Thursday, May 28, 2009

omg i am so excited!

so in like 3 weeks it will be our 3 year anniversary.
i am such a freaking bargain hunter i got like $20+ off our BB in Moab.
so this is the order of our trip
i am so excited i have to tell someone,
and you blog readers will be excited for me!

Friday: drive to Fruita, CO, 4 hours :(
we will maybe do some quick MTB, then go to our awesome camp site right by the CO
river. we will camp out that night under the beautiful Fruita stars.
Saturday: wake up (probably at the crack of dawn, as i always do when we camp).
make some protein filled food, b/c i will need it.
MTB Fruita (if we do the day before today will be more intermediate).
Drive 2.5hrs scenic route (kathleen the BB lady told me) to Moab.
stop and do a free wine tasting at red cliffs winery and go to the Old Movie
Museum (i guess lots of westerns are filmed in Moab...(take pics for mom and david).
Then stop and fjord a couple streams on the hike: Negro Bill Canyon (per kathleen).
Then make it to the bizomb! Sunflower Hill, we have the French Bedroom
(well, by accident, b/c it was the only room available on the night we wanted).
But I asked if they gave anniv discounts, and she said they do AAA, but i said,
shoot, we don't have AAA, and she said... oh yes you do... and have me a discount!
She was sooooo nice!!!
anyways, they have a 2 person jetted tub, hot tub, awesome room, awesome food!
Sunday: wake up, eat said food, grab bikes, MTB Moab. probably all day, b/c cam will be so
excited. but it gets hot fast (desert). so we really want to be done at noon, maybe take
a lunch break and cont on to more trails.
Then we head to: Whispering Oaks; yes it looks like a shack on the outside,
but check out the inside! and it has an outdoor shower!
i didnt want to have to set up a tent after mtb all day, so that's why i chose
B&B these nights. We can grill our dinner, and chill watching DVDs or playing
PHASE 10!!!!
Monday: wake up and cook bf in the kitchen, or eat at a cute place in town.
Go to Arches National Park
depending on how much time we have (ie if cameron gets tuesday off)
we will hike around, and backpack in, and then use a topo map to navigate
and set up tent without anyone around, and stargaze :)
if we have to drive home that day, we'll probably do the 3 hour car tour, getting
out at various spots and taking cool pics of me holding up arches :)
Tuesday (optional): if we camp out in the backcountry (having to get a special backcountry
permit :)) we will eat some oatmeal to warm our desert cold bones, pack
up and hike out. then we'll drive to the canyonlands natl park.
we can see Mesa Arch there too :)
then we'll have to make to 5-6hour drive home. :(
I think it will be awesome. Can't wait for the amazinly awesome reviewed Sunflower Hill & the awesome outdoor shower (after mtb it will be nice not to sweat more in an indoor shower/bathroom)(but don't fret, it has an indoor BR too). I am so pumped for the awesome views!!! MOAB HERE WE COME!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

phoebe & phipps

the lovebirds
Phoebe & Phipps
built a home under our porch
then they did it
and had a couple kids
then Phoebe was a good little momma and rarely left them cold
then the little babies hatched
and look what we have:
please leave a comment for names
they are brother and sister.
how do i know?
i just know.
im a nurse.

that's phoebe guarding, but not liking the flash of the camera, she flew away... wus.
she seriously left baby #1 & #2 to fend for themselves against the paparazzi.
*i'm standing on the milk crate at this point... not safe.

baby #1 and baby #2

a little better shot of #2

when i got closer, they stood up, it was so cute.
they are fat and i like it :)
names please:
*oklahoma in t-1 day
*SHOUT OUT TO LESLIE my blog friend!!!
she got engaged this past week!!! wooo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

garden of *my* life.

the other day i put in the free bricks.
friday julie and i bought and planted our goods.
*with the soaker hoses in place*
*we have a timer that can water up to 4x a day for however long you want- we got it b/c i hate to water,
and this saves time, money, water, and is soooo easy cheesy*

from the back porch area, looking northwest
from the middle of the lawn looking north

top to bottom:
watermelon, melon, pumpkin
they get their own little sections, b/c the grow like nuts!

some other stuff

more suff

and more.

the flower bed & herb area

note the sprouts! these are some kind of flower, i am so pumped!!!

all those green things are little baby flower sprouts!
no garden can be complete without plant markers made by hand :)
little pieces of wood (i got mine at michaels for 0.25 each)
dowels or popcicle sticks
newspaper to paint on

1. glue dowel to wood
2. let dry
3. paint wood main color
4. let dry
5. paint name of plant on wood
6. let dry
7. place in garden

*you like the O in onion?

i had way more plants than actual markers, so for every species of plant, i made 1 marker, and on the back of the marker I wrote how many of each plant i had: Broccoli: 4
i will take pics later. we seeded the yard today, then God was providing and gave us a torrential downpour for those little grass seeds, and then i mopped the kitchen floor, so needless to say i will not be taking pics b/c then i will track in mud. everything i growing awesomely!
list of plants:
basil (plant and from seed from a pangea facial moisturizer box... see site)
thai basil
chives (from seed)
dill(from seed)
melon (canteloupe?)
butternut squash
acorn squash
green, red, orange, yellow bell peppers
hot peppers: jalepeno, habanero...
eggplant soon (at julies house)
also they had no beans already started, so that will be next year.
*sorry to any plants who i may have left out*

Monday, May 18, 2009


well, sad to say, no pictures.
i got my new shoes for clipless riding
i practiced for like 5 minutes and getting in and out.
cameron, lana, and i went to apex (rated difficult). here's a pic of my bike
i haven't been anywhere but 1 place the whole time i have mtb, except when we went downhilling in sol vista, co.
it was hard.
i had a lot of crashes, and even fell down a mountain head first, i only went like 5 feet off the edge, but i almost landed on a bunch of cacti. PLUS at some point, i got some gravel stuck in my arm.
nothing really hurt bad, but i do have some bruises. the sad thing is, all my scrapes just make it look like i have a few bug bites or something... nothing cool.
anyway, i am alive, and i got my fav. hummus after the ride!

the yard, a process

we started saturday morning out at 0600.
we had to go rent a tiller at home depot, and the guy said
they go super fast this time of year...
don't worry, when we got there, there were PLENTY.
so we got breakfast, and waited to till until 0730
so our neighbors weren't too mad.
it was kinda chilly, but cam was working up a sweat!

cam tilling
the flowers i planted thursday

i don't know what it is, but i like it

this little daisy like thing closes up at night, and opens in the day!

more tilling, MUSCLES!

cleaning off the tiller, DONE at 1000!!!

a little flower bed area i created, and planted some flower seeds in :)
i will post pics of the bricks i got for free and lined around the bed in later!
i also made a border around where the garden will be!!!
it looks really cool!

those daisy things opened up :)
then we went to a wor bbq down the street,
then left for a few hours to eat with chris and emily crowder
from oklahoma, they were on their way thru going to vail!
then back to the bbq!

liz, christy, lana, brad

liz and cam
there are more pics on facebook, well the ones i got tagged in.
but nothing exciting from my camera.
the boys were wrangled into moving a hot tub... that sucked.


today i went to ross while waiting for the blood draw people to get back from lunch
i had to get my thyroid level drawn again.

liz claiborne $100 dress for $12.99 suckaaaas
$14.99, super cute!!!

okay okay, sus made this
but i am selling it for her up in denver!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

rockies game

we went to a rockies game last night with
bethany, stephen, and his parents
we sat in the "rockpile" seats for $4 each!
it was so cold though (even though it had been so nice that day)
we left after the 5th inning :)

me after being up since 2am...

the field!
don't worry we got peanuts, nachos, and beer... it's not a game without those right?

Monday, May 11, 2009

the many faces of liz and sus

lindsay, sus, liz saturday night
now, for the many faces of liz and sus
this is us bored with a camera





as many chins as possible

elephant without a trunk

about to barf

somethings in my eye

blue steel

*afterwards we noticed it looked like i had a goiter

just found out you were about to have diarrhea

*i was trying to drool

sus when she was 9 impersonating "grandma"

making a camel face/laughing too much




shakey face

cute sisters