated on
Friday night/saturday morning!
Friday night we went to the exact same resturaunt as last year, Hanabi Japanese Sushi/ Habachi Grill. This is humerous as a few of you will recall, b/c the food was outstanding, the chef's were talanted, but the service sucked so bad we said we would never go back again... and look where we landed :). This time, the service was great, and we waited at the bar about 10 mins and the bartender gave us some free sake!!!! Cool huh? This is cam at the habachi table with his japanese beer!!!
Me at the house before we left! Striking a pose!

The cake I made for cam (courtousy of paula dean's party)
It's a coffee ice cream pie with choc chips and sprinkles and
of course paula always "makes it healthy" with some mint (i grew it!)
(no butter in this pie though :))

Cam's bday gift to himself, a new bike!! It's a dual suspension
rocky mountain something something... he can post about it later.
If you want to buy his old bike... let us know, it's on craigs list!

Saturday morning we went for a little mountain bike ride.
Boy was I hurting. But I looked cute!

Cam doing this technical rock thing ?!?!?!
As you can see, the actual trail is to the right, but I still had
to walk my bike down that :)

same thing.

part 3 of the pic sequence... go from 1-3

part 2

cam "climbing" this set of rock stairs, he is so crazy!

Me looking all cool! We forgot to take pics
of me doing cool stuff, but i promise i did some!

So, this week I worked on labor day (for time and 1/2!), then I had a class today for critical care info. i am off the next three days, but i am pumped b/c tomorrow i am going to the rockies/giants game for free (someone donated about 100 tix to church) so i am going with my friend and her new baby! then friday we are having thai food for cam's bday "party" with friends! I came home from class today and did all the bills and what not, so i am free!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!! I hope all is well. I get to come to OK in 9 days!!!!!!! I will hopefully get to see you all!