Monday, May 31, 2010


Landed in dc!!!
More to come!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


the computer at the internet cafe doesnt have an sd card reader...
but let me tell you...
i am having a blast!!!!
just in cape town, already eated amazing food, had great SA wine, saw pengiuns and baboons,
and having a blast with sister and bro!!!!
missing you guys a little bit :)-
will post more when i can!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

On way

Leaving Denver for wash dc!!!
If I can I'll post from dc!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Belgium brewery

We went to the new Belgium brewery in ft Collins Saturday with Bethany and Stephen, it was so much fun!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


see that tiny little dot on the east side of south africa, almost to the ocean?
that's where i'll be in less than 2 days!!! (well maybe more than that, b/c of the time to travel and the time change)(but i leave in less than 2 days)!!!
I am sure I will miss a lot of stuff here in the US, and miss out on your blogs (which i have been really baddddd at commenting on lately).
So, keep up those blogs so i can catch up when I get home!
I will be back in action on May 31st!!!!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

our modeling debut

jill's store
is introducing their spring line of pillows
and we were models :)
bethany, liz, anne marie

real photos taken by matt
photos of matt taking photos, by jill :)
oh so cool

love it!!!
when the real pics come back, ill let you know!

Friday, May 07, 2010

DIY tank top 2

i love this fabric i had
(from fancy tiger)
but didnt know what to use it for.
since i am in my season of not buying anything...
i decided to use everything i already had,
and make a tank top.
i used a tank top i already had that i liked the fit,
and then used that as a template for the one i was making.
the piece of fabric i wanted to use wasnt the right shape...
so i cut it in different pieces, pieced it together, and had something the
size i needed to work with.
there wasnt enough for the back, so i just used muslin (which is like $2/yard... and i had it).
i made pockets too :)
i also washed it an dried it, and it turned out great, but if def. needs to be ironed.
i wore it out with a cardigan over it the other night and everyone loved it!!!

tag my mom had made for me for xmas!

it's long... and i love it!!!!
very summery!!!

DIY tank top

How to make an Anthropologie tank top for CHEAP!!!
what you will need:
1. razor back tank top
(I got mine at Target for $10, I wanted something
besides white, but that's all they had)
2. a scrap of fabric, a fat quarter would be plenty
3. coordinating thread
(i used orange)
4. a sewing machine
(or by hand but that would take FOREVER)
5. probably an iron(just to make sure everything is wrinkle free)
6. small sharp pointy scissors
7. an inspiration or pattern
8. a fabric marker, sharpie, pencil... something you can see of the back of the fabric.

(excuse the undie shot)

so i didnt take pics along the way but here is a detailed description of directions.
1. decide where you want the fabric to go, and cut that part off the tank top
then use that cut off part to make a stencil for your fabric piece.
i traced around my white piece onto the brown
then cut it out.
i made the top and bottom of the fabric a little longer 1/4"
but the sides didn't need to be
unless you actually hem your piece, i didn't
2. what is your design going to be...
well... i was kinda freehanding a design from a chirt from the anthro cataloug..
but when i started cutting it out, you couldn't tell at all what it was...
so really you could just cut whetever you want.
just make sure it all connects together,
so your fabric stays together.
3. cut out the design
4. then take your coord. thread and sew like a crazy person
around the holes and designs.
if you want it to be exact, you can do that.
i wanted mine messy... and kinda kindergarten-esque...
so i just kepy going around and around...
this will keep the fabric from becoming unraveled in the washer.
5. turn both pieces inside out and sew together.
6. tada!!!! now you have a hip shirt for cheap.
(i had the fabric, thread, and all that other stuff, so i only had to buy the tank)
(i think i might do this with something else too)
(what if i added a skirt onto a tank top, making a dress... i know those were hip last year... but i could make an awesome dress)
let me know if you try this and how it turns out!!!!

kate's chair

so, my lovely friend kate is having a baby boy.
she just moved into a new place with her fiance
and they are in the process of getting the nursery ready.
she needed a rocker, but didn't want to spend a lot of money.
so she scoured the thirft stores
and found this exact chair below + ottoman
(pic from craigslist... her fabric was green waffle like though)
it was only $29 for both.
so she totally snagged them.
we worked out a barter system.
she gave me the anthro table
and i traded my reupholstering services!

although i tried to get kate to keep the side
pockets for her brandy, ciggs, and magazines
she declined....
so just imagine these pics are the right way
i tried to rotate them, and it didnt work.
anyway, she found this awesome fabric at
out fav. Fancy Tiger.
i made the back cushion extra fluffy
b/c i knew it would flatten out over time.
i painted the chair heirloom white.

i also have several pillows for her for the room.
i hope she loves it!!!!
now she has a cool, custom chair for Eli
for cheap!!!!

wanted for murder

wanted for murder

schnoozeerry mcsachnauzerpants cannon
wanted for murder.
cameron looked in the backyard the other day and saw her
ripping feathers out of a pidgeon.
it's head was 1/2 off, and it's brains were sticking out.
and there was blood all over her beard.
and the dang bird was still twitching.
cameron immediately threw schnooze in the bath.
then had to go out and finish off the still seizing bird.
how awful.
i think the bird must have been almost dead and fell into the yard or something.
schnooze isnt THAT fast.
anyway, she's fine, no diseases.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

not dead

i've been realllly bad at posting lately.
don't know why.
t-9 days til africa and sister!