Thursday, October 29, 2009

crazy snow

so we've had over 2 feet of snow since tuesday night.

and we're getting more as i type right now.

it's supposed to stop tonight i think. AHHH!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

actual birthday

so at work (yes, i worked on my birthday)
Lauren bought me a fancy gingerbread latte and breakfast
then brought me lunch (eggplant lasagna)
and cailly and lauren (and apparently a lot of people)
were conspiring about what kind of cake to get me...
and (lauren has pics) they decided on a cake
with a large remote control on it, with a extra large PAUSE button...
(what, do they think i talk to much???)
it was super cute :)
and everyone got a good laugh!
people were so sweet to me, and it was a really good day.
i got tons of texts, emails, and facebook messages.
i felt very very loved!!!!
so, after work, some of us went to happy hour at Illegal Petes!

scott and me
miranda, lauren, scott, kendra, cam

with me added

miranda bought me a margarita!
it was great.
thanks guys!
i wish you could smell it.
i have been eye-ing it for a couple years, and always spray it on when i am at anthro. he knew i liked it and took a pic of it with his phone in august so he wouldnt forget... isnt that sweet :)
i also used my bday $ to buy this to wear to a wedding in nov

birthday dinner

Monday night we went to Vesta Dipping Grill
for my birthday dinner.
dinner was AMAZING!

bethany and stephen

bethany with her after dinner black russian

liz and bethany

okay, so here is my excitement
(real excitement)
from the waitress bringing my dessert with a candle in the ice cream

still excited

isnt it amazing?
it's a freaking homemade CANDY BAR!

i remembered last years candle blowing experience, and wanted this to be better, but i am not sure how much better i did.... i think i look like the hunchback...

me and bethany with the sign in the pic
stephen really wanted to get the sign in

a closer up pic :)
yeah! bdays are so much fun!

halloween/housewarming party

my friend Lauren and her bf Caleb
had a housewarming/halloween party Saturday
I didn't take a lot of pics, but it was super fun!

he had a leaf tied to his hat and would blow it occasionally...
"leaf blower"
"Monkey On My Back"

mean looking pirate

pirate and ballerina

lucielle ball (Lauren) and bellerina

lauren's parents
Jerry Garcia & a carpenter

ghostbuster & Sheera
Andrew & Cailly
lauren's boyfriend was fred flinstone, but i didn't take a pic of him?!?!?
we ate, drank, played rockband, and had those silly vampire teeth :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

schnooze's hiking boots

congrats little steve

steve maricle.
you are like my little brother.
and i am so excited for you and Laura Beth.

look at that rock!

the lovely Laura Beth

oh wow, look what you get...

it was gonna be cameron, watch out LB

Congrats Steve & Laura Beth, we wish you the best and are so excited for your new journey!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

she hates it when...

we do this to her.

mom and david sent us this pirate hat with hair attached for schnooze.
she hates it.
she didnt even move a muscle when we put it on her.
i think she is scarred for life.
sorry little baby dog.