Tuesday, September 30, 2008

catch up from the week

1. off today and did pilates
it's so freaking hard
i can barely even hollar at schnooze to come in
2. sewed together quilt pieces last night
*see below
3. am going to get back fabric today
and start quilting it!

happy halloween my little hot dog
awww yeah
burned my finger on ramen noodles at work.
i don't think i've ever been actually burned.
besides a sunburn.
and it really does burn afterwards.
i had to keep ice on it all day :(.
I called the pharmacy at work and they said
i pretty much have to suck it up.
cam got a metal detector at a garage sale for $5.
he is excited.
he now has a jar that anything he finds in the yard
he put it in there, then he can track his progress.
yes. that is my husband.
he held it up to his left shoulder and it went off... cool huh?
*metal plate still in shoulder FYI
*this same day i got to talk to my sis!!!!!!!!!

then we went to a "fall party/housewarming party" at our friends Autumn and Jason' house. look how cute the table it, she's amazing. and almost all this food is what she made. seriously!
leslie i know how you will love these, they are the cutest little burgers in the world. and she just cut out shapes from buns (i told you she's amazing). they were perfect!
autumn in all her glory :)
stephanie, katie, and liz
*my shirt is from our friends garage sale, and was $2 (jcrew suckas)

aspen and ? bobbing/ playing in the apple water :)
liz and katie
this is the stuffed animal aspen named schnooze, but it's really a ninnah
quilt cut out and pieced together... LOVE IT!
sewn together last night

mas luego!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

dad & quilt

dad is taking re-certification
classes for flying
look, he's flying all on his own
well, with his instructor right there!
cool huh?

here's the quilt Bethany and i are
using as a template
i think we have the measurements
and now we have to lay out the fabric
and cut it all into sizes!

the binding stuff might be the hard part.
polly (cousin) said pam (my aunt, her mom) could give me tips, she is an amazing quilter, but she lives in SC and what the heck... she needs to live here to help me out... that would be nice. Aunt Pam... you wanna fly here for some special quilt lessons? Bethany and I don't even know what we're doing, we're just making it up as we go, and using the internet and some rulers :)

jj heller

all her music is amazing
but this album is FREE
free folks.
her sister-in-law goes to church with me.
jj is pregnant and oh so cute.
i have 2 of her other albums
and it's
love at first listen.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Happy 13th Birthday Alec!!!!!
we can't believe you're a teenager!

yesterday Cam and I went to play racquetball...
even though he only used one arm,
he still beat me.
crap man.
i just had to get warmed up.
but by the time i did,
i could barely breathe,
so he won.
4/4 games.

our mean faces
*ps: those (liz's) shorts are from 9th grade
So.... I hate Bethany...
she took me to this store
and I should have never gone.
I wanted to buy EVERYTHING!
It has (song that just popped in my head...
Little Mermaid.. it has gadgets and gizmos of plenty,
it has whozits and whatits galore, you want thingymobobs
well... that's what this store has:
yarn, fabric, patterns, clothes, vintage everything, hand dyed
stuff.... on and on...
but it's just so cute.
Bethany said:
"I walked into this store and thought this is your sister,
but I don't even know your sister"
AND IT IS... everything is Sus.
Everything, even the music they were playing,
she put one of those songs on a mix she made me.
She should work there.
They also teach classes.
I love this store.
So, we're gonna make a quilt.
A small one.
And if it goes okay, I'll try a real sized one.
fabric from store = small squares in middle and upper left and right.
bottom left 3 are pillow cases
top middle is a sheet/ bottom right is a sheet

MATH.... i needed Lane. Lane, make this one of your bonus q problems... the real size is 36"x46" and I want big and little sqaures/rectangles. So after about an hour, I think I have a decent shape... we're going back tomorrow to take a pic of the one they have hanging. then i gotout my limited supply of colored pencils... which I have 3 browns, but no greens... sus, do you have my greens? I think you do. Then, when they quilted the quilt, they just made one square on the inside of each sqaure, it was soooo cute! (hopefully pic to come)

the bag

fabric sus will steal from me.

the little scraps came in a bundle for $7, I couldn't resist buying 3 of them. They each had 3 kinds of fabric in a bundle, and it's about 1/2yd to 3/4yd?!!??! Anyways, enough for a few quilting squares, or a very small skirt. ohhhh I love this place. At least I have worked a lot of overtime so i can pay for this soon to be addiction. these swatches are just a few of the most amazing fabric you have ever seen. ohhhhh!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


sorry no post for awhile, i have been working lots.
i survived 5 days last week.
this week i only have saturday, then restart a crazy week sunday.
today i am cleaning and running errands.
I got some good emails and read some good blogs.

and to copy katie, i will list (not 75) but some interesting things about me.
1. i used to be raelly afraid of birds b/c sus threw bread by my head in san francisco and like 800 birds flew by me. i like little ones now, but big ones i hate.
2. i love looking at people's pictures, no matter what they're of.
3. i take pics specifically for use on the blog.
4. i was band queen on 9/9/99 in highschool.
5. my sister is in india with her husband for 2.25 more months, then they go to the peace corps, but i tell people that to make me look cooler. i miss her a lot. and it feels like she is dead since i can't call her all the time.
6. i love halloween, and cameron says it's now a tradition in our house we will watch the nightmare before christmas every halloween. i already have a costume.
7. i am obsessed with learning about baby stuff that is all natural, even though we aren't gonna have kids for more years. (cloth diapers, homemade baby food, organic cotton.....)
8. when i met cameron i told him i used to play racquetball and i was really good....but i forgot the rules.... and he still wanted to date me.
9. our famiy is crazy marriage:
liz and cam: 6.17.06
mom and david 9.7.06
sus and chris 10.29.06
dad and maggs 11.14.07 ( i think that's the day... maybe 15th)
10. i love to recycle, and get mad when people don't want to or think it's dumb.
11. 11 is my fav number
12. i love our porch swing.
13. schnooze is gonna live forever
14. i told cameron i will have to die first b/c i wouldn't be able to handle him dying.
15. cameron has TB (inactive, don't worry)
16. i love thrift stores and garage sales soooo much
17. i have freckles on my arms and on my left arms they come in pairs... 2 like 1 inch apart; there are like 5 sets soooo weird.
18. i loveeeeeee state fair corn on the cob
19. i used to love turtles, i still do, but not as much
20. i love baby animals.
21. differences btwn me and sus when we were little
liz sus
doritos sour cream and onion
strawberry jelly grape
turtles pigs
wheat bread white with no crust
thats all i can think of now
22. we (me, lauren, lane, polly, marielena) used to make sus give us backrubs for like 10 cents, and theyd be like 30mins long.
23. i hate walmart (the walmart effect)
24. same as katie, i dont mind doing laundry at all, in fact i like it, i just hate putting it away.
25. years ago mom had an avacado that had a huge pit, she put it in a glass with toothpicks, and it sprouted up, then it grew, and now it's taller than me, we call it Seymor.
26. there is a doctor at my hospital (no lie) named Dr. Les Butts (no joke)
27. cameron answers to my questions a lot " i don't know, ask the 8 ball"
28. i put playdoh in my tadpoles tank when i was 5, and he died.
29, i've always wanted to eat playdoh, it seems like it'd taste good.
30. i remember being 5 or 6 and coloring in a barbie coloring book, and barbie was in the ocean, and i was using a crayon "olive green".
31. in 9th grade i wore leggings, with windshorts over them and a huge sweatshirt, what was i thinking?
32. i want to organize people's houses, bathroom, kitchens, offices, b/c they are sooo ugly. i could work on that show on TLC (i dont know what it is now, b/c we don't have cable).
33. we havent had cable for over a year.
34. i hate that people have to have a cell phone, why cant it be like 1997 when cell phones were for emergency's only.
35. in your cell phone put this: ICE or In Case of Emergency under contacts, and them put your husbands/parents/imp person's phone number, that's what they look for in the ER if you can't tell them
36. become an organ donor. i watched an organ recovery last night in the OR, and it was the most amazing thing, a 31 year old guy's parents donated (he was on the list, which is also very important) his heart and kidneys (those were the only organs they could take) and 3 people lived b/c of him.
37. cameron and i already have a living will; make one, b/c if something were to happen to you, you don't want it to be like that terry shivo case, and your parents want you to be kept a vegetable and your husband wants to let you go home to Jesus. pull the plug on me peeps. i will be much happier in heaven.
38. i am leading another fellowship group this year with cam.
39. our house is so much cooler than our apt, but i am glad we still rent, even though i wish all this money was going towards morgage.
40. i hate money, but we need it.
41. i have to run errands today and clean but i wish i had a personal asst to do that.
42. how much does one cost?
43. i like handwashing the dishes, it is therapeutic.
44. i have not brushed my teeth yet, and it is 1137am. gross.
45. harry
46. i applied to masters at Regis
47. i am going to study to get my CCRN before i start school
that is all i have time for folks,
laterrrrrrrrrrrrr playaaaaaaaaaaa

Friday, September 12, 2008

one more day of work

Life has been crazy lately.
I am only up b/c I am motivated to
do the blog for some reason.
i am on working day
#6 for
7/9 days.
that is crazy.
so..... here is what's
been going on!

We ate dinner at Lime for taco Tuesday
$1 tacos
$4 margaritas
and free salud tequila mini shots in a lime
then i worked on some art
for a spot that cam took
a painting down for his office.
LEA ANN..... HELP!!!!!!



then baking for katie's bday party!

fuzzy i know....
but katie's nickname is punchy
and there are doves
(i handcut out the letters that
weren't K or F)

black cookies = schnauzers :)

aspen at katie's party.



katie holmes's new hair

liz's sexy better hair

my new haircut debuting at katie's party.

*sorry katie, i just have a lot of weird pics of you happy 28th!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Happy 25th Birthday Cameron!

Cameron is now a quarter of a century.
we went to eat at the awesomely good
Spicy Basil (thai)
with some good friends!

this is one of the best pics of
cam and steve i have...how cute!
then cake and ice cream afterwards at home
it was a good time!
Happy Birthday Little Cameron

Monday, September 01, 2008

I love being a hippie too Lauren
I get this even when I tell people that one day I will use cloth diapers.
And I'm not even pregnant.

School Time

Cam Starts DU orientation tomorrow.
And has to take a CPR class for practicum.
But even though he dreads all the work,
I think he's still excited!
We even had a bbq with his
cohorts and interns friday!
school officially starts Sept 8th!

building he works in

the chapel in winter

*don't know what the ball in the pic is!?!?!?!?



Now for some BIG news.... I am 95% sure at this time.

But I think I am gonna go back to school.

Like a crazy person.

I will get my Masters Of Science In Nursing

It will be a BSN ot MSN program at the

Prestigious (and Private) Regis University.

Swedish will pay over half of the tuition,

the classes will be 1 night a week, for 3 hours, at Swedish.

(my hospital is 2 miles away)

1 class at a time for 8 weeks, then a week break,

then start over. It will be about 2 years, 40 hours.

I am scared, but it only makes sense.

the classes are also the core classes i would need if i decide to go on and get my NP or CRNA. So, that is cool. I could teach with this degree. And i figured now is better than later, b/c i wouldn't want to take classes when I have kids. And I have no reason not to, it can only make me more valuable as a nurse (and smarter :)). There are no tests, only papers, which makes me realllllll nervous. B/c i would rather have a 500 q mult choice test than write a 1 paragraph essay. But, cameron is pretty much a professional paper writer, and i know a lot of people that can help me. So, let me know what you think!!!!


Sister Bear

saturday night.
we got to talk for about 20 minutes!
I miss her so much.
that night I cried b/c I missed her so much.
1. she did a homestay thing for a couple weeks
you ride a bus to a village, then stay the night with some
family in the village, then trek about 4-5miles
@ 5,000 Meters elevation (15,000ft), then
stop at another village and keep doing that
pattern for however long you want.
2. she did this with a couple from
canada that had been traveling for 7mo.
and with another guy from Switzerland.
3. they arrived back in Leh (i think).
4. this week they are taking a flight to New Delhi,
then off to the Taj Mahal
5. then to Calcutta
6. she is getting sick from the food, but it's okay.
she's thrown up a couple times. boo :(.
7. they miss us, esp after the home stay and home
cooked food :(.
8. they are having lots of fun!
9. i asked if she could do 3 more months and she said yup!
10. i can't remember what else.

Wanna save $300+ ???

Saturday Mom and David were on
their way thru CO to Seattle
on their annual camping trip.
They stayed the night and
left Sunday morning.
We ate Mountain Sun burgers
(Lane: they have a place in Denver
called the Vine and it's the
same thing. But, they are taking away
Raspberry Wheat and making it
Blackberry wheat (tasty) b/c of
the rasp. crop)
Then we walked around DU
campus and sat on the porch!

David, Mom, Schnooze, Liz, Cam
On campus, near the art building,
they have these lips all over, and
during the day they talk to you.

on these poles are also lips. weird.

the plumber, see story on last post.
apparently we had like a million

roots all over the place

thank goodness we rent,

it woulda been $500. BAH!

we got water capabilities back at 3pm sunday.



drive around your 'hood and look for

free stuff on the side of the road

make a quick u-turn like someone

is chasing you.

then jump outa the car so fast, and

check out the goods.

*this was on our way to church and very much a suprise trip for us.

we found 2 rugs for the living/dining room

and they were in really great condition

so we threw them in the honda.

items needed:

2. sprinkle, then vaccuum
3. clean rug!!!!!
4. place awesome new free rugs in place

there was only like stain, and i put that part under the table so noone can see. sucka! i mean what a great find! i think these would have been at least $150 a piece. and some people are freaked out about used "free" items. but honestly, there were no fleas or weird stains, and they weren't smelly. so what the heck. until we can become rich, or get a rug for a christmas present, these will have to do :). They match really well and honestly look great!