Sunday, December 24, 2006


So, wednesday it started to snow, Cam got me to work fine though. There was crazy talk about having to go into Snow Disaster Mode, but I thought nahhh. Anyway, minute by minute the snow got worse and worse. They put us in Snow Disaster Mode, which means, you are not allowed to elave the hospital until we are out of the SDM. So.... I got to spend 36 straight hours at the hospital. Lucky enough for me, Cam was able to get me some clothes and stuff at 2pm so I could change. And I was also lucky that the night shift was able to get there, so I could sleep. It wasn't a great sleep, but at least I got some. I worked all day Thursday (I was scheduled anyway), but some people had to stay at work even though there was enough staff, just sitting around, just in case night shift couldnt get there. It was NUTS... people were mad, angry, crying, upset, it was a disaster in itself. I decided that i would leave that night anyway, b/c this was too much. What were they going to do, fire me??? I already had an interview set up that next day at another hospital... SUCKAAAA! So, they ended up lifting the SDM at like 3ish. I called Cam to ahve him start digging the car out, it was completely covered. It took him and our neighbor 2 hours to get both the cars out. Luckily Cam had gotten snow chains the day before. It stopped snowing at 3, but total it snowed 32''. CRAZY!!!! I got to come home that night, and it was so nice to see my husband again! We almost got stuck a couple times, but we made it. Friday the interview got canceled and I will go sometime in the next few days (after christmas). Saturday we had our christmas!!! It was fun! Today we are having dinner at Matt & Emily's house. I made a homemade apple pie and pumpkin pie!!!! Yumm!! I have to work tomorrow and that is sad. But cam and steve are having a Manly Mc-Xmas Party all day long, including Xbox and Rum nog! Yeah for friends!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

MVA = motor vehicle accident

So... this is my day.... go to the grocery store to get millions of things we are out of (plus some scruptous things for tortilla soup), unpack it all, eat some lunch (with pistacio nuts), go to the yarn store (spend lots of money), drive down the road busting out to Indigo Girls, stop at a light to turn left... HEAR A LOUD BOOM... oh wait.... I got rear-ended... by a drunk lady on drugs... awesome(who happens to think she is pregnant... (pregnant + drugs = awesome for fetus???)so she is taken to Swedish..on my floor). So, i cry a lot, am shaking, (it's also really cold), some man next to me says she almost ran him off the road and was driving all crazy and he thinks she's on something and i should call 911. So, I do this while she's looking for insurance. she comes to my car getting too close for comfort (i am getting that really uncomfortable feeling, like right before a patient gets combative), and at that moment, an officer comes. I get her info down (even though it was expired). The officer tells her he had three calls on her already and they had been looking for her. she proceeds to cuss out the officer and get crazy. they cuff her and put her in their car(and they tell me she has to go to jail). they were so nice and sweet (and then i remembered... my friend deb's husband is a cop in sheridan... i wonder if these guys know him). So, I ask one of the guys, and he says... no he's right over there (with crazy girl). Small world!!! They took care of me!!! Anyway, they had to wait for a lady cop to come so she could pat down the crazy girl. I have to wait awhile, but it wasn't so bad. My bumper was pretty gross and parts of it were broken off, but it was okay. and i was okay. Anyway I get home and after all the hubbub of calling both insurance people, her's calls back and.... SHE HAS INSURANCE!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! I was so worried! Anyway, all this time, Cameron was climbing Mt. Bierstadt in snowshoes with some friends! So, my plan was to make them all my mom's famous tortilla soup... but that didnt happen right away. Cameron came home with a dozen roses in hand, and lots of hugs!! I ended up getting the soup made for the other 5 people, and they loved it! So, during all this craziness.... last week or so i had applied at another hospital, and they called in the midst and set up an interview for Friday (the day i get to see the Phelps!)...but that is good! Anyway I praise the Lord she hit me and not anyone else b/c she oculd have killed someone, and praise the Lord I wasnt hurt, the car wasnt bad or anything. We have an appt after christmas to get the car fixed and to have a rental car during this time. So things are good!
1. Cam said it was cold and snowy and crazy, and i will post pics later of his excursion!!!
2. Sus is sick with an upper respiratory infection... she sounded so bad, it made me want to drive her some tortilla soup!
3. The tree is filled with presents from our awesome family.
4. Steve is spending christmas with us
5. Cam and Steve have plans for Christmas day (while i work) and all of them involve egg nog and rum!
6. it's supposed to snow soon
7. I love mail and christmas cards
8. I also love posts... post baby!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas parties!

Last night I went to a Christmas party! It was at Heidi's house and was oh so much fun! I bakesd some sugar cookies and made them all Christmasy, and also dipped those long pretzles into white chocolate and then sprinkled them with sprinkles... super cute. There were 8 girls there, and a baby boy 4 months old! Anyway, it was just nice to be around girls for a change (nice ones anyway).

On another note, I talked to Susanne yesterday, and I could hear Sophie in the background, and her noises were super cute (until she cried). But Sus said her cord fell off last week and they can give her baths in her cute little bathtub thingy now! There are new pics on her blog... go see!

And for the kicker.... I still strongly dislike my job, and it makes me mad everytime I have to go (which thank goodness is only 3 times a week). But I applied at another hospital in Denver, and it is 11 miles away. But they have a brand new cardiac unit, and I LOVE CARDIAC PATIENTS!!! I also love old people, and I don't get many of those around the multi-trauma unit... boo. Another big crazy thing is this hospital is going to uniforms. They chose not to listen to our emails about our reasons why this isn't a good idea, and they totally disregarded our petitions. Anyway, we can choose from wine or carribean blue. YUCK! That goes into effect in Feb, so I hope I can get this new job and be out before then. I love my cute fun colorful scrubs!!!

Cameron is in the midst of studying for finals... 3 more left after today!!! He had to turn a big part of his Thesis in today, but that is a good thing! And after all his crazy finals, if the weather is good, he will climb Mt. Bierstadt in snowshoes with his counseling friends. He is crazy, but adventurous!!!

We have just been getting ready for Christmas and a lot of crazy things get in the way... but we are trekking along.

Shout out to Gabs... Congrats on your graduation miss Masters!! Now we can call you Master Gabriele!!!

Have a good day people, I love you!! PS to the Phelps clan... we are probably gonna see you the saturday before christmas if that is okay!!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

working out...

So, this is bad when you haven't worked out in so long that you go to put your tennies shoes on and they don't fit anymore. Well that was me this morning. First off I have to say my feet haven't grown since 7th grade. Second I have to say I think they are growing. Third of all, I really did work out like a couple months ago :). Okay, so a few days ago I realized that I am super out of shape (it was while I was trying to truck through the snow to take Schnooze out) and just gross. So I decide after working monday and tuesday I will get up early and take Cameron to school then I can have the car to go work out. I think in my head I will run 3 miles and it will be awesome. The minute I get up and get dressed to drive him, I realize my shoes are super dang tight.... and they hurt?!?!?!? So, after I come back, brush my teeth, and take dog out, I go to Kohl's and buy a brand spanking new pair of Nike's (they are cute... light blue and green on white and gray). I put them on in the car and go to the Y. I decide my knee hurts too bad to run on the treadmill, so i Elliptical it for 3 miles. Go me!!! I watched 2 episodes of scrubs on my ipod and that made it go faster... even though it did take me 46 minutes. I wasn't training or anything. Anyway I felt so good that I even did some weights. THEN... i came home and i am making 2 corndogs... don't tell anybody :). My plans today are to: help my friend heidi (isnt it cool i have a friend named heidi???) finish her scarf (and she might make me lunch too!!), then wrap some more presents and hopefully take them to the post office, and knit someone's scarf i am working on (even though she knows who she is and is related to me :)). Cam wants to take this free avalanche class in denver tonight at 7pm, but hello people it's the season finale of America's Next Top Model (i didn't get to watch any this season until sunday and it was a marathon of them). But we may still go to the class, b/c that's cool. I miss everyone! Shout out to Deaconess!!! Love you!