Friday, March 30, 2012

old dress, new girl

my lovely aunt pam
made this creation for me when i was little
it is a smocked dress with my initials
on the front.
Hazel looks perfect in it :)

 wow, hazel.... no flashing
(and yes she is standing up against the couch)
she is very advanced :)
 garrett's arm escaped the straight jacket hold.
 G and H's first time swinging :)
this was garrett... very serious.
 this is hazel being all care-free

on the bench in the park
wearing their OU stuff :)

 loveeeeeeeeeee this one

hey mom, what is that?

easter egg project

i should have done some step by step photos
but i didn't.
here are my super easy easter eggs.
all i had to buy was a package of water balloons.
i had the rest.
water balloons
elmers glue
1. blow up balloons (however many eggs you want to make, blow up that many)
2. make 1/2 and 1/2 water/elmers mix in a bowl
3. get string wet in mixture and wrap around eggs
make sure its really really wet.
4. set out to dry.
5. pop balloons and pull balloon out
6. done.

my new love.

that is what i said when our old vacuum started spraying dust everywhere.
bc cam said when our vac died, i could get a dyson.
so, needless to say, it's been like 3 years in the making.
i told him i would start vacuuming more just to make it break.
and he even fixed it a couple times when we thought it was broken.
so the day finally came!!!!!!
we got a small version that only weighs 11lbs.
that way it's easy to clean the stairs
and super portable!
i love love love love it!
it's multi-surface too!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

i eat string

hazel was eating her yoga pants tie
thanks aunt becky
for all our iplay/greensprouts stuff
we use it all the time!

 garrett is a shriner... jk jk
he has a greensprouts cup on his head
yoga baby.

i can drink water

 what a difference 2 months (and being born on time) makes
a jean jacket?
 i support the gin joint
i am allowed to drink water now!!!
and of course it's out of my skull and crossbones sippy cup

i know, it's been awhile...

Spring is here,
and we are loving the awesome weather!

 i even bought hazel sunscreen today :)
 couldnt you just eat her up?
 a project i am working on
i found a $10 bill in the backyard
and bought this off craigslist for $10
so, i say it was free :)
i have it all sanded
and have big plans for it
mixed together

 now i have switched from doing every 4 week pics
to doing monthly pics on the 15th
so this is like 2 weeks from her 24 week pic

hazel kicking garrett in the face :)
updates on H:
she has been eating TONS of food
sweet potatoes
butternut squash
at her 6 mo check up
she was 10% weight
40% head and length

Monday, March 12, 2012

24 weeks old, what?

hello worold,
i am 24 weeks old.

 "i've got the moves like jagger"

 mmmm rice cereal

 i seriously LOVE this pic.
it's like Hazel's crack cocaine.

dad came to visit

last week my dad came to visit!
he's doing great, and we had a blast!
he drove in tuesday
and we went to eat burgers at Cherry Cricket
then hung out at our house
wednesday morning we went to eat crepes
then headed to the mall
to pick up an easter dress for Hazel
(and a teddy bear)
then had dinner with lauren and caleb
at illegal petes
Thursday we had Duffy rolls
and then daddy headed home
it was a great visit!
thanks dad!

h with her new bear
 feeding herself
 "what is this thing mom"
 me and dad
(yes it looks like those yellow things are coming out of my head)
(and yes my hair is extra greasy)
 G & H playing
maybe i was sleep deprived, but this made me laugh so hard
(troy, g's dad, didn't think it was quite as funny as i did...)